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  1. Everything has been answered, thanks for that. There is just 2 things i don't get. First, the mail. I know where it is stored but i don't know wich line or what i should modify to actuallly put my logo instead of the intersect one ! And the second thing is that when the agressive box and the swarm one are unchecked, the npc isn't defending himself, even if the player attacks him. What I would like to do is an NPC who attacks the player but only when the player is attacking him. I hope this is understandable !
  2. So, i have some questions concerning the new aspects of B6 ! 1) How can i change the logo of the passeword reset mail ? (The Intersect free 2d orpg online one) ? 2) So, i'm not really familiar with the new way the NPCs are working. My town's guards have there names in red ? Some of my villagers too but not all of them, some are green, i don't get it. How is the color of the NPC's name working ? 3) What is the behavior ''swam'' for NPCs ? 4) How can i make an NPC atttack only if he is attacked like i could do in B5 ? Thanks a lot !
  3. Actually i was talking about joining the game from another computer, but i just solved the problem, thanks for the help ! Sorry for posting this in the wrong place
  4. So, i just made the uppgrade of the engine (Beta 6), and i can't connect to my own server. I checked and i have the right Ip and port in the client and editor config file. My server is working, he is accesible to the public with the same Ip. My client and editor are telling me that the server is offline. If you need any screenshots, tell me. Thanks for the help !
  5. 1. Explanation So, i saw a question about how to change the character's hair in game, and it's possible but not really like you can think. I made it in my game so i would like to share it here for this dude and for everyone else who need it. How it is working ? Very simple. The player will be able to go in a barber shop to choose a new hair cut, and this hair cut will cost a certain price. But how is it working in the back stage ? Simple, the sprite of the character will change with a new hair cut. Let's jump into it. 2. Sprites 3. Place 4. Common Event 5. hairdresser 6. Informations And thats it ! You can now dynamically change your haircut when playing ! I'm sorry if my english isn't right, that's not my native language ! You can of course add as much as haircuts you want, just repeat the tutorial for every single one of them ! If you have questions, i will take the time to respond, and down there, there is some few adds that i've done and you can do if you want : you can add a scissors sound after the option text where te player can choose his haircut. You can do 2 different barbershops, one for men and one for women. Just add an option when you start talking with the hairdresser who checks if your gender is male or female You can teleport the player on a chair when the cissors sound starts to play to add a little bit of life, and teleport him back in the room after like 5 seconds. (using the warp system, and the hold and release player option)
  6. Raza

    Click sound

    And what are MouseUp sound and MouseDown sound ?
  7. Raza

    Click sound

    Where exactly in the json file should i need to put the name of my sound ? edit : nevermind, i thing i found it, thanks a lot
  8. Raza

    Click sound

    Is there any way to add a sound when you click on a button in the menu for exemple ? thanks !
  9. Raza

    Text color

    Not working, but thanks anyway
  10. Raza

    Text color

    Hello ! I have recently changed the eventdefault and eventreponses.png windows, and they are pretty much white. The problem is, the text that appears on it is white too, so my question is, how can i change the color of the text when i talk to a png or when a textual event appears, etc.. ! There is a lot of json files and it's probably in one of them but i don't know wich one. Thanks a lot
  11. Alright, working perfectly fine, thanks for your help, you can close this discution !
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