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  1. Sorry haven't been checking this place much, been busy. The GitHub always has the latest version.
  2. I have fixed this bug as well as multiple other bugs that were infact related to this one.
  3. Lights are now Cached, so huge performance boost ESPECIALLY with dynamic lighting! 50-100+ fps in cases where theres lots of lights.
  4. It also has GML, a scripting language suprisingly similiar to c#, but a lot easier.
  5. I dont remember there being any addongs for a good resistance system, And i dont remember Fhiz? I may be a little outdated now haha
  6. A good starter engine thats capable of making an MMORPG while still being easy would be Game Maker 8 or studio.
  7. Glad to hear you got it working, Its probably an issue with permissions then.
  8. Theres thousands of places to learn how to code, every single one teaches you differantly. I also highly recommend google simply because you can find something not only in your language, but you can find something that works best for you.
  9. Could you send me a picture of the Error that comes up? 1. This is a bug i havent managed to track down yet Ill look into it into the others when i get time
  10. Right now im working on an Enhanced Projectile system on par with Intersect if not better, After that ill be moving onto True Bosses probably, Then ill look into Seamless maps!
  11. Lupus base is Orion+ I ported tthe ENTIRE engine 1:1 to c# So yup And i may indeed expand on it, Im quite tired of the boring Half walk attack animation xD
  12. Sorry missed your post before. Thanks! I worked a little extra hard making it smoother then most Eclipse versions.. Lupine aint a bad idea..
  13. I dont intend to, Just taking a short break on this engine cause I have like 8 other projects
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