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  1. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Update 24/09/2017 Someone just offered me $6000 to buy Wolfy 2D and MMXV 3D and the name TheNuclearWolf/TheNuclearWolves. I accepted, not for the money, but for someone to be able to continue the project better than I can! I hope that this person can focus more of their time towards this engine, and make it into something I never could. So this is goodbye. I loved working on this project, but I don't have the time and knowledge to finish it and make it the best it can be! I have school, a job, a farm, and a ton of animals to take care of. So if any updates ever happen, it will be at As he purchased that from me as well.
  2. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Yea, I am just wondering if anyone here may know of a faster method. Or if you guys don't want this at all.
  3. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Quick little post to see if anyone has any better ideas. All graphics are on the server, and the server goes through each one and stores them in an array. I then send that array over the network then the client turns them back into images. This works just fine but can get slow when there are a lot of textures, or when they are 1 MB or above. I could maybe host a website which can store these files, that way they are always up, and only need to be downloaded. The reason I wish to do this instead of the normal is so clients never have to update. The only time they need to update is when a massive change to the engine comes.
  4. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Testing lights! Here shows two lights hitting each other and a shadow! Here is just one light and shadows! Tested with over 100 lights and shadows on android! Also, characters and NPC's can give of shadows as well but that's toggleable. In fact, over 70% of the game is customizable from the editor, I just need to sync it with all the clients. There is a ton I have to sync!
  5. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Wolfy 2D Update 19/09/2017 Bring back my old project! Will be one of the most advanced MMORPG engines on this forum! Directx9, 10, 11 & OpenGL Will function on Browser, Phones and possibly even Consoles if I ever get there. Here are some of the Visual effects: Shadows Global Illumination Bloom Particles Volumetric background clouds Procedural Weather And much more!!! Alpha 0.0.1 will be available within the year (Or January 2018 ) to a number of selected people if you wish to have a chance to use the software please pm me! Do not expect a fully working engine in Alpha stages, its only testing and figuring out what the best method for everything is! MMXV 3D Update 19/09/2017 Still, work in progress, I heavily underestimated the work it needs. It's a functioning system but requires a lot of work to make it usable for a game. I will no longer be posting updates on this engine here on this forum until its near completion.
  6. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Thank you! I have many plans for the engine, many of them are unique and never explored in this community, as far as I know of. One of these major features is Multi-platform, but another interesting one is c# coding while the server is running. You can add any feature you like with either c# or Lua, but I'm not sure about Lua yet. Those are features I have Planned and not what is completed, I may start a trello to keep up to date on whats completed.
  7. Wolfy 2D Engine

    It's been 5 months since my last update so I would like to make a quick update now. A lot has changed with this engine, and I drastically changing how it functions. First of all its no longer an MMO engine, it's an all-purpose multiplayer engine. You can make an RPG, Fps, Rts, And any other game inside it. It's much like Unity or Unreal but focused on multiplayer. I chose to do this because every time I added a feature, such as new graphics, or a skill tree, I got confused as to why I'm making such a tight system. What I mean by tight is something that limits the user so much, I want the user to have full control of their game! The editor itself is done, just working on a completely new server system, compiler, and a more user-friendly UI. Other than that I may bring back a project I called Wolfy "I know it's a silly name" It was my second programming project I started when I was 9. It's basically Eclipse Origins, but nowhere near as good. But I am much more skilled in programming now, so if anyone is interested in seeing a multi-platform 2d MMORPG engine with the following features message me or reply to this comment!: Dynamic lights & Shadows Weather Npc's Quests Pets Guilds Mounts Bosses Particles Possibly an Addon system Paperdolls Crafting Server Authoritative Possible Character Creation And more! Would work on the following systems: Pc, Mac, Linux, Andriod, Xbox, Ps4, Browser, iPhone. And Much Much more I may not create it as there are already many 2d engines here.
  8. Wolfy 2D Engine

    I'm also researching a way to create scripts in the editor, is would either be either C# or Python. I will probably do python as it will be easier to learn for non-programmers (From what I hear I have yet to use python).
  9. Wolfy 2D Engine

    True. I will probably search for some models soon. Update 16/05/17 The editor is roughly 30% completed, Server is roughly 80% completed. I have almost finished the importer, so you can import your own assets. Once I finish that then I'm gonna search and fix any bugs I can find.
  10. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Hello, I have shown a few pictures but I hope to get more out soon. I need someone willing to share models that I can use to get some pictures. I'm almost finished with the editor, and I intend to share some pictures sometime this month.
  11. Wolfy 2D Engine

    MMXV 3D is built specifically for MMORPG's, it could work for your game, but I do not recommend using this for that style of game. A player model cannot be changed once it is created after character creation, you could trick the system, and make the character model empty, and use armor piece's to simulate a body instead, but there would be no animations. It would be easier to start from scratch, MMXV will add a lot of unnecessary additions to your game. It would be inefficient for your game. Though it is possible to make this style of game.
  12. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Well atm the engine is only for MMORPGs And it is using a height map for terrains. I intend to create a Node editor, and you will be able to use that to create procedural terrain. But I recommend using Unity3d for your game/s.
  13. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Update 27/04/2017 I have almost completed the main editor. The main editor is much like Unity3d it will also have smaller editors such as an item editor that are connected to the main editor. I am also working on some UI and models to try and get better pictures. Right now I am working on a way to import new models, animations, textures, sounds & music, and more. The engine has now has 100+ Textures (2592 X 2592 pixels) along with their Normal, Height and Specular maps by default.
  14. Wolfy 2D Engine

    They are all aligned, they just look off in the picture. I'm not 100% sure why but I think its just quality settings and the quality of the picture.
  15. Wolfy 2D Engine

    I have now started working on the editors. They will be heavily based on the Unity design & Layout. If you know how to use unity, this will be very easy for you to learn.