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  1. PinkAngel

    Compiling From Github

    I will download and compile a new copy and try again
  2. PinkAngel

    Compiling From Github

    @Damian666 Yes I did do that but the maps did not open nor the editor
  3. PinkAngel

    Compiling From Github

    well apparantly using github version the map editor won't open and the editor in client folder won't open either so am stuck using the download on the orion forum page which doesn't include the source so i can't change my keys that are used for character walking which blows really cause i can't stand AWSD keys for movement since I never use them in any game i ever play.
  4. PinkAngel

    Compiling From Github

    nevermind, found what i was looking for under the Build folder
  5. PinkAngel

    Compiling From Github

    Hi, I have just decided to start using Orion. I grabbed the updated files from github and opened in visual studio 2015. I right clicked the project and chose build then again and chose clean. I also changed the keys used to move around game from WASD to the arrow keys but that is all i needed to change. The question is how do i use these github files because server folder is not showing me an exe file to start server.
  6. PinkAngel

    updater question

    Please look at this snapshot of my google drive folder and tell me if this looks right or if i need to remove that resources folder because that very same resources folder is also in the data folder you see, not sure why i need 2 resources folders because that eats a ton of google drive space.
  7. PinkAngel

    Realm Of Faith

    thanks, I decided to build this game after years of wishing this type of game existed.
  8. PinkAngel

    WIP Realm Of Faith

    This is the main post for my game Realm Of Faith built using intersect. This is a HUGE WIP but very playable. I work on this every single day and therefore this will continue to grow and have more content. This is a christian game with all quests being created straight out of the Holy Bible beginning with the first book of the new testament, Matthew. I realize this is a HUGE undertaking but i am having alot of fun creating this and I don't expect my life to end any time soon so i have the rest of my life to work on this and continue adding more content. First off I will start by saying this game is very unique in that first it is a christian game and 2nd of all you have the ability to win actual real world prizes although in order to "cash in" the real world prizes you must be a monthly paying member because they are real and do cost money. Membership is $5.00 per month (the prizes cost more than the membership) The prizes are tradable in game so could be sold to other players for in-game currency if you are not a subscribing member. Current staff is only me and always will be unless someone volunteers to help with mapping. but the storyline coming straight from the Bible will only be built by me since I would like it to be 100% accurate. Website for downloading and playing: http://realm-of-faith.shivtr.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/realm.of.faith/ Here are a few pictures of the game The game also has skilling in a unique way. Currently there is Prayer, Fishing, Cooking and Woodcutting. I will go over each of these. Prayer skill is a combat and healing skill, the more prayer XP you have the better the prayers you have access to. Prayer XP is gained by collecting bones from enemies and clicking on them or using them at an altar *altars grant more xp than burying* as well you can get Prayer XP as a reward for different quests. typing /prayer will tell you your level and how much XP you need to get to the next level. At level 100 prayer you gain access to unlimited teleports everywhere without having to hunt down materials to create teleporting tablets. Fishing skill allows you to catch fish for healing during combat, with each fish you catch you gain fishing XP. typing /fishing will tell you your fishing level and how much fishing XP to your next level. At level 100 fishing you gain access to a fishing guild that will allow you to catch a unique fish that will heal 100% of your health when eaten and this fish is non tradable and bound. The more fishing XP you have the better fish you are able to fish which heals more health. Cooking skill ofcourse allows you to cook your fish as well as cook many other different things such as bread and wine and fishcakes. The only cooking that gives you cooking XP is fishcakes. fishcakes require 2 different types of fish and once cooked you can trade the fishcakes in for your cooking XP with the Chef NPC. Fishcakes are not tradable with other players and are bound. The more cooking XP you have the more things you can cook obviously. The woodcutting skill gives kindling for starting fires to cook food as well as logs for crafting with and each tree you chop down gives woodcutting XP. typing /woodcutting tells you your woodcutting level and how much XP you need to reach your next level. The more woodcutting XP you have the better trees you can cut down and the better wood that is given to create higher leveled weapons and soon coming construction items. The next feature of the game is a trading card game. I have designed 66 trading cards, one for each book of the bible that can be collected throughout the game. here is a small preview of the trading cards. These can be obtained killing enemies and even while skilling. Having a complete set of all 66 trading cards will allow you to recieve a real life set of the cards and this is for members and non members alike. Also having a complete set will allow access to certain areas of the game that will be different and fun (I still need to think and plan what this will be) Ok that is it at the moment for the gameplay and features. I will add more to this as more is created. I just want to say all the masses of trees are just "placeholders" at the moment so it is not so empty looking, actual content will go in these areas when I get to these areas. Also the most important thing to me at the moment is not so much "graphics" but "gameplay" and my gameplay is unique.
  9. PinkAngel

    website links in game?

    ok kinda thought so, the reason i want this is because my game gives away real life prizes and i would like to have some random event type things that let people have a spin on a prize wheel to have a chance at winning a random prize, just something fun.
  10. PinkAngel

    Offering help

    this definitely, I am sure everyone would like to be benefitting from the tutorials, I know I would.
  11. PinkAngel

    website links in game?

    Can someone tell me how to send players to a website or give them a website link to click such as facebook or the game website? or is this even possible?
  12. PinkAngel

    best way to go about this...

    nice, definitely progress lol, my hands will appreciate not having to keep clicking. I'm too young for arthritis but I definitely have it. Guess I take after my grandma, she was diagnosed with arthritis at the ripe young age of 23
  13. PinkAngel

    best way to go about this...

    when the source comes out and someone does build this in please please share with us all because this spam click attacking is really aggravating my arthritis
  14. PinkAngel

    Updater crashes

    thanks for testing for me.
  15. PinkAngel

    Updater crashes

    I thoroughly checked the filenames and there were no duplicates unless it is counting anything that might be in my trash folder. so i just deleted resources folder and reuploaded it, can you test it for me to see if it works for you? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5o2BdUTvOlBYU5PYjZTNUduMlk