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  1. PinkAngel

    some roman armor

    ofcourse you can, enjoy it
  2. PinkAngel

    point re-spawn

    and i was about to follow this tutorial, kibbelz would you mind writing a more precise tutorial on how to go about doing this then?
  3. PinkAngel

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    over an hour to download the updates from google drive and its stuck at 99% Update: ok so i closed the launcher out and reopened it and it was updated and said launching game but game didn't launch. Think i will just keep using the old one, atleast it works
  4. PinkAngel

    about projectiles

    yes i did this and i set it to require 1 arrow but that still makes the 1 arrow never disappear and able to use that 1 arrow for 500 shots if you want
  5. PinkAngel

    about projectiles

    If this has already been asked please direct me to the correct place for the answer but i couldn't find it. I need to know how to make projectiles be "used up". At the moment all you need is 1 arrow and maybe not even that who knows but 1 arrows lasts forever. I would like to let players craft arrows so please tell me what i need to do to make it where each shot uses 1 arrow so 100 shots would need 100 arrows.
  6. PinkAngel

    Free "Softwood UI"

    you should definitely do it. I for one would love to see it. Alot of people would love different UI options
  7. PinkAngel

    Free "Softwood UI"

    alright, not too bad then and easy to fix. thanks
  8. PinkAngel

    Free "Softwood UI"

    oh i mean in the picture you showed, where should the error word be showing up at? you said it is misplaced
  9. PinkAngel

    Free "Softwood UI"

    ok i see, where would that error word normally go?
  10. PinkAngel

    Free "Softwood UI"

    seems to me to look fine, what exactly are the bugs in it? I really don't see them
  11. PinkAngel

    Free "Softwood UI"

    excellent, thanks for sharing, I might really use this. ok i added it all to my game and i must say this is unbelievably beautiful. It has made a HUGE difference in the quality of the game. thanks again for sharing this.
  12. PinkAngel

    libs folder

    i deleted the libs folder and the client.exe.config folder, the game works fine
  13. PinkAngel

    libs folder

    alright, I will just try it, if it fails i can retrieve it from my trash folder on google drive
  14. PinkAngel

    libs folder

    my client does look like that but I am asking about the updater that uses google drive that JC released
  15. PinkAngel

    libs folder

    do we still need the clients libs folder in google drive updater since we removed that from client with 4.3?