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  1. ofcourse you can, enjoy it
  2. alright, looking forward to it, thanks.
  3. Just a simple question here but is there going to be a small hotfix maybe for the non working bank feature? I am having to halt all work on my game and not release it as i had planned because of the broken bank. You absolutely can not have a game without a place for players to store all their stuff and yes I did post a bug report
  4. i need my game done (this year) I don't have the kind of time it takes to wait til B5 so please give me a temporary solution
  5. Hi, I noticed the text on stackable items is only centered if you only have 1 digit amounts and it is centered at bottom but if you see on my picture of the money bag, I have 1100 of them and you can't see the whole amount i have. Please tell me where in the ingame.xml file i should be looking to fix this.
  6. that is exactly what i was getting at so I will try the 20% on 5 items and see how that will work out
  7. Could someone give me an example please on how to set up the chance % on resources when you have several items that can be given but you do not want them to all be given at same time but randomly given. so should I put percentages at 50% on everything if i want atleast one thing to be given but everything to have an equal chance of being given? I just need an example if anyone can answer this.
  8. speed stat is not found Nevermind notepad++ is just stupid with it's search feature, I typed speed and it came up with nothing but i just kept scrolling and found the <SpeedLabel> on line 5632
  9. where is ingame.XML located, I can't seem to find it in client or server?
  10. Is there any way to disable speed option from stats so people can't choose speed with stat points? Don't want people using that, I would rather them use alchemy and make temporary run speed tablets. otherwise we get players running around the game 5000 mph
  11. Hi, I thought this issue was fixed but it is still happening. Is there an option in config that disables this or anything?
  12. we can close this, i guess he isn't much worried about it
  13. I have told him, this does not happen when I am working in his editor, it only happens to him
  14. I am helping a friend build his game and his editor keeps crashing on him even with me not being on there and his log file say Object reference not set to an instance of an object., can we get help please knowing what this means
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