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  1. a short video demonstrating a little of what we have already done. Embedded Video Link to follow the dev-streams just follow us on twitch.
  2. it would also be interesting to add a way to give items to all accounts created at once.
  3. do you say you want an event to start when the player uses a spell? isn't it easier to put 1 event on the map that activates the function that you would like npc to activate?
  4. This tutorial came from my own doubts in the topic: to run this tutorial you will need: 2 global variables 1 common event 1 event on the map with the help of Ainz Ooal Gown I managed to reach a result that I liked, this is just an initial outline of the system, each person can improve in their own way, but this tutorial is just to demonstrate the essence of the idea. Let's get to the point, to start let's create 2 global variables. The first being used as a tribute and the second as an accountant, both are integer. Then we will create 1 common event add the wait function, change the value of 1000 to the time you want, in this case mine is set to 1 second. but change to 60000, which would be every 60 seconds. Then add the function setar variable and place to subtract - 1. Summarizing this step every 60 seconds this event will subtract 1 from the global variable that we created to be our accountant.... Don't forget to leave the trigger in autorun before saving, so that the event is not infinitely subtracting, let's add an execution condition. in this case the condition to run this event automatically is that the global counter variable must be greater than 0. That done, we have half the system ready !! let's go to the other half! Now let's create 1 event on the game map and add 2 pages. on page 1 we will first add the execution condition in this case I put that if the global tribute variable was less than 50, then page 1 of the event could be used you can change the contribution amount, in this case I threw the value low to test the efficiency. already on the controls on page 1, I put 1 checker back on, just so as not to leave the system fail. In this case, add the conditional to check if the tax is less than or equal to the number determined in your project, in my case it is 49. I also added the option of the player being able to choose to contribute or not with the construction, so put a show option. If the player decides to help with the construction, add the function pick up item, choose the item that will be the object of construction and set the value. In my example the item used is gold and the quantity is 10 coins. Okay, now that the player has already decided to help with the construction, he has the necessary item and quantity, let's add the function setar variable and put to add the desired value in the global tribute variable, in the example he adds the value of 10 in the global variable. Finally, to move on to the next stage we have to add one more conditional, this conditional will start counting the time the event will be available to players. Then add a conditional to check when the global tax variable arrives at the desired amount of tax in my case that amount is 50 tax points. So if the global tribute variable is equal to or greater than 50, it will add to our counter the value of 60. given the start of the count we have to make our event switch to page 2, so on page 2 we will add the execution conditions in the example we will use 2 conditions for the execution, the first being the contribution value and the second the counting value finally we need to reset the tax after the event time has expired, for that on page 2 we will add a conditional to check the variable counter. in the example I put that when the counter variable was equal to 0 the event would set the variable tribute to 0. If the counter variable is not equal to 0 then this is where you will make some resource available, in my case it is a forging station, then I would add the open craft table event. that's it folks, I hope you like the idea of the system, I believe it can be used a lot and it's a way to create global events, where everyone's participation is required in the game. thank you again to Ainz Ooal Gown because he was the one who took the first steps to reach this conclusion. this is a simplified version, we can do more amazing things from this idea
  5. I found this form very interesting and it worked, the problem is that every time someone interacts with the event, he sets the global variable that would serve as an accountant. but I adapted it on page 1 in addition to placing the tax collection, I also added a conditional so that when it reached the required amount it would set the global variable of the accountant on page 2 i added 2 conditions one of the tax amount and the other of the accountant amount: and I added a conditional inside the page to check when the accountant is reset to zero the number of contributions, this way it didn't cause any apparent bug. When resetting the accountant he will only reset the contribution when the time has expired, I think it was the best way I found so far to do.
  6. global var are what kind? string, integer, boolean? or whatever because afterwards I will turn them into system time?
  7. Anterium Online Chap. 1. Enjoy the Ascension Overview: - Anterium is the name of the local planet where the game takes place, within the vision of the game there are five continents, with only two continents available to play in the first chapter. - In Anterium there will be no predefined classes, that is, the player will be able to use mixed equipment, use staff as his main weapon and equip metal armor, which in some games would be “Class lock”. - In Anterium the player will choose a faction, each faction has its continent, so the open pvp between different factions will occur. - In Anterium most of the maps are open pvp, with the exception of the big cities, the posts of the kingdoms and the maps conquered, the other maps have open pvp. Note: On the conquered maps this is a system where it will have a double interpretation, the map is conquered by the faction, however there are other maps on different continents that are destined for a certain faction, we can call this map Neutral, as it is as if it existed a treaty between the post and the enemy kingdom. - In Anterium, the intention is to minimally interfere in the players' actions, in this way we mean that within Anterium there will be multiple possibilities for player styles. The SG Soft Team (Sky Genji Soft) is concerned with serving all styles of players but without harming other styles too much. The player styles present in Anterium will be: - One of the great features of the project is to bring the sandbox world to the players, giving players maximum freedom to explore the whole project and its diversities. A little bit of the game's historical storyline A little about the available systems: Inside Anterium there is a server maintenance system, which is the means by which it will acquire resources to stay online; The first server maintenance system is the premium, which is a distinction between players who contribute financially to the project. There are two forms of financial contribution in the premium mode, the first of which is monthly subscription and the second is the purchase of the premium share. The monthly modality is almost self explanatory, to have access to the benefits of the premium player he will have to pay an amount every month (Note: it is not auto renewable, that is, every month the player must go to the store through the website and renew your signature). The premium action purchase mode is a “lifelong” way of accessing benefits, in this mode the player will pay a fee to obtain an item that is commercial within the game, this item will give access to all premium benefits for a single payment . Regarding equipment: Within the first chapter of the game, although we have several slots of items available, not all will be used at this time. We will have thirteen item slots, but only ten will be available: Fighting clothing and equipment: Accessories: • Specials: Team and plans: Team SG Soft (Sky Genji Soft) Plans:
  8. All players will be able to use it within the specified time after construction is completed. it is a community forge, where everyone can help to build and use. at the end of the construction period, the forge must be rebuilt, that is, the 2000 blocks of stone are added again.
  9. in this modality I had thought very similarly, but what I was trying to say that this forge for example would be a global event with duration. So let's assume that to create the forge you need 2000 stone blocks, all players can contribute to achieving this fundraising goal. After collecting, he would release the use of the forge for a specific time.
  10. I don't think so yet, but it's easy to create buffs with a long duration. Or if you think of passive items to create a common event to check if the item is equipped and then apply some effect, it depends on what you want to do.
  11. Good afternoon guys, how are you? (hope so) With the addition of version 6.1 of the intensect engine, I started to wonder if it would be possible through global variables to create a cooperative creation system. My idea comes through experience in the MMORPG called ArcheAge. This system would be like a tribute to create a random construction with different functions, more precisely in my project I was wanting to make a forge. The players would go to the place of the forge, pay taxes and when they collect a quantity x of taxes the forge would transform from something started to finished and would be available to be used. If someone can contribute with the idea of how to carry out my idea, it would be of great help.
  12. when trying to join the guild with the / gjoin command, does a confirmation screen appear or will the character be automatically applied to guild x? How is the question of being able to expel members of the guild and etc, is there any way?
  13. we missed the requirement to create a variable player called a guild
  14. very good, I'm incredibly grateful, how many guilds can I create with this system? do I have to create new global variables for each guild?
  15. but this is my doubt, can I put a negative condition? like if you're not using item x you can use the spell
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