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JC is Taking a Vacation


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Tuesday morning I'm hopping a plane with my father and sister. We're flying down to Florida where we are going to relax at the beach and do whatever it takes to forget our lives here in Kentucky before we hop a flight and return next Sunday.


I am skipping a full week of school for this vacation so this weekend I am going to be working non-stop to get ahead on various assignments for my courses and work. You all will see very little of me until I return.


@Agoraphobic, @Damian666, @Kibbelz, @yeroC don't let AGD go up in flames while I'm gone! See you all when I get back :P





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Enjoy man, hope you and the fam have a good time. Where in Florida? I lived in Tampa & Orlando for a couple of years - hopefully you get some of the classic Florida paradise vibe. Also don't be shocked when you realize that freshly squeezed orange juice isn't a common thing in Florida, which blew my mind when I first moved there.

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Yeah but different atmosphere creates different setting. I'm a big fan of meeting devs from online. Been through 15 different states (randomly) and met all sorts of cool people. @jcsnider


Mostly peeps from the old .hack//Indie scenes, but still awesome :D

Not that I'm pushing the topic or anything, I just got excited :< lol

I'm only down here for 2 years, going to Full Sail (Orlando). I'll hopefully be in Oregon or Texas next.

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