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  1. I just wanted to add a note here that I moved on to Unity due to the lack of support for linux with the Intersect editor.
  2. A vacation? .... ....Pussy. Just kidding, have a great time JC!
  3. You will need inbound rules, outbound rules, and a NAT rule. It won't work until you have all 3.
  4. I have always been under the impression that things cannot be un-compiled!? is this some sort of c# trickery?
  5. Getting divorced has got to be more liberating than coming out of the closet.

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      Coming out of the closet probably didnt help.

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      Yeah, honestly you're supposed to establish that you like peen before the "I do"

  6. This would be much easier than the brute force approach. Plus if some one brute forces these mechanics, they could wind up changed at any given time anyways, making the effort mute.
  7. Properly balancing games is going to require data on this; probably better off waiting on the source rather than banging my head against the wall with test/data collection. Thanks guys!
  8. Hello, I am a Sys Admin for a data center, and I have been part of an effort to create a game with Intersect. As of right now we are a 2 1/2 man team and have been busy writing content, mapping, learning and eventing in the engine. Name of the Game: Flash_Bak Engine: Intersect Current Team Members: Quityelling (from the forums here) and myself are the core of the team. However, we have been outsourcing most of the writing to friends and family and we plan to outsource much of the testing to all of our nerdy/hipster friends. Our Collective Experience: : Bash, Python, and some C# (Don't let this fool you, we're not experienced programmers, we have only dabbled up to this point in our lives. Except Bash, where I'm fairly proficient.) Edit: Quityelling actually corrected me on this yesterday; he has years of C# experience. He will be working with the source when it releases. As for me, I always have bash in my back pocket for things like anti-cheats, automated processes, smtp alerts for things like connectivity issues, etc. : Blender, After Effects, Photoshop, etc.. (We are currently working with default art, and much of this game will probably be based from it unless we come across a dedicated artist. We will however be creating some original art for spells/skills/paperdolls; mainly the things that we need more of.) : Mapping and Eventing experience thanks to rpg maker. (currently about 4% of the world is mapped and there are some npc's/quests.) : Class Balancing thanks to tabletops and years of *orpgs (Most Classes have been created, a closed pvp testing is around the corner, just waiting on skills which is already underway.) : Networking/Server skills (The live server will be co-located and fully fault tolerant; staging server is currently hosted at 1 location but it does have failover internet connections and runs on a ups and generator.) VMware, Xen, KVM, Cisco, linux, *nix, *bsd, M$, sql, VEEAM, HA & FT, automation, backups & verification, etc.. Plenty of experience in this area. : Unity (Quityelling has plans to port the game to other platforms using Unity, but we are focusing on the windows client first.) : Web-sites (mainly CMS solutions like WP and Joomla.) : Music writing, playing, recording, producing, mastering, etc.. (We are currently working with 1,000's of royalty free rpg tracks and sound effects we found, but some original music is definitely to be expected.) Lots of Pathfinder + some things I'm sure I forgot. Over 30 years of experience between Quityelling and myself, so we get around good. Here is what we are doing moving forward with the game: Currently we are still mapping the world, placing npcs, writing lore to go into the world, eventing, and creating missing art. We are also currently trying to figure out how to make all of the towns, castles, and other ownable pieces of real-estate raid-able by small groups of people (and npc's) for rewards. Starting areas being the only exceptions. That being said, this is a pvpve game where you may get whiped by players and/or non-players in the middle of your boss fight. Yep, it's really that brutal. Most of the dynamics are being designed to be player-initiated and controlled; meaning no factions or other constraints on the playerbase; you may PK anyone, just hope it isn't your guild's allie's girlfriend. Don't want a war with them right now. We are recruiting anyone who is willing to dedicate some spare time for no cost. We are not after particular skill-sets for that reason; beggars can't be choosers. No matter what you want to do, I'm sure there is a place for you here, it just doesn't pay. (yet.) So come as you are, there might just be a special place in heaven for volunteers. Here are some screenshots: screen_1 Screen_2 Screen_3 If anyone is interested in helping out, you can reply here and/or inbox me or Quityelling. What we will do is set up a conference call so that we can quickly find you a seat. Also, at that time we will give you the IP and ports of our live staging server, which btw, is backed up hourly via an rsync script, and all the different versions are stored indefinitely onto 2 separate mediums and soon will also be saved to the cloud. One thing about this project is that we will never lose data, and the server won't go down, not even for networking issues. Best Regards guys, biosboy4 Note* We currently have no real plans for revenue, and so as of now there is none. However, once the project has reached a certain level of maturity we may open up donations.
  9. It makes sense that MR would work the same way then, right? 1 MR erases 1 magical attack. I haven't had the chance to test it yet unfortunately.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! After reading your post I realized that the main piece to this puzzle that I am missing is information on the stats. IE: how does a combat spell effect hp/how does armor effect? Also the same type of stuff for magic and projectiles: how does the magic resist come into play and how does the spell effect things like hp?
  11. If for some reason the devs have to stop developing (The Good Lord forbid), then at least they would probably release the source. There's always a bright side! Edit: Based on the overall timeline of each version, 2.0 is due any day now (strictly based off of publicly available data.) However, I have been fully expecting some lag with this release since it is the beta, and therefore a more important release.
  12. Hello, I've been fiddling around with the spell editor, but it's not making much sense to me. Is there a tutorial up on this yet? I'm not understanding how the magic resist works and a bunch of other things.
  13. It's called "influence". It's necessary to not be stupid. Edit: of course there are bad vs good influences, but I don't see someone's beliefs slipping through the cracks of Merlin as bad, I see it as a different way to see the world. A way in which I would otherwise never see.
  14. As I was staring deep into my computer screen, something hit me; here it goes. As this project matures, more and more Intersect gameservers will get ported to the world. I just want to take a brief moment to go over a couple of implications: port# 4500 is a non-privileged port, meaning that it can be opened by non-root processes. That being said, it would be impossible to know what is listening on the other side of that port since any guest process could hi-jack it. When going live with your server, please consider using a privileged port. (port numbers 1024 and below). This way the listening service cannot be hi-jacked without the root password and so your server should "remain at the other end of the line" unless root itself says otherwise. Also, I would recommend remotely accessing your server via a vpn tunnel so that you can do so via the local network. Porting ssh or vnc is not the proper way to do it. Best Regards, biosboy4
  15. I had to google that.... ....lmbo! Edit: Gahduvdeth has to be telling the truth since he's from Texas.
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