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Playable Intersect Demo Game


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Intersect Demo Game

Spawn in a small town, familiarize yourself with it's inhabitants, and proceed to protect your new friends by vanquishing the monsters all around you.



This game was created by @Kibbelz in order to demonstrate:

  • Custom graphics created by @George@Xeno@Zetasis, and @PixelFox which are now the defaults for the engine itself.
  • Custom UI provided by @Aesthetic
  • Basic features/capabilities of the Intersect game engine.



Due to the nature of this game, expected playtime is only 2-3 hours. It is highly recommended that you grab a friend when trying to conquer this small world.



There is no real story at the moment, but I can outline how the game currently works and how I hope to expand moving forward.  Immediately after creating your character you spawn washed up on a beach.  You have no memory of your past, your family, where you came from, or how you got to this strange little town. You don't have any money, or food, and you're lucky a random guy on the beach is willing to part with some of his clothes. You're stuck in this little town, so you better get accustomed to it.


In our Demo Game you will be given various quests that lead you out into the forest to the west, the graveyard to the north, and the cave to the south. In each of these locations you have loot to find, mobs to kill, and bosses to conquer. If you look around you will find the alter-egos of many AGD veterans including myself (JC), Kibbelz, Damian, Panda, Zetasis, Murdoc, Geroge, PixelFox, and more -- we all have short little quotes about the game and our game dev community.


Once you conquer the bosses in each of the PvE areas you've beat our game, but don't take on that task lightly, it is super hard to kill mobs in our game -- we've designed it this way to keep people playing/grinding in hopes that they would play longer and help us discover more bugs in the Intersect engine itself at the same time.


We highly recommend you bring a friend into this little adventure, and let us know what you think in our discussion boards. 
















Panda is now running both Stable/Prerelease versions of the demo game which should always be using the latest public versions of the engine.

Click here to download!




Continued Development

No further development on this game is planned/expected at this time. It isn't something I can dedicate time to with other projects I am working on alongside the engine itself.


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On 3/21/2022 at 12:20 PM, JediMaster123 said:

What thing did you use to host this server??

It was hosted by my own hosting services


As of today @panda is hosting the servers. There are 2 versions of the demo game running for testing purposes (one for the main/stable branch and one for the prerelease branch of the engine). Super cool to have constantly running and up-to-date public test environments and much appreciated of panda for running them :) 

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