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    Lost Code

    I'm trying to understand what you're trying to do exactly... But I think "Classbase.Lookup.Get(Classbase.FromList(#).Id);" should store the value into something. You're only returning a value, but not using it, no? And why using the "lookup" function to get something that is already inside in another function? Looks redundant to me...
  2. Hi Scaly! I'd like to talk to you if you may. Do you have discord?

  3. Habib

    Hello! What's your discord?

  4. hello! do you have discord, sir?

    1. Meddy


      Yes Meddy#7024

  5. Oi Nicolas! A contagem de frames horizontal precisa ser da mesma quantia que a quantidade de frames que o arquivo de animação tem na horizontal.
  6. I see. Do you have by any chances the editor with it fixed? I've never changed anything in the source, so it's raw since I downloaded it.
  7. Would that be somewhere in client and editor folder?
  8. Cool! There's any way to restart the server through the server terminal itself? Like a reboot command.
  9. how to solve that lol u have same issue?
  10. I can't share my website link for now since it's include another project that I'm not available to public share... Here's update.php: <?php ini_set('display_errors', 0); function scanD($target, $obj) { $excludeFiles = array("resources/mapcache.db", "update.json", "version.json"); $clientExcludeFiles = array("Intersect Editor.exe", "Intersect Editor.pdb"); $excludeDirectories = array("logs", "screenshots"); $excludeExtensions = array(".dll", ".xml", ".config", ".php"); if(is_dir($target)){ $skipDir = false; $dir = str_replace(getcwd() . "/", "", $target); foreach ($excludeDirectories as $excludeDir) { if (endsWith($dir, $excludeDir . "/")) { $skipDir = true; break; } } if ($skipDir == false) { $files = glob( $target . '*', GLOB_MARK ); //GLOB_MARK adds a slash to directories returned foreach( $files as $file ) { scanD( $file, $obj ); $skip = is_dir($file); foreach ($excludeExtensions as $extension) { if (endsWith($file, $extension)) { $skip = true; break; } } $path = str_replace(getcwd() . "/", "", $file); if (in_array($path, $excludeFiles)) { $skip = true; } if (strpos($path, ".") == false) { $skip = true; } if ($skip == false) { if (in_array($path,$clientExcludeFiles)) { $obj->Files[] = array("Path"=>$path, "Hash"=>md5_file($file), "Size"=>filesize($file), "ClientIgnore"=>true); } else { $obj->Files[] = array("Path"=>$path, "Hash"=>md5_file($file), "Size"=>filesize($file)); } } } } } } function endsWith($haystack, $needle) { $length = strlen($needle); if ($length == 0) { return true; } return (substr($haystack, -$length) === $needle); } $path = getcwd(); $obj->TrustCache = true; if (file_exists("stream.php")) { $obj->StreamingUrl = (((isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on')) ? 'https://' : 'http://' ) . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . substr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 0, strrpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/') + 1) . "stream.php"; } $obj->Files = []; scanD($path, $obj); echo json_encode($obj, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES); ?>
  11. It's the pre-release (7.0.126) one, indeed.
  12. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/7591c6277ab9aa60c833f80e20a63333.rar There's my update.php file!
  13. Sure! On my way! Can you help me out finding the solution to my "dash" problem ( ) meanwhile? Thanks!
  14. Sadly, the error still up... I have added that line of code just after < ?php , as you said, but the error's still there. Thanks for trying, tho. If you have any other thoughts in your mind, please don't be affraid to share xD
  15. Still doesn't work for me, same error!
  16. Hi! I'm trying to setup a dash skill, but my skill type dash doesn't seem to work. It won't show up () Can someone figure it out?
  17. While using the second method, my folder doesn't have "update" folder inside it, since it's the raw game client and editor folder itself. Where should I put update.php then?
  18. How to show to player the EXP obtained through killing a NPC?
  19. Thanks, Cheshire! I might have found a solution! For now, is working, but problem now is I can't relate the formula to any status, it just works when I try to set a static number. But I'll find out. Thank you tho! =)
  20. Hi guys! Whenever I close my terminal, after some time, in my VM, the server closes. Any tips on how to keep it alive and running? ------- I figured it out, using "Screen". just get it and it's easy, if someone needs help: install GNU screen: apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get install screen type "screen". this will open up a new screen run the process to get the server up type: Ctrl + A, and then Ctrl + D. This will detach your screen session but leave your processes running feel free to close the SSH terminal. whenever you feel like it, come back to your terminal, and type screen -r to resume your previously detached session. to kill all detached screens, run: screen -ls | grep pts | cut -d. -f1 | awk '{print $1}' | xargs kill
  21. Yeah, I thought as well. Seems like it doesn't work for me. Tried changing inside config.json but couldn't make it. It looks like new equipment slots win priority over other equipments.
  22. Thanks for your answer, Cheshire! Wonder how would that be possible through your knowledge? I'm not used to coding... But I would try, just need some clues if you may!
  23. Hi! How can I change paperdoll's priority? Since I'm trying to add a hair slot, I want the helmet to be above the hair, not below, which is how is up now.
  24. Hi folks, i'd like some help to make a stat directly affects skill's casting time , i.e: +1 Speed gives you -1% casting time. Maybe changing the casting formula, but don't know where to find, etc? Cheers!
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