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  1. Player and enemy attacks always hit, is this something I can change (e.g 65% hit rate), and if so, how? Is it stat based? Thanks in advance.
  2. "PhysicalDamage": "Random(((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * .975, ((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * 1.025) * (100 / (100 + V_Defense)) Known Variables; BaseDamage: Chosen by Attack/Weapon ScalingStat: Chosen by the Attack/Weapon ScaleFactor: 0 to 1, determined by Attack/Weapon CritMultiplier: Usually 1, modified a chosen percentage of the time. V_Defense: Victim's stat. V_MagicResist: Victim's stat. What I'd like to know is what other variables we can access, and if so, how. Can I reference a player variable? The opponents Hp? Thanks in advance,
  3. Greetings, I'm interested in making static enemies that don't move after they spot the players to create a sort of bullet hell scenario (I've got the spells working fine.) I've noticed the speed stat appears to be tied to running speed; Is their a way I can change client strings/ config to make a speed of 0 result in no movement? Thanks in advance, -Ikelos
  4. Sounds cool. It's kinda an option if the player goes to a respawn location (they immediately warp from upon character creation or if they had a soul protection item/score, etc) where they are simply trapped. Perma-deaths zones can exist. Could actually put em' in an underworld that other players can actively free you from but is otherwise unlikely... Really tempted to do this now.
  5. The immediate respawn isn't so weird, rather, that the Hp bar never depicts 0/[Max Health]; a fully black bar. Rather, the health bar renders as though the player is on a sliver of health and then heals to full suddenly. I guess I may have to wait for the source. Tho, do you think the feature might be worth suggesting? It seems aesthetically important. If I a character is killed in one shot by an opponent, the hp bar doesn't react at all.
  6. The title basically says it folks. When the player is at low enough hp to take lethal damage from an attacking npc and are attacked, they immediately respawn and their HP increases to full rather than emptying. This is a bit abnormal as far as games go. Is there any way I can delay respawn or rig the game to represent 0/100 hp with an empty bar before the respawn sequence? Thanks in advance. - Ikelos
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