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Open Alpha Pirate Souls on Steam


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Hello everybody. Lately I've been working with few people on a pirate Game using Intersect Engine: Pirate Souls. I am pleased to announce that it will launch an Alpha Release the 24th July. For a fan of 2D pixel RPG, it's a bit sad to realize there are a lot of ninjas Online RPG compared to pirate ones. That's how Pirate Souls began. So people can play a fan made pirate game.

You will be able to follow different paths. Be a pirate, a marine or just a sailor.

Pirates can form a crew, recruit members and have a bounty. Their goals are to have the biggest bounty and to find treasures. Like you may have guessed they also want to be the greatest of all the pirates.

Marines work for the government. Marine members have ranks and they can evolve in the marine under different ranks. Their goals are to arrest pirates and keep the peace in the world by obeying to their superiors and the government.

Sailors are not related to any groups and can be a member of the revolutionary army. Pirates and marines can decide to be a simple sailor during their journey.

Players will have the ability to use different skills to fight. Each of them linked to one of the three specializations available: swordsmanfighter and sniper. There are also special fruits that give strange powers to the one who eat them. Those are called soul fruits.



More previews in the hidden contents below





Your adventure begins on a big island with a lot of landmarks to discover. Some drama is going on there that you will soon find yourself embroiled in. A lot of missions are available and some have different endings depending on how you chose to complete them. Make sure to talk to any villager that looks interesting, so as to not miss any missions. Be careful on your way though, as there are lots of different mobs and bosses around.



The combat system is dynamic and full of techniques. Various combos and fighting styles available depending on the specialization you chose. More information here: Pirate Souls Specializations Overview.



Pirate Souls is categorized as an Indie Online RPG, with 2D Top Down Pixel Art graphics. It has basic features you may expect from this kind of game: inventory system, party system, trading, etc. However, we tried to make it stand out from others of its kind with small features that give it more excitement and realism. As a large focus of Pirate Souls is PvP and PvE, most of them were implemented with combat in mind.


For example, you will be able to dodge any attack within a fight, perform attacks with combos, destroy your environment and even choose your running style!


All those features help make the game more immersive. Our art style was also done having that in mind. The game interface is made of parchment paper and is clean and simple so only important information gets to your eyes.




We expect bugs and balance issues, because we have yet to test the game on a big scale. However, we will try to fix any issue that will come our way as soon as possible. Feel free to report bugs in the bugs session of our discord when the time will come!






What is left content-wise is to add more missions and complete the bounty system. We want the end game content to be interesting and challenging. Missions and bounties will definitely help with that. We also want to improve the crew system by doing global organizations that smaller crews can join. That will fit well for marines or pirates alliance.

In the long term, we plan on adding more islands and a ship system. However, that will probably be for a beta version of the game.



We don’t expect to wipe during the alpha. However, once a beta version of the game is released, there will definitely be a wipe. Another scenario where a wipe may be needed is if we have to implement a new feature that overhauls the game so much that it requires a wipe. It would have to be something very important like a major exploit fix or a highly anticipated update.


We plan the alpha to last at least two-three months. After that, depending on the player base and the interest, we may keep it online longer.





We would like to thank @Rory, creator of Nin Online, who helped us improve our vision of the game and gave us valuable information. On top of that, Hitspark (The Developers/Publishers of Nin Online) is going to be the publisher of Pirate Souls.



Special thanks to @jcsnider, @panda, @Kibbelz and @Cheshire, main developers of Intersect Engine, the engine we use for the game. It’s really great and has a lot of features.

Thanks to everybody who helped us build the game and to the people who support us daily! See you in-game!



We are currently 4 active staff members:

Dona, Erox, Rosetta and me, Shenmue




Join Pirate Souls Discord Server

Go to Pirate Souls Steam page
Check Pirate Souls videos on YouTube
Follow Pirate Souls on Twitter
Read articles about Pirate Souls on Indie DB

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9 hours ago, Shar said:

Nice..i like that 8 directional movement..good job..



5 hours ago, Aesthetic said:

Nice! This looks fantastic @Shenmue you can expect me to be online for launch :)

Haha great, will be nice to see you in game! 


PS the game will launch at 7 PM UTC. I will send the download link when the time will come 

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  • Shenmue changed the title to Pirate Souls on Steam


  Pirate Souls Text Logo


Hello everybody, Pirate Souls team is glad to announce that the game beta is going to release the 1st July on Steam! Approximately one year after the alpha. Click on the link below to go to the Steam page of the game.
Go to Pirate Souls Steam page





Like explained in the article about the progression of the beta we posted in January, we have been working on a lot of features and improved a lot of existing ones. Compared to the alpha, the beta will have more islands, quests, bosses, techniques, items and more. It will also have new features. The most interesting ones are probably marines global organization and pirates crew alliances. Marines officers will evolve in the same organization and will get higher ranks by doing quests or by being promoted by their superiors. It's a bit different for pirates. They can have their own organization only if they form alliance with other pirate crews.


Alpha players will notice some new little features like the grapple hook system, the shop item preview and mobs having unique ability starting from level 30. We have also improved a lot of elements like maps, NPCs, spells and game stability. We hope alpha players will be pleased by the game progression.









As the game now has more content, the level cap for the beta is 55.

In order to make the progression feel smoother, we decided to add a level requirement to soul fruits (level 30 or above). Once you have eaten the fruit, the stat linked to your specialization will partially reset so you will be able to change your build.

One concern we had about the alpha fighting system is the lack of skill shots, because of the auto aim feature. To fix that, we decided that auto aim will now slightly decrease attacks and techniques damage.





We would like to thank our Discord community for their support! Without them, the game would not have been in its current state. Special thanks to our publisher, Hitspark, and to the developers of Intersect Engine.


If you want to stay connected to Pirate Souls and see the progression of the beta, below are the links to follow. Note that we will now start hosting special events in our Discord. You will be able to win exclusive roles and special in game items!




Join Pirate Souls Discord server

Go to Pirate Souls Steam page
Check Pirate Souls videos on YouTube
Follow Pirate Souls on Twitter
Read articles about Pirate Souls on Indie DB

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