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  1. is there ship and battle system at sea? if not, do you intend to implement?
  2. if (Globals.Me.PvpStatusEnabled) { if (pvpStatusStartTimer == null) { pvpStatusStartTimer = new Stopwatch(); } if (!pvpStatusStartTimer.IsRunning) { pvpStatusStartTimer.Start(); } if (pvpStatusStartTimer.ElapsedMilliseconds < remainingPvpStatusTimeMs) { TimeSpan remainingTime = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 0, 0, remainingPvpStatusTimeMs); TimeSpan time = remainingTime.Subtract(pvpStatusStartTimer.Elapsed); inputBoxMessage = new InputBox(Strings.Pvp.pvpStatusStartTitle, string.Format(Strings.Pvp.pvpStatusStartMessage, time.ToString(@"mm\:ss")), true, InputBox.InputType.OkayOnly, null, null, null); //message.RewriteText(string.Format(Strings.Pvp.pvpStatusStartMessage, remainingTime.Subtract(pvpStatusStartTimer.Elapsed).ToString(@"mm\:ss"))); return; } else { pvpStatusStartTimer.Reset(); inputBoxMessage = null; } } Guys I'm trying to make a countdown appear on the screen, can someone help me with this?
  3. any programs related to paid work for each exclusive system? interested send private message to talk about it!
  4. I'm hiring a C # programmer to develop some unique systems! If anyone is interested please send me a message.
  5. Good afternoon guys how can I open several windows at the same time? for example: opening the inventory and at the same time the character window and the party window
  6. Hello guys is there any way to put the equipment together with the inventory? if so can you help me do that? exemple:
  7. I will help as much as possible, I don’t have all the time in the world but I’ll set aside some time to help!
  8. Thank you very much helped me! Now one more question: I edited the "" MaxInventory "on the server for 100 slots. On the client when opening the inventory there are 6 vertical columns, how do I edit so that there are 5 vertical columns?
  9. Muito bom, eu não consegui fazer download!
  10. do I need help with the "InventoryWindow.JSON" file on which line do I modify to decrease the spacing between the columns of the inventory slots? I am modifying my GUI I changed practically everything but I am not able to modify it! 1 2 I know how to change the size and everything else, I'm just not managing to shorten this spacing between the slots!
  11. entendi bacana que já esteja mais evoluído espero ver mais progresso! e uma pena ele ta sem celular e pc, tem previsão de quando ele ira voltar a ativa?
  12. sim sim já resolvi com os grringos shahsah eii perdi seu contato vc tava com um projeto nao estava?
  13. and in version 229, wasn’t the same thing supposed to happen? I don’t know how I didn’t realize it before, but I’m very grateful for everyone’s attention and help, thanks
  14. I'm sorry I didn't realize that I posted without translating! OMG, that was it !!! IT WORKED '-' can you explain to me why it worked the way it was in version 229 and not in version 234?
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