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  1. Looking at this sprite remind me the old - Sunset Over imdahl..
  2. Shar


    Hmm..look interesting. Nice method Vextunnel.
  3. I think you just link the map each other in editor. Using map grid in editor, just right click adjacent grid box of your current map. It will pop an option to link map, the rest is just pick your map to be link in. For example in your case, the simulate the round world map, just link the north map with south map and do the same to east and west side also.
  4. Nice..i like that 8 directional movement..good job..
  5. Any ideas guys, how to play animation after npc die like blood splat, smoke puff of something that will appear after NPC died?
  6. Shar

    Currency Bug?

    Yeah, i think it should be limited to let say 999 and then it will create a new stack in inventory.
  7. Today i try to play a bit with currency item. I figure out that when the gold in inventory reach it stackable limit, it will no longer had a value. It cant be dropped or use to buy something in shop. It will just stuck in inventory. Any solution how to get rid of it from my inventory?
  8. I like diagonal movement feature. It feel more free character movement than we had now. Should be awesome if its included in this engine.
  9. Hi..Glad to be here.I'm new with bad English. But its fine for me, i can understand but little slow to reply. Hope its will be a great time here.
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