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Game Nightmare Showcase

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That was really good. Honestly I think that video (even though its for a kickstarter) is a perfect example of what an Intersect game can be if you put in the work. Make sure I get a PM when the campaign starts so I don't miss it. My one and only complaint is that in my opinion there was a lot of dark combat scenes bunched up around the middle that, again in my opinion, didn't really help to show off how beautiful all of the other visuals in the game are. Its a game about werewolves so I know there is going to be a lot of night combat, and towards the end it looked great. I don't really have any suggestions on improvement tho, maybe adding in some more daytime combat in between? The best part in my opinion, 1:16 where you walked from the forest into the desert, looks amazing.


Edit: You know what I watched it again and even though it looks a little dark for my liking in some scenes, all of the lighting and colors look totally amazing and look better in each re-watch.


I also forgot to mention how I like that you are getting your ass kicked in every combat.

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Latest update as of the last live stream at www.twitch.tv/mageworkstudios I mapped out the first floor of Frost Castle:





 Be sure to follow us to tune in for the next stream! You might learn something cool you can use in your game!

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Here's a preview of the upcoming vampire transformation (without clothes). Players will be able to choose between two factions: Brave Blood (werewolves) or The Moon Cult (vampires). Ultimately a war ensues between the two and this will be incorporated into Nightmare's PvP aspects.


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2 hours ago, WereAlpaca said:

Monstrous updates being made! Get ready to crush some sexy foes.

Looking hot! Those are some very nice monsters! Love the improvements you made 



1 hour ago, jtssi said:

Nice! Nice! Is it possible to share your GUI ?

Of course not! 

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