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  1. Update for 2021, with classic horror pack.
  2. @davidsaid06 I marked your answer as best answer so far, still curious to know if anyone else has issues with other IDE's or just me :P.
  3. Ok, as far as I know api roles are needed. So far I have tried it with Webstorm, and Visual studio, VB.net and get the same results. I will try postman and see if that differs. If not, maybe its the server. EDIT:Used Postman and it worked to grab the players online, so not really sure what the difference is yet between each IDE. Good news, its not the server.
  4. Can some one verify if they are receiving the same 500 internal server error code as me, when trying to retrieve a list of players thru the API or doing anything in general besides retrieving a token which works flawlessly. You can see I get the token initially, then use it for the list, but I get a 500 internal server error every time. Maybe I am missing something, idk. Retrieving Token: Use Token With POST request for list of players online: EDIT:Quick update, I was able to successfully send a Message to the server, but still got the 500 server error.. weird. I know this is the first iteration of the API, but just want to make sure I am not the only one.
  5. As an analyst I loved your graphs, lol. Have you considered compiling the minimum, and recommended requirements for the engine as a base line for users who create their projects? Sorry if I missed it, or if its later down the road with a Q&A group. Awesome work guys. Pretty excited to try this build out with the API for cash shops/player rankings. EDIT: Both links for the download go to the upgrade option, under the Download links. FYI.
  6. Thanks, depends. If you want to PM me the details that is fine, we can discuss there.
  7. Updated main post. New wolf look, and new enemies.
  8. Edited main topic, will continue to post updates there.
  9. Looking good, its coming together nicely!
  10. At least you have pants! You are more than welcome to grab some inspiration if needed. Took me a while to get the facial structure etc down. So I get it!
  11. Instead of creating a new thread each time I start something. I will update this thread with WIPS/finished products maybe for general or future use, depending. Any feedback is appreciated/accepted, either colors or shading. Werewolf graphic & updates. *NEW* Skeleton graphic & updates (needs better body shading). Skele close. Skele far view. False Worshiper. False Worshiper small.
  12. Thanks, fair enough. The Targeter was for a completely different engine, hence the shape difference. Should be easy enough if you wanted to use it to rotate it 90 degrees.
  13. Yes these are free! Thanks, it was supposed to be moss. (Not my strong suit). I will have to dig around, mostly just saved everywhere. I will update main post as I find/finish them. Some are in between, but may be worth finishing for some one.
  14. [Updated 11/1/2021] "Original: Here are a few resources I created for a game I was working on, not sure if I will ever get around to finishing it, so I am posting them here. Maybe some one will get some use out of it. If I have any other resources, I am hoping to post them here as well. If I am posting the sprites here, they are free for both personal and commercial use." Updated for 2021! Check out the classic horror pack below. Classic Horror Pack - 11/1/2021 Human Male - 11/1/2021 Shriven Vampire - 11/1/2021 Vampire - 11/1/2021 Blue Skeleton - 11/1/2021 Red Skeleton - 11/1/2021 Werewolf - 11/1/2021 Dystopian Pack - 11/13/2021 SST Officer - 11/13/2020 Alien Pack - 4/23/2019 Rock With Moss/Alien Moss - 4/23/2019 Alien Shrub - 4/23/2019 Alien Blossom Bulb Tree - 4/23/2019 Off Variant Above - 4/23/2019 Egg Capsule - 4/23/2019 Misc. Pack - 4/23/2019 Targeted - 4/23/2019 Coin - 4/23/2019
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