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  1. StalysRex

    StalysRex's Resources

    Yes these are free! Thanks, it was supposed to be moss. (Not my strong suit). I will have to dig around, mostly just saved everywhere. I will update main post as I find/finish them. Some are in between, but may be worth finishing for some one.
  2. StalysRex

    StalysRex's Resources

    Here are a few resources I created for a game I was working on, not sure if I will ever get around to finishing it, so I am posting them here. Maybe some one will get some use out of it. If I have any other resources, I am hoping to post them here as well. If I am posting the sprites here, they are free for both personal and commercial use. Rock With Moss/Alien Moss Blossom Shrub (Needs detail and lighting effects). Blossom Bulb Tree (This was meant to have animations for the bulbs glowing, which are semi done). Off Variant Above Targeter Coin
  3. StalysRex

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

    At first I thought you could get the max range of one of the spells/ranged attacks, but then I thought that was the same issue. User 1 would be able to see the target, but not User 2 since their resolution is lower. Perhaps if you are able to get the players resolution and convert it into a range, if you can see it chances are you want to target it anyway. Might present a different problem with users having higher resolutions reaping the benefits. What about just the closest target to the player, within their view/map/bounds/resolution. (Then just chalk it up to, sometimes it does pay for people who pay for better monitors.) Looking at it now, I don't think your audience now days will be anything under 1024x768 anyway. Sounds like a good place to hardcore a range. Current desktop screen resolutions in use (worldwide) Screen width Smallest screen height In use worldwide 1024 px 768 px 3% 1280 px 800 px 11% 1360 px 768 px 2% 1366 px 768 px 35% 1440 px 900 px 6% 1600 px 900 px 6% 1680 px 1050 px 3% 1920 px 1080 px 20% 2560 px and up1440 px 1%
  4. StalysRex

    Intersect Beta 5 Release Plans - Updated!

    Awesome, great work guys. I know it is hard to balance life and this, love the constant updates though! I will admit, I have been holding off on doing anything with intersect until a decent build is released, banking on B5 being the one.
  5. StalysRex

    Defense not functioning properly?

    Here is thread regarding formulas and defense. You might find something useful in it.
  6. StalysRex

    Our WIP Map

    I get it, trust me I really do. I would say always be supportive. If your goal is to immerse the player these are the things to look for though, especially if you want her to be the best mapper ;).
  7. StalysRex

    Our WIP Map

    I believe Zetasis was trying to advise the resolution of the textures don't mix well, for example see below red highlighted and blue highlighted. Notice how the red has a much higher resolution than the blue highlighted, it makes for a Frankenstein type looking map. Things seem out of place this way.
  8. StalysRex

    Intersect Beta 4.7 Released!

    I just started using this editor more frequently, and I can definitely see the potential (especially when the source code is released). I am also humbled by the fact that you guys listen to the bugs/suggestions made by the community, as most developers do not. I am also amazed at the timely manner of hot fixes, and updates. Thank you for providing an awesome engine, keep it up.
  9. Hello all, I just wanted to make a small guide on how to get New and Future Intersect releases (this also allows connection for the editor) to work, if you have Antivirus software, and Windows Defender Firewall. 1. First we run the "intersect server.exe" to ensure that we can't connect publicly. 2. The first thing we do is make sure our Antivirus has an exclusion for the folder, or file, so that it can listen for connections. I am using Avast, but the concept should be the same for any other Antivirus software. We will start by going to settings, it usually appears as a gear icon. See below. 3. Then we continue to our exclusions setting by scrolling down and clicking "Exclusions", please see below. 4. Once in our "Exclusions" settings, you should see an area that looks like this. Click on "File Path" (Avast), see below please. 5. A smaller window will pop up, if you are using Avast at which time, you can make your "File Path" selection. See picture below. 6. After we click "OK" on the "File Path" selector, we will want to verify the correct path has been selected and then finally click "Add", to add the exclusion. 7. Once the exclusion is added we can click "Ok", and close Avast, or any other software you are using. Usually this is all you will have to do, but if you are running Windows 10 (Only OS tested so far), and Windows Defender there are a few more steps you must complete. If you don't you might still see this message even though you made an exclusion in your Antivirus software. 8. To add the "Intersect server.exe" to the Windows Defender network connection exception, open your "Tray" icon ^, it might appear as <<< on other systems. 1). Right click on the Windows Defender icon. 2). Click "open". 3). See below. 9. After Windows Defender opens you will see the "Firewall & network protection" icon to the left, click it. You should then see an option called, "Allow an app through firewall" appear at the bottom. We will then click this to open our Firewall settings. 10. Once you have clicked "Allow an app through firewall", another window will open to reveal all apps ran on your machine. You will then scroll down to "i" for "Intersect server.exe". We will then ensure each box needed, for each app instance is checked off. 11. Before we check mark the instances of "Intersect server.exe" though, we want to make sure it is the current "Intersect server.exe" we are using. You will highlight one of the instances, and then click "Details" to reveal the path of the instance. Verify it is correct, and click cancel. You may also change the type of connection "Intersect server.exe" should use, in case you clicked the wrong one on first start (EX: Public to Private, and vice versa). I suggest Private if you are at home. 12. Once all paths are verified, and you are happy with the instance connection type click, "Change settings". This will allow you to check mark the instances of "Intersect server.exe", so Windows Defender knows they are allowed. After all instances needed are check marked, we then click "OK". 13. After doing all the previous steps correctly, you should be able to finally run "Intersect server.exe", and receive the following output. 14. Happy creating! I apologize, you may have to do a bit of research if you are not using the same Antivirus software, or Operating System.
  10. StalysRex

    Intersect Beta 4.6 Released!

    I'll just link this if anyone needs it, like I did.
  11. StalysRex

    Combat Formulas and stats

    Happy to help. The requirements needed, in-game are Scaling stat at 100% for classes and weapons. I noticed the true damage wasn't being show properly in the excel sheet for the weapon test, so I adjusted it. Now it should reflect properly from sheet to in-game. New Combat Formulas.xlsx
  12. StalysRex

    Combat Formulas and stats

    You can, just let me know if you run into any problems. Like I told Joyce this way of calculating isn't a flat Attack - Defense, it uses your armor to mitigate your damage, and at lower levels with low stats its hard to notice. Again that's what the excel sheet is for, so you can tailor it to how you want. If the numbers work for you, go for it. Just know that if you use these calculations any player with over 1000 Armor/Resist will have issues. If you need further help tinkering with it you can PM me.
  13. StalysRex

    Combat Formulas and stats

    Agreed. If(DamagOutput < 0) then{ DamagOutput = 0; } I'm sure there is a reason, they do not currently.
  14. StalysRex

    Combat Formulas and stats

    Based on the formula 1000 armor/resist is 100% mitigation. That means 1 point of armor is going to = 0.001% mitigation. If you are going to sit at 1 Attack, 1 Base damage then you are right, 1 armor isn't going to do anything for you. You can stack armor all day and will barely see that 2 dmg, go to 1. It is not supposed to completely negate damage into the ground, it only negates a % of it. So you are right the armor isn't what is actually being factored, its just being used as a % of your damage you are receiving/doing. The actual change is in your final damage output. Its supposed to let players with low stats still do some sort of damage to Npc's/players with 1000 armor/resist without negative results. This is meant to be a scaling calculation so the higher the stats go the better the calculations. To address the main issue though, adjust the conversion factor from 0.001 to 0.01 or whatever is desired. This makes your max armor threshold 100 though if you make it 0.01, so that's why I didn't choose it by default. You just have to tinker with the conversion to get desirable results. You should always know how high you want your MAX level player with MAX armor and MAX damage to top out at anyway. Again you are right its not perfect (I never thought it was), but for what is currently available I would go with mitigation instead of flat values of Attack - Defense, otherwise we see stuff like in a previous post where high armor values start giving you negative values... Here is a changed sheet, to anyone who would like it. New Combat Formulas.xlsx
  15. StalysRex

    Combat Formulas and stats

    The defense/resist is used in the calculation to get the mitigation, so I am not sure what you mean? Example, 1000 armor is 100% mitigation. 500 armor is 0.50% mitigation and so forth. So if we do 100 damage and our enemy has 500 armor, which we are talking high level here than our damage is reduced by 0.50%. I just used even numbers here so we can see how it works. Getting back to your point, if you have 0 armor and you don't put stat points into it, you are always going to have 0% mitigation. (V_Defense * 0.001) The above piece of code for the formula doesn't make armor/resist irrelevant it just converts it to a percent based on 1000 being 100%. Not sure if you seen my note at the bottom, about testing it in-game and not theorizing it. Give it a try. The only thing you would have to make sure of is, have Scaling Amount % to be 100 when creating classes and weapons for the spreadsheet to transpose accurately to game. I read my previous post and it did seem a little confusing, sorry I did it late last night. What I was trying to say was the formulas in excel are only choosing the actual values of A_Attack and A_AbilityPwr since it isn't set up to differentiate when you just choose scaling stat like Intersect is, sorry about that.