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More AGD Graphics. (Tileset Update)


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This is where I will post things I have made/edited for the Official Intersect Graphics.


AGD XL Quick Sprite Generator



This is a character generator that I have posted before but now it is specifically setup for use with the Official AGD Sprites except I have taken all the original character generator images and resized each frame to 64x64 instead of 32 wide and 48 tall in order to make more room for paperdolls. Things such as weapons and hats were a little difficult to paperdoll with the original frame size. Not only are the original graphics included but I have also added quite a bit more generator parts as well. Most of the different styles of generator parts have 9 color variations too. In total there are 561 different images including recolors. The way I have split up the images and folders also makes it possible to create unique paperdolled gear as well. I encourage others who use this generator to make their own generator parts as well and maybe even share them too!














Download Generator Here!


For more information on how the generator works check out this topic: Quick Sprite Character Generator.


The current list of generator parts, including recolors, is this:

Accessories   229 ( are not counted due to being a copy of the headware folder)
Boots           9
CharBase       17
Eyes            0
FacialHair      0
Gloves          9
Hair           99
Headware      238
Pants           8
Shirt          100
Shoulder       39
Waist          42

Total Assets: 561





Tileset Additions!



Tileset edits and additions! For those of you that may be like me, well, you find the autotiles to not always be the most handy. So I have made some non-autotile edits. I've also added some things like stairs, AGD Dev and team member statues, some snow edits and winter like recolors, and even slanted roofs!






Put together some resources using various parts of the tilesets. There was just too many images to put up so I added a zip file. In total there are 52 images, some edited and some originals, but for the most part these were pulled straight from the Intersect tilesets.

Download Resources Here!








Made a new set of blue and gold armor and helm paperdolls plus an npc with the armor. Paperdolls are with the other paperdolls.



Updated Giant Bee.



Miniclops. They're small but pack a punch!(+ base)

65f9f14024c7b3de8befb5b7d342f1b2.png  85e5b614cb63b886f7963e42dfccf3f3.png


Original Giant Bee.



Sand Worm and recolor.

20051e656258037c2a8cea18328df7c5.png    7cfa5c41c572310d9ceec93655646f15.png


Walking Rock Monster + a recolor.

e224d03123b1f0f6d441e2ff68ed40c5.png    379c4d7022bb3f07e66b736e79bc48ea.png






Also put together some paperdolls using the some weapon icons form the Official Intersect Graphics.

These can be used with the generator parts currently located in the link above. I will update this at some point with paperdolls that also fit the size for the generator I uploaded.


Gold and Blue Helmet



Gold and Blue armor



Item Icon 83



Item Icon 84



Item Icon 85



Item Icon 86



Item Icon 87



Item Icon 88



Item Icon 89




Stuff I made during a stream. Includes A sprite with and without a weapon and all the paperdolls that make up the sprite as well as the icons.



Character with and without weapon




Armor Icon




Armor Paperdoll



Crown Icon


Crown Paperdoll


Staff Icon



Staff Paperdoll




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Hey thanks Kibbelz! Yeah I’m hoping to be able to do more streaming when I get the the time. I’ll probably keep up the AGD graphics for the streams as well as some of my own stuff but mostly want to get graphics for AGD pumped out. 

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Well the black parts on the bee are supposed to be stripes but it doesn’t seem to have come out that way. I may touch it up at some point. 


Anyways, if anyone have suggestions on monsters go ahead and suggest them. I’m not very good at coming up with monsters so it would help me for sure. 



Reworked the bee body and added a stinger. Also created a little cyclops guy.


Edited various parts from the tilesets to create 47 new resource images.


Sorry to post again, but theres another update!

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On 7/22/2018 at 1:43 AM, JD Collier said:


Put together some resources using various parts of the tilesets. There was just too many images to put up so I added a zip file. In total there are 52 images, some edited and some originals, but for the most part these were pulled straight from the Intersect tilesets.

Download here.



They're available in a download at the top of the post

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Another update for the sprite generator! I've added 28 new shirts, 5 new bases such as orc, panda, undead, and an avian race(edit of QuoteFox's chicken man), 9 Headwear items, and 20 new shoulder items. Total number of generator image's is now 561. Also uploaded some preview images for the generator.

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