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  1. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Another update for the sprite generator! I've added 28 new shirts, 5 new bases such as orc, panda, undead, and an avian race(edit of QuoteFox's chicken man), 9 Headwear items, and 20 new shoulder items. Total number of generator image's is now 561. Also uploaded some preview images for the generator.
  2. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Made what I feel is a fairly large update. Uploaded a character generator which could be very useful! Read the OP for more info. Also cleaned up the OP.
  3. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    @Worldofjimmy Sorry I must have uploaded the wrong folder. I've fixed it and the resources can now be downloaded!
  4. Okay make sure you are placing the tiles on the mask layer. Since there is nothing connecting the edges of those tiles to the tiles next to them if you place them on the ground layer you're going to have a black border.
  5. Upload the image and I'll check it out.
  6. Just make sure you have no background color on your image and save it as a .png file. I use paint.net so I know if you do as I said it’ll work.
  7. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Well the black parts on the bee are supposed to be stripes but it doesn’t seem to have come out that way. I may touch it up at some point. Anyways, if anyone have suggestions on monsters go ahead and suggest them. I’m not very good at coming up with monsters so it would help me for sure.
  8. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Thanks! I may edit the bee body at some point but we'll see. Added a recolor for the walking rock monster.
  9. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Update! Made a giant bee monster sprite(cuz who likes fighting normal sized bees?) as well as a sand worm monster sprite + a recolor.
  10. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Created a new monster and converted some items into paperdolls. Images in original post.
  11. JD Collier

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    This is where I will post things I have made/edited for the Official Intersect Graphics. AGD XL Quick Sprite Generator Resources Sprites Paperdolls Stuff I made during a stream. Includes A sprite with and without a weapon and all the paperdolls that make up the sprite as well as the icons.
  12. JD Collier

    help - how to add tilesets?

    Adding tilesets is pretty simple. Simply locate the graphics folder in the client/editor folder and inside should be a folder called tilesets. Just put your .png tileset images inside the tilesets folder and they should be ready to be used in your client/editor.
  13. JD Collier

    [RMXP] NetMaker

    @Valentine This is pretty cool. I may have to download it and check it out for myself but I am curious on a couple things. First, any reason you decided to do this with xp and not vx ace or mv? And second, what are all the features of this?
  14. JD Collier

    Side Scroller Mock Up

    Well, since I am the one who directed you here I am just going to warn you that this thread is almost a year old so it could be considered necro posting. Which is against the rules so just be careful lol. Anyways, yeah a side scroller could work but it would have to be a very simple side scroller. Considering atm players can not walk through npcs or monsters and, well, the lack of the ability to jump.
  15. JD Collier

    Parallax Scrolling

    I've actually did this a little myself. Here's the thread if interested