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Dev Blog 11/3/2016 - Parties and crafting


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Parties and Crafting Added!

November 3rd 2016



Its been a while since we've posted one of these however, we're out of the dark and back with features for you guys. This update I'm happy to announce the completion of Parties and Crafting. Lets start with parties, a player can select a player and click invite to party like so:




A message prompt will be sent to the recipient like so:




After accepting, by opening the party menu you can see who is in your party alongside their health bars, leaving the party and kicking a member of the party if you're the leader.




The first person to send the invite to the party will be the leader and only the leader can invite other members. Experience will be shared between the number of members within the party. e.g. if there are 3 members in the party each member will receive 1/3 of the experience.


Now, on to crafting. Benches can be accessed via events, where you state which bench you wish to open. Different benches will allow for different crafts, per say your anvil will craft different things than your alchemy set.




You can create different recipes with a dynamic amount of ingredients:




There is also a variable craft timer used for the delay whilst crafting said item in game as shown below:




Whats next?

Make sure to check out the Intersect Road Map as for what features we have next planned in line! We will be working for the next several days on performance improvements, and many many bug fixes.


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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What about turning Ingredient to Ingredient #? Use case being that you can see visually the value of where an item is in a list, with an associated key. It could come in handy with events. Then it could be Item #1: Value, where #1 could represent a step in a questline. So instead of Relying on EXP for wood collection and associating that with a balance (universally) or EXP for crafting the whole item without anything to scale it by unless you complete it, you could have generic wood collection EXP, and extra EXP for completing one step of a full item.

That's a small example, so the value is also small, but it could scale bigger, to maybe events where you know most people won't finish, but through other various means, it's not bad to complete certain portions.

TL;DR I think a list with meaning in an order (even if none is used), could have more use if people decide to give it meaning through scripts(events) or something.
Universally, an Item has no value until it exists VS There exists some case, where an item may have value before it exists.
Crafting is the system that gives values to items before they exist, might as well let it grow :)


EDIT: Realized that it's already a thing visually, but wasn't certain how it's handled in the back, but I'm just excited lol. Hopefully these ideas help with something at least lol

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@varinyc i feel like i may have misunderstood feel free to correct me. Any item can be an ingredient to another so there is no limitations. I.e. you can crush up herbs to become a powder. Then in another craft the powder can be used to make a potion. We chose to make it basic because most people will only want basic crafting. This also leaves a solid foundation as a base for more advanced crafting if you so desire.

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Well it was twofold but I couldn't separate them at the time:

1. Are the ingredients ordered in their respective recipe lists? (But this question is irrelevant now D:)

2. Any plans on implementing crafting, and it's stages, into events? (Less so, but still partially irrelevant)

I was just itching to know things. lol

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