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  1. Haath

    Tilesets Missing

    You removed files from the tileset folder but not from the server's database. Check in server/resources/intersect.db You need an SQLite viewer to open the file and then you can clear the tilesets table
  2. Haath

    Dev Blog 11/3/2016 - Parties and crafting

    All the "time" variables across Intersect really need a way to type in the value, just saying
  3. Haath

    Protecting Resource Graphics?

    Let me just also add that this is better NOT added as a default feature. It's better if everyone implements his own encryption/packaging. This way someone cracking it once won't suddenly get access to every game ever made with this engine.
  4. Haath

    Dev Blog 11/12/2016 - Quest Editor Complete!

    But unless I'm mistaken that won't make it a daily quest, it will just let you repeat it infinitely during a certain timeframe
  5. Haath

    Dev Blog 11/12/2016 - Quest Editor Complete!

    Well, more like night quests and day quests, dailies would still need some source code tinkering, like player switch that the server resets for everyone once a day
  6. Well why you use a framework like Monogame in the first place is so you dont "write for windows" but you "write for monogame". Usually you can just use the exact same code but compile it differently for each platform. Why i'm asking the devs is because for example, this sort of thing would be difficult if they used DirectX instead of OpenGL
  7. Haath

    Dev Blog 11/12/2016 - Quest Editor Complete!

    Great work! Can you elaborate a bit more on how "Event Driven" quest tasks will work? Also, on the default "Gather Items" are the items taken from the player upon completion or will we have to implement that with the quest completion event?
  8. Ok thank you And is there any way to get the pull to ignore specific files? For example if i've re-written an existing class and don't want to deal with conflicts on that
  9. Ok so basically what I want to know is, let's say that when Intersect goes open source I clone it and make a bunch of changes. When Intersect gets updated is it possible for me to get the update while also keeping the changes that I have made on my end? If so how do conflicts get resolved in that case? Does it only depend on how smart and modular the code I've added is? I don't need some big explanation on how git works in general, just this piece of information if possible Thanks in advance!
  10. Haath

    How do weapons function?

    Well if it works for other people then it's not a bug, I'm just doing it wrong How are you generally supposed to set up weapons?
  11. Haath

    How do weapons function?

    Hey, I'm new here and let me just say the engine has been a blast so far What I don't seem to understand right now is, how do you get weapons to work? So far the only way I've gotten a weapon to deal damage is by doing the following: Make weapon throw projectile (even if it's melee) Make projectile cast spell on collision Make simple damaging spell No matter how else I modify a weapon the animation i play as well as the "Equipment" stats I set never seem to do a thing. The animation never goes off unless I do it through a projectile and the stats do not affect my character whatsoever.