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  1. Перевод от hiroman (Накидайте ему репы)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Перевод версии Beta 6 на русский. Туториал внутри файла Перевод от hiroman (накидайте ему репы)
  3. holor


    How do I add a debuff in an event, and is this even possible?
  4. I need to spawn enemies in one of the quests, but there is a problem! When a player comes to where they appeared, they are not there, because other players kill them. I need to do so that other players could not see these enemies. Is it possible?
  5. What can you say about my mapping? What to add, what to remove, pros and cons of mapping and your opinion about it. P.S. This is not my best job. Could be much better
  6. Very polygonal (I would even say too much). But apparently it's such a trick as in a minecraft. If I rightly remember the unit is not a particularly well-known engine, make the house higher and something like a monorail. P.S. no offense about the fact that they are very polygonal
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