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  1. This chance refers to drop a random item. I really don't know if there is a priority for rarity.
  2. A system that defines users at the time of registering to which faction they belong (faction 1 or 2, for example) and that in this way does not allow murder between members of the same faction, in addition to adding in the events section the option "Faction is"
  3. Hi Ricardo, nice work! More suggestions; auction house system, players merchant, faction system, character customization
  4. Hi, I'm sorry but I can't understand how the rewards and penalties system works. Can you make a more elaborate guide? Put everything as shown in the guide but it doesn't work at all. Anyway, I appreciate the effort.
  5. Jotak1ng

    Nova RPG

    Nova RPG es un juego gratuito de estrategia, donde cada día, muchos jugadores se unen en su fantástico, maravilloso y caótico mundo. Con un estilo medieval animado, los jugadores pueden elegir entre diferentes clases de personajes, como magos, arqueros, guerreros, paladines, asesinos, y muchos tipos más. Podrán crear alianzas entre ellos y también agrupar sus fuerzas, o más bien ser un solo y sigiloso luchador. En el mundo de Nova existen abundantes tipos de monstruos y criaturas contra las que combatir, ganando así experiencia en la batalla, niveles, recompensas, nuevos hechizos, items, oro, etc. En las bastas ciudades de Nova, habitan muchos NPC, los cuales además de vender y comprar objetos, también ofrecen muchas misiones. Así, de una manera muy divertida, desafíos y desafíos siempre disponibles a la espera de ser resueltos para obtener grandiosas recompensas. Descarga: https://novarpgoficial.com/descarga/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nova-RPG-288418938166158/ DIscord: https://discordapp.com/invite/7TRAzPQ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/novarpgoficial/
  6. Jotak1ng

    Playable Nova RPG

    INTRODUCTION Nova RPG is a free online strategy game, where every day, many players come together in their fantastic, wonderful and chaotic world. With a lively medieval style, players can choose between different kinds of characters, such as magicians, archers, warriors, paladins, assassins, and many more types. They can create alliances between them and also group their forces, or rather be a single stealthy fighter. In the world of Nova there are abundant types of monsters and creatures to fight against, thus gaining experience in battle, levels, rewards, new spells, items, gold, etc. In the vast cities of Nova, many NPCs inhabit, which in addition to selling and buying objects, also offer many missions. Thus, in a very fun way, challenges and challenges always available waiting to be resolved to obtain great rewards. GAMEPLAY Ranking and Leagues We have a fairly complete ranking system with leagues included and TOP in 1vs1, 2vs2, etc. Multilanguage Community We support the English and Portuguese language. - Crafting - Jobs; fisherman, logger, miner, etc. - Factions system and more than 5 classes to choose from. - Random events - Paperdoll Visible - Guild System - Friends System - Boss and MiniBosses events. - More! Media Download: https://novarpgoficial.com/descarga/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nova-RPG-288418938166158/ DIscord: https://discordapp.com/invite/7TRAzPQ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/novarpgoficial/
  7. I think it would be great to add more options to the events and the system of creating classes. For example, mention in the system that X class belongs to X faction (that variables could be created in the editor) That class will not be able to attack other classes belonging to the same faction, they will not be able to make a group with enemy factions. Of course, it could be added that in Arena maps they can fight among members of the same faction, only when the map is Arena. I think it is not much to ask for it since this could be done with the Events system but there is no conditional option or something that indicates that if a character has the Faction 1 variable, he cannot attack other members of the Faction 1 variable
  8. The problem is that when you scale base damage, weapon damage becomes secondary, even a character does more damage without a weapon than with an equipped weapon.
  9. I do not know if I am doing right or wrong, the problem is that no matter what defense you put on an NPC, the player will always take away the same. I explain? For example: if a player has 50 attack and I place an NPC 80 for defense, the player takes 40 or more of his life, if I put 255 defense for the NPC, the player still takes 40
  10. How can I make a system where the variable faction 1 cannot attack members of the same variable, that is, faction 1? I would like that in certain maps you cannot make confrontations between the users of the same variables.
  11. Thank you all, I think it's already resolved.
  12. Oh, this is for change UI Graphics? Thanks. But how I can modified position?
  13. Jotak1ng

    Suankee World

    Discord Official: https://discord.gg/hX66Dnd
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