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  1. Exactly, luckily TCAdmin2 uses Docker, which instantly makes everything easier for what we plan to do with Intersect Servers.
  2. So we do have a partial plan on how we would go about adding Windows Servers, but currently our VPS system has some major bugs on our end that prevent it. Right now we plan on doing a full rework of our VPS system sometime this year, and at that time we will probably add Windows Servers. As JC learned yesterday while he was working on TCAdmin stuff, hosting is more complex than just setting up a machine and letting people use it haha.
  3. Wow, that is insane, our 2gb VPS plans are $12 a month, but they only support Linux right now, so not really comparable.
  4. From my experience, yes hosting is a bit more expensive in the US. Part of it is just that there is a big demand and not enough Datacenters (OVH is currently building an East Coast and a West Coast though!!) and another part of the cost comes from our broadband infrastructure being underdeveloped in large sections of the US.
  5. There would probably be some higher tier plans, for when you need more than 1Gb of RAM. Currently I am thinking $10 a month for a server with 2Gb of ram, then $13 for 3gb, and $15 for 4Gb. And if for some reason someone manages to need more than that we can always do more. All of the plans come with the (within reason) unlimited disk space, and cpu resources typically scale with available RAM. Oh and bandwidth shouldn't ever be a problem, and the data center's DDOS protection should be more than enough!
  6. Any input on price? We want to keep it as low as we can for you all, but obviously can't take a loss on it Does $7 per Gb or Ram work? Disk space would be unlimited within reason (if you have over 100Gb's of logs we will probably ask they get deleted) and the cpu's are overkill Xeons.
  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Michael, and I have been an IRL friend of jcsnider since we were in computer class together in high school (wow that was like 5 years ago now!). Back then I remember helping test small features on his previous project Eclipse Origin. I now work for a game server hosting company (mostly Minecraft Servers), Ownage Hosting. (I didn't choose the name, the original owner did, and my protests to change it have gone widely unanswered.) JC actually get's his VPS (which I believe run this site) from us! Around 6 months ago or so JC and I were discussing Intersect, and we came up with the idea of my company hosting game servers that are compatible with Intersect at launch. Recently we have discussed it more and are working together to find the best ways to implement this. JC has started testing with TCAdmin to make everything control panel friendly, and I am looking over what machine would be best for the workload. So now for the whole point of this story, we were hoping to get some feedback on this idea from you all. Is there any interest in hosting your Intersect game servers with us? Our goal is to have the control panel side be very hassle free, so you can instead just focus on building your game! Another huge plus is we will be working with the developer, which can lead to quicker bug fixes, better optimization, and maybe even new features! If there is interest, what would you like to see? Pricing wise we want to keep everything affordable for you all, and I am thinking that at launch we will give everyone here a discount. Also if we can get an idea of just how many people are interested, we can gauge just how quickly we want to get everything launched and ready for you all!
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