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  1. So, the question is : Will it be okay to use character sprites generated in intersect char generator, with Celianna tileset? I want to make maps from the beginning, not as placeholder. If i start editing, I'll bring it to the end Any other suggestions?
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering, which graphics should I use in my project, more realistic ones, eg. Celianna paid tilesets, or maybe a Time Fantasy tileset? The problem is that with Celianna tileset, character sprites looks different(map tiles are more realistic, not so "pixeled" as characters, eg. Intersect char generator characters). They(characters) also look different on Time Fantasy map tiles, but the difference seems to be almost uncatchable. I tried to find some character sprites that fits Celianna tiles(even paid spritesheets), but after all I failed. Want to hear your opinion about that, guys. Maybe a link to sprites that fits to Celianna's tiles.
  3. So i hope, they'll be be in a similar quality to existing ones, not so much "pixel-made" Edit: I found an article on forum, where they say that, Mack's tileset( included in intersect when downloader) could be used in non-RM projects "free od charge", link : https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/27498-rules-on-using-mack-tilesets/ Also, it's included in addon for Unity : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/rpg-map-editor-25657 So, now my question is: can IT be used in non-RM projects both commercialy or non-commercial games?
  4. Hi, i've a question about graphics that are included in Intersect after download. Can i use them, to make a game and public it on web for players for free( iwon't sell it and take any profits, maybe just a donation for a server hosting)? Especially tilestes graphics and character graphics ?
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