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  1. The real panda

    No it's an ugly picture. I'm sticking with my seatoidle.
  2. The real panda

    Because it would get Giggles to change their name.
  3. The real panda

    We have no member with the username panda.
  4. The real panda

    Seriously though, my three sizes are way smaller than that pedo's.
  5. The real panda

    Get your heresy out of here. I am a tiramisu obsessed Italian.
  6. The real panda

    @Kibbelz reported for false information.
  7. The real panda

    Let it stand for the record that this panda is not me. Pretty sure you could fit more than one of me in that torso.
  8. Intersect - Playstore/appstore crossover?

    Unless it gets contributed into the engine, mobile compatibility will never happen in upstream Intersect. The closest that might happen is an unofficial mobile port of the client (or a mobile port for an individual game), and I do not see this happening any time soon, at least not for free.
  9. Client crash

    @TeYus We need error logs, or at the very least a video of what you're talking about or we will not be able to diagnose the issue.
  10. Linux and Wine

    He did, forgot about that.
  11. Linux and Wine

    Peaverin is correct. I've never tried to run the editor off of Windows (I don't even have Wine installed), but the server and client work (almost) natively on Linux and OSX, but require you to install Mono and run "mono <executable name>" to start them from the terminal.
  12. Looking for Work Composer in search of game

    That's what I was thinking, but Damian wasn't sure whether or not it was a troll thread so we figured it couldn't hurt to at least check.
  13. Looking for Work Composer in search of game

    By this do you mean $100 per minute of produced audio (so if someone wanted a 2 minute song it would be $200) or is it $100 per minute you spend working on it?
  14. You are both right that it is not technically possible right now, but it is still fake-able. There was another question in the last week or two that asked exactly this that provided some details on how to achieve this even without source edits, but I will not be linking to it (anyone interested can search and already should have searched for it).