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  1. Yes great thank you very much. Everything works perfectly still some problems with the client interface which resets each time you leave the client but I will look on the forum. Thanks again !
  2. Update on the situation, I have increased the capacity of the server. No more crashes! But impossible for the client to connect UPnP concerns.
  3. Yes of course. The server that I rent from OVH is a VPS OS Windows 2019 server. It has 1 core / 2 GRAM / 40 GB storage. Once the server is installed, I implement the "server" folder including the files: Logs / Resources / e_sqlite3.dll / Intersect server.exe / Intersect server.pdb. I didn't install anything on the VPS like visual studio/java etc... I only activated the server configuration and launched the folder. In the config folder. I left port 5400. In the api.config folder I didn't touch anything and there is Localhost:5400. If you want more details, don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you in advance for helping me, I really want to create content on Intersect.
  4. Hello I come here for a crash problem of the Intersect server on my VPS OVH Wind server 2019. 2022-08-09 20:49:03.679 [Debug] Loaded new formula from BaseExp * Power(Gain, Level). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:03.710 [Debug] Loaded new formula from BaseExp * Power(Gain, Level). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.741 [Warn] Directory was specified as a plugin directory but does not exist: 'resources\plugins' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.741 [Info] Discovered 0 plugins: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Listening on -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.897 [Info] Acquiring context lock... (0ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.897 [Info] Acquired. (0ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.897 [Info] Beginning context dispose. (0ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.897 [Info] Disposing network... (0ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.897 [Info] Saving updated server variable values -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.897 [Info] Saving online users/players... (5ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.960 [Info] Saving loaded guilds.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.960 [Info] Online users/players saved. (65ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.960 [Info] Shutting down the API... (65ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.960 [Info] Base dispose. (68ms) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022-08-09 20:49:09.960 [Info] Finished disposing server context. (68ms) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Bonsoir j'ai un soucis quelqu'un peux m'aiguiller ? Je suis sur un VPS Ubuntu 20.04
  6. Bonjour à tous, je voulais savoir s'il y avait un moyen de lier la banque pour tout le compte joueur ? Merci beaucoup
  7. It is true that it would be practical for certain mechanics. I would also like to have this possibility.
  8. Bonjour à tous, je débute sur Intersect Engine. Tout ce passe bien, mais j'ai un petit problème avec la stat puissance, elle n'augmente pas les dégâts magiques du sort et j'ai tout bien paramétré, le sort en sort magique etc... Pouvez-vous m'aider a mieux comprendre cette stat. Merci beaucoup !
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