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  1. It's best to purchase it via Itch.io, as doing so gives you full commercial rights to the graphics. Purchasing them via RPG Maker as JC said only gives you licenses to use them in a game made with RPG Maker products. I also highly recommend becoming a patron on his Patreon he regularly posts updates and new graphics for his patrons.
  2. zzz

    UI Question.

    In the In-Game GUI.xml file look for the section for Entity Box and there will be a section for character preview, mess around with it until you get it where you'd like c:
  3. zzz

    Today I did this on my project...

    First peak at The North Forge, with animated blacksmith
  4. first hehe great work as always jc
  5. zzz

    [R] Logo!

    Is this a free or paid request? I'd like to help you out but with me dedicating so much time to my project I can't afford to help out for free as of now.
  6. zzz

    New Intersect Website

    @jcsnider So happy to see Arcwyre on there! Ty bb the site looks amazing.
  7. zzz

    Poetry Thread

    I'm so sorry, my deepest condolences.
  8. zzz

    Poetry Thread

    A gentle caress caries me to sleep a world without sorrow a place I don't weep forever I wish I could stay in this place frozen in bliss the taste of your lips until the time that I rise despair in wake wishing to sleep again
  9. zzz

    [Request] Need logo for Ruinic

    I'll try to throw something together for ya hun, gimme a day or two.
  10. zzz

    ISOmetric movement

    As of right now, no. You'll have to wait for the source and have a programmer or extensive programming knowledge as it would require a change to a lot of the structure of the engine
  11. zzz

    Intersect Beta 4.2 Released!

    You break everything <3
  12. zzz

    World of Adea

    I'm in love with the skull poking out of the sand, did you do it yourself? The pixel work is impeccable.
  13. zzz

    Was fun

    I'm seriously gonna cry. I've been secretly laughing at almost everything you say since like 2008. I sincerely wish you the best and I hope you get better soon! You can push through and everyone here loves you, you're not alone <3 If you ever need someone to talk to im a PM away, should you stay long enough.