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  1. zzz

    Sound Format requirements

  2. zzz


    In the projectiles editor you can choose whether or not a specific projectile requries ammo and which item that ammo is. For example if you set the projectile "Bow Shot" to require "Bronze Arrows" every time you shoot 1 bronze arrow will be removed, if you dont have any it will tell you that you are out of ammo.
  3. zzz

    Today I did this on my project...

    I'm a DBZ fan myself but i wish people wouldn't keep using those tiny tiny tiny little sprites every fan project uses ;-; it would looks so much cooler on a larger template like half kaiser or something Other than that its very good! I love the use of casting animations for the charging effect.
  4. zzz

    More slots and paperdolls

    Make sure you also add the slot to each paperdoll direction below on the Config.xml or your client will crash
  5. While I agree with a lot of these points there are a few things that have to be considered as well. 1) Intersect is to be shipped as a Vanilla ORPG engine, meaning they want it to have very generic base features and a simple to understand interface in order to welcome new users as well as create a stable source base to work from, each one of those features means more bugs, more code clutter, and not every game will need/want those features, again adding unnecessary clutter. 2) Intersect is developed by 3 people. These 3 people also have school, jobs, social lives, ect. Not everything will be perfect and not everything will be implemented, I prefer to think of Intersect as more of a gift than a product, they don't have to put in this much work, and they aren't paid for it, so anything extra being added is 100% the good will of JC, Kibz, and Panda. 3) These are extremely easy edits that even I, someone with almost no programming skill could implement to some degree. The source is not far off, if you've followed for awhile you'll know development cycles between hiatus and massive development spikes sometimes resulting in up to 4 or 5 entire release updates in a month. Beta 5 is the last beta version before the source is released so we aren't far off at all. I'd much rather let them focus on making it stable than abundant. Those features are nice, yes but at the moment Intersect is completely incapable of hosting any game due to the sheer amount of bugs, server crashes ect which is what the team is focusing on now. Don't lose hope though, JC often comes in clutch and adds little QoL changes for the forum members however I wouldn't look forward to it. Instead, for now, grow the base from which to build your game; mapping, design structure, lore, ect.
  6. The sheer amount of mapping you've done already is incredible, but I have to ask, do you fully understand the amount of content proportional to explorable map you'll have to create, as well asthe time and work that entails? I'm by no means trying to dishearten you, quite the opposite in fact. I'm going to be paying close attention to this. It's very ambitious and looks fantastic already, I wish you and your project the best!
  7. It's best to purchase it via Itch.io, as doing so gives you full commercial rights to the graphics. Purchasing them via RPG Maker as JC said only gives you licenses to use them in a game made with RPG Maker products. I also highly recommend becoming a patron on his Patreon he regularly posts updates and new graphics for his patrons.
  8. zzz

    UI Question.

    In the In-Game GUI.xml file look for the section for Entity Box and there will be a section for character preview, mess around with it until you get it where you'd like c:
  9. zzz

    Today I did this on my project...

    First peak at The North Forge, with animated blacksmith
  10. first hehe great work as always jc
  11. zzz

    [R] Logo!

    Is this a free or paid request? I'd like to help you out but with me dedicating so much time to my project I can't afford to help out for free as of now.
  12. zzz

    New Intersect Website

    @jcsnider So happy to see Arcwyre on there! Ty bb the site looks amazing.
  13. zzz

    Poetry Thread

    I'm so sorry, my deepest condolences.