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  1. I did come from games like secrets of mirage and legacy of zodiac not bad 2d games but grindy due to the pvp aspect, players worlds/ x-realms and xtremeworlds thos engines had dura and hold one items , hold one items normally meant for quest items from a boss drop to turn in so you couldnt just sit and farm, but now there's quests and events for that. but anyways lol so I just tried that and apparently, when using hotkey with timing to unequip can ignore the event it doesn't take dura and you still kill the resource/npc, but, clicking in inventory or the hotley with mouse wont let you attack or even hovering over inventory or hotbar wont let you attack, brutal so close haha
  2. I just realized there is a unequip function xD , so if you add that in the small dura take event, under checking slot weapon occupied to unequip it after reaching 0 dura.
  3. i have the events set up where there is a boolean player variable in there so it doesn't keep gaining or keep setting itself to 100, right when you equip it it sets it to true and sets 100 dura, and it doesn't keep doing that since it ain't false anymore lol till you go lower then 0 in the number and it removes 1 from your item then it changes it back to false lol then you can repeat, just need the ability to hold 1 item,
  4. You can with player variables, if you make 2 for starters After that you need to make common event to set the durability, by equipping the item, click trigger and change to equipment change, then add a conditional branch for the equip item (this case) small axe then set another conditional branch in that one for player variable small axe set equal to false, then under they set it to true and set player variable dura to 100 then make a common event for durability take, with 2 separate condition branch's, one using player equip item, "small Axe" the under it set player variable small axe dura to subtract what you need(I used 50 to test it) then a new condition branch under that one for it the small axe dura is less then or equal to 0, you change player item to remove 1 small axe, then under if taken successfully, you set, small axe set back to false. with those created all you have to now is the durability take in the common event slot for the resource only thing I found is if you had more then 1 it can break and you just keep losing them, if you can make them hold 1 can work, other then that it works kinda so you'd have to make a variable for each tool.
  5. only way I see how it can be done (unless its somewhere else hidden lol) is you might have to remove the female paper doll from the items, and use gender change along side changing to the ship to remove it
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