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  1. Yep, that's why I'm not even bothering to put an estimated release time. This is a huge project that I will likely be working on and off for the next few years. The world map comes out to be ~ 1 sq km and will have close to 100 interiors - only a fraction of the buildings in the game will be enterable and even less will be significant to the story. The fact that the map is mostly urban makes it seem bigger than it is, really it can be traveled across in 8 minutes. A lot of the dense residential areas (which make up around half the city) are treated like wilderness in any other game, and are really only for passing through. That being said I'm shooting for an 8 hour main story that will utilize many if not most of the iconic locations of Rome. So basically the scope of this project is large but comprehensible.
  2. Introduction For a while now I've had some ideas for an Ancient Roman themed MMO with a dynamic, Bethesda style storyline. Now that Intersect has grown more stable and the event editor works properly for the most part, I've decided to start the project myself using the engine. Roma Gloriana is a WIP online RPG set during the Roman Republic's transition to an empire. The world is an approximately 1:4 scale replica of Ancient Rome and the surrounding frontier. Each of the blue grids below represents a 32x24 map in Intersect. Story You are a gladiator, sold into slavery under the wealthy politician and general Pompey. When by chance the marauding Julius Caesar arrives at your camp with his legion in search of men, you are faced with the decision to either join him on his quest to take over Rome, or remain loyal to your captors and save your home from dictatorship. After taking part in a slave uprising, players will be introduced to a war-torn Rome with three factions vying for power and men. These are: Caesar and the Populares - want to transform Rome into a military dictatorship with Caesar in control Pompey and the Optimates - want to retain the power of the Senate and put a stop to the usurper Julius Caesar Vercingetorix and the Gauls - want to massacre everyone and pillage Rome After deciding who to side with, players can embark on the main story, a series of quests where they must win the support of the five sub-factions of Rome: the patricians, plebians, senate, army and gods. While the quests are the same regardless of who you side with, the objectives will be different. For example, a quest for the populares may have you fight in a large-scale battle on one side, while the same quest for the optimates might have you fight on the other side. In addition to the main story will be close to a hundred side quests to be completed alone or with friends, and hopefully activities such as gladiator dueling and chariot racing. So what? This is still in an early planning stage. Right now I'm working on the story/characters and developing the map. Most of the custom sprites and tiles I've been working on are finished at this point. No estimated release time, I just wanted to throw the idea for my project out there and see what people think. I will keep this post updated over time as I make more progress. My ultimate goal here is somewhat of a New Vegas-esque experience with a branched story and narrative fail-safes. I want you to be able to do quests for Caesar the whole game and then at the last minute decide to assassinate him and conspire with barbarians to sack Rome. As far as I know everything I have planned is possible with lots and lots of switches. Misc stuff a small percentage of the items and armor I've been working on (everything has paperdolls) a handful of custom sprites and edits
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a collection of Ancient Roman themed armor and clothing I made in Sprite Creator XP, complete with paperdoll sprites and icons. Total of 77 items, including leather/bronze/iron/steel helmets/armor/boots with light/medium/heavy variants, and togas, tunics, chlamyses, chitons and cloaks of different colors. They were made to fit the male and female body sprites located in the "entities" folder.
    Awesome work, jc, and thank you for being so involved with the community in the testing and fixing process. Upgrade instructions were clear and worked perfectly. Glad to see the projectile system ironed out. This should be stable enough to really get my game going. Very happy with Intersect.
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