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Found 9 results

  1. Buenassoy nuevo en el foro pero sigo intersect desde la beta 1, admiro como avanzan asi que me decidi en hacer el rpg que tengo en mente basándome en este motor. Shinobis Online será un rpg 2d basado en el mundo de Naruto, la serie Anime creada por Masashi Kishimoto. Hace mucho hice este juego de naruto en el motor BYOND(pero byond tiene grandes limites), bueno, su programación es basada en el lenguaje C y desde que deje BYOND estudie los lenguajes de programación(antes me dedicaba más al diseño grafico), y ahora tengo conocimientos sobre: -Desarrollo Web(HTML,CSS,PHP,JS), y Aplicaciones de Ventana(C#,VB y Java) -Diseño Grafico: Logotipos(3D,2D), Pixel Art(me falta experiencia) y Dibujo Digital Pero obviamente no puedo hacer todo solo. Tardaria mucho tiempo, hace días cree un mapa entero en mi cuaderno con todas las aldeas y sus alrededores, caminos , etc… Y en intersect beta 4.7 estoy haciéndo los mapas. Pues mientras hacia estos mapas me di cuenta de algo, necesito uno o más Pixel Artist y un Mapper. Creo que falta un poco mas de información acerca de este juego, resolveré eso: Este juego contara con 7 aldeas que son (Konohagakure,Sanagakure,Kumogakure,Iwagakure,Kirigakure,Hamurogakure,Otogakure) Cada una tendrá 5 clanes osea que el total de clanes del juego serán 35(ya en teoria sus técnicas) Tengo 3 jutsus de cada elemento(Fuego,Rayo,Viento,Agua,Tierra) y otros de especialidades como: (Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Taijutsu,Medico). El personaje del juego pues solo serán dos sprites bases (hombre y mujer), me gustan mucho los paperdolls y los utilizo para cabellos, trajes,armas,etc. En fin no me gusta dar mucha información de jugabilidad ya que eso es algo muy valioso en el mundo de los maker. En resumen Quiero hacer este juego así, solo necesito el Open Source de Intersect para empezar a programar nuevos sistemas y eliminar cosas innecesarias del Intersect. Mientras tanto quisiera tener un equipo formado para terminar el personaje que tengo tamaño 64x64 px, edificios, mapas, gfx para las técnicas(humo,fuego,etc). Tengo un rival en Norte América llamado Nin Online, mientras espero la release open source de intersect preparare los mapas, todos los tilesets, paperdolls, animaciones, gfx todo junto a mi equipo. No busco empleados sino compañeros que sueñen y tengan creatividad. Si quieres contactarme enviame un Mensaje Privado aquí o buscame en facebook como FB: facebook.com/OJBB04 (Orlando Jose) PD: No se si es obligatorio subir imagenes pero por ahora no puedo, perdon de antemano, subire unas en cuanto pueda. PD2: 11 de Enero: Proyecto Cancelado, tengo otra cosa en mente por ahora.
  2. Introduction For a while now I've had some ideas for an Ancient Roman themed MMO with a dynamic, Bethesda style storyline. Now that Intersect has grown more stable and the event editor works properly for the most part, I've decided to start the project myself using the engine. Roma Gloriana is a WIP online RPG set during the Roman Republic's transition to an empire. The world is an approximately 1:4 scale replica of Ancient Rome and the surrounding frontier. Each of the blue grids below represents a 32x24 map in Intersect. Story You are a gladiator, sold into slavery under the wealthy politician and general Pompey. When by chance the marauding Julius Caesar arrives at your camp with his legion in search of men, you are faced with the decision to either join him on his quest to take over Rome, or remain loyal to your captors and save your home from dictatorship. After taking part in a slave uprising, players will be introduced to a war-torn Rome with three factions vying for power and men. These are: Caesar and the Populares - want to transform Rome into a military dictatorship with Caesar in control Pompey and the Optimates - want to retain the power of the Senate and put a stop to the usurper Julius Caesar Vercingetorix and the Gauls - want to massacre everyone and pillage Rome After deciding who to side with, players can embark on the main story, a series of quests where they must win the support of the five sub-factions of Rome: the patricians, plebians, senate, army and gods. While the quests are the same regardless of who you side with, the objectives will be different. For example, a quest for the populares may have you fight in a large-scale battle on one side, while the same quest for the optimates might have you fight on the other side. In addition to the main story will be close to a hundred side quests to be completed alone or with friends, and hopefully activities such as gladiator dueling and chariot racing. So what? This is still in an early planning stage. Right now I'm working on the story/characters and developing the map. Most of the custom sprites and tiles I've been working on are finished at this point. No estimated release time, I just wanted to throw the idea for my project out there and see what people think. I will keep this post updated over time as I make more progress. My ultimate goal here is somewhat of a New Vegas-esque experience with a branched story and narrative fail-safes. I want you to be able to do quests for Caesar the whole game and then at the last minute decide to assassinate him and conspire with barbarians to sack Rome. As far as I know everything I have planned is possible with lots and lots of switches. Misc stuff a small percentage of the items and armor I've been working on (everything has paperdolls) a handful of custom sprites and edits
  3. Version 0.0.8


  4. Hello, the question is how do i make my game online? I know i have to give my files to friends to get them join. But how do i make it online to everyone without downloading? Do i need to buy a host or something too or i can do it free somehow?
  5. Hello I present you my upcoming indie 2D MMORPG Isolated Paradise. So far there isn't much information, as the game's alpha will start soon. The games website is: http://www.ghostwiregames.com/ Game Story: Class System: When starting the game the players can choose between two (2) classes (Fightet and Mage). Then the game starts. Although, there are only two classes that a player can choose, then he has to buy his skills (books) in order to fix their class in the way he/she likes. Example: I start with fighter and then i buy mostly ranged/bow skills or with mage i buy more fire skills. Skills until now: Mage: Fighter: Both Classes: Dungeon System: In the game's world there are many dungeons, some are freely open, others need keys or an item to have or to consume in order to enter, others are party only, while others open randomly on enter for every player (a message will be sent to the player on enter about the open dungeon. Misc Information: When the game starts ventrillo client will open. Also players cant disconnect from the game if they aren't in a safe zone. In the game there are wood cutting and mining and craft system. The game will have an open world. Items until now: There are many NPCs, some of the mare bosses, others are monsters, while others are shop keepers quest givers or mere NPCs. Finally, the game accounts are protected with a custom crypt system. Some game fotos: http://imgur.com/a/4tANL Support the project: https://www.paypal.me/AlexandrosTitonis
  6. Привет! Извините за мой английский, потому что я использую Google переводчик. У меня есть отличная идея по поводу игры. (Я не буду открывать все карты, и я даже не буду упоминать жанра, но это 2D). Can someone suggest, discuss, or say how to open ONLINE HOST, so that others can connect to it?
  7. This is a guide on how to port forward and get your game online using uTorrent (this is designed for windows however can be done on other platforms as long as you know how to find your ip.) Finding your ip adress Press the windows key and type cmd, opening command prompt. Once command prompt is open type ipconfig and find the line saying IPv4 Adress and note down the numbers next to it (formatted like, also note down the default gateway. (not needed because modern technology is cool ) uTorrent Stuff Go to http://www.utorrent.com/ and click the download uTorrent button, run the downloaded file and install uTorrent, this is what we will use for port forwarding (and you can use it to do illegal stuff ) and then run uTorrent. Go to setting then preferences and head down to the connection tab and here it will state a port and then check Enable UPnP port mapping and choose enable NAT-PMP Port Mapping and add windows firewall exception. Now go to options and setup guide and uncheck bandwidth and automatic port mapping then click run tests, if it goes well you should get a nice green tick and you have now port forwarded now to go do some config stuff then play with some friends. Intersects Boring Config Stuff Open up your intersect folder and head to the server folder and then click the resources folder and open up the file config.xml (with notepad or any other text editor such as sublime or notepad++) then go to the serverport parameter and change it to the one you are using then save that and go to the client folder, open resources and yet again open config.xml, set host to your IPv4 adress and port to your used port and then save it all. Getting People Online! You can almost play with your friends, simply get the Client folder and then share it with your friends/players somehow, using a system such as dropbox or a usb stick, then simply run the server and your friends can create accounts and log in and play! You have now port forwarded and configed the intersect client and server Edit: I added regular port forwarding when you don't need it so I removed it, oops. Edit 2: MiniGrief suggested an extremely efficient tool that does the same think and will likely work for you so make sure to use: https://sourceforge.net/projects/upnp-portmapper/ first
  8. Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that the Alpha of my game is online to play. This is an MMORPG in a fantasy world and you are the traveler who will find out more about this world. History The game takes place in a medieval era in the part of ancient Europe, you have just arrived from a long boat trip by the oceans and you see on the beach of Valkyria, a great capital. This is where the player's journey begins. Gameplay A gameplay of the game is very simple, the commands are: "E" to interact, attack and pick up items on the floor, Left mouse button to select target on an enemy, W A S D or Keyboard Arrows to walk. The game has a real-time turn-based system where each second is a turn, and each block is a target. Remember that it is an Open PVP game. Dialogs with NPCs can help you understand more about game history and mechanics. [ Informations This game was developed with only one purpose: to amuse the players. We are in the Alpha 1 version, so I ask for patience and understanding with Bug's and possible Crash's that the game will have. Even so I hope you have fun and enjoy. Note: Every time a member of a party dies and tries to open the party again, the game crashes, so if you die in Party with someone recommend closing and opening the game. Note2: I am from Brazil and i made this game in Portuguese, so the dialogs are in Portuguese but other things in English, i'm sorry for that, the game doesn't have a English Dialog Patch yet. Server Status: Updating A Special Thanks for: Damian, Jcsnider ............................. THIS POST IS NOT UPDATED, FOLLOW THE PAGE ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFORMATIONS, THIS IS AN BRAZILIAN GAME! facebook.com/fantasyonlinemmo
  9. I am in the process of making my first game with this engine and was wondering how you would go about distributing your game to friends and etc. to test it? Thanks!
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