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  2. WIP

    Approved, but work on your mapping skills, watch some vids on youtube "mapping tutorial rpg-maker" or somthing.
  3. Oh thats a good progress, im looking forward to it! @Dr.Houseim terrified bcs of your sig....
  4. @pdmofr Wow is like it! @SCTrav i like the atmosphere! and the Tileset. I work on new graphics and edit the Originals from kenney
  5. Graphics

    i like your char style.
  6. WIP

    Yeah youre right but the sets he use is from REFMAP from 2k and 2k3 i see that, i mapped 12 years with the sets.
  7. WIP

    MH Mac and Blue(REFMAP) Same problem as here, Copyright, can use it on another Engines as RPG-Maker. But sounds good.
  8. When anyone needs an GUI he can ask me.


    1. Kasplant


      I need one actually! 

    2. Puregamemale


      Yeah Sure when i have Time this Week.

    3. Kasplant


      Nice man. Just let me know through PM or something :)

  9. I lost 40kg - 88lbs in 9 Months, i was sick my kidneys dint works right and i gained weight. Now i work out eat right. Maybe someone is interested in my story and would like to follow my adventure. http://dskgrm.com/soupraley
  10. Hey guys, i didnt find a Thread for PIcture of the Week. The Idea Behind this Thread is that you Post an Screenshot of your Game or a Map that you created. Rules: Please do not link screenshots from a resolution of 480p directly, but link them (best as a thumbnail) The preferred picture format is PNG, high-resolution screenshots but you can also post as JPG with high quality Animate scenes either with low color depth as GIF or (especially with longer scenes or content with high color depth) as video Videos can be integrated with Youtube, Vimeo and similar video hosters with the [video] tag, or alternatively directly with the or Copy and Paste. Comments on screen reviews are allowed, but longer discussions should be handled by PN The presented screens must come from you, but not from an existing project I am working on my side project, it is about survival zombie game in the intersect engine, I have many things to implement in the Game when the source code is out for the first time.
  11. Really good Idea, we use this for our project and its works fine. One Question is there a chance to customize the Patcher, like graphical Buttons and another things. Big Thanks from our Team for your effort.
  12. I'm so hyped about Beta 4, keep it up guys good work so proud to be a part of this community.
  13. Game

    Refmap are "Opensource" Tilesets, no one can say its his own bcs refmap made them. I meant that i work on own sets. Thats the progress the grass, the groundways the farmland and the water/waterfalls, objects are in work, me and myself(<- hehe) working on it.
  14. Game

    Yeah, i changed it i work on own sets and ripped sets who i edited.
  15. Okay yeah, it was an corrupt .ogg file.