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  1. Thanks! Yeah, It's my own design of pig. It has traits of a bunny. Thank you for your suggestion! I might try to build the maps to support this kind of semi-3D-ish look. But if I do not find a solution to my problems I showcased earlier, I might just do regular up and down poses. We'll see! Thank you Dr.House! Showing a few enemies I designed for the game too: And a few equipments I forgot to show: I'd love to make more races too, but not sure how it would work with paperdolling system.
  2. Thanks a lot! I wish there would be a way to make sprites keep their horizontal directions when going up and down. With system like that I'd create sprites for walking up. As an example, Paper mario uses this kind of sprites:
  3. Hello there, everyone! I used to be user of a Eclipse forums and before that, I used to use the Xtremeworlds engine. It's been many years since that, thought. A week ago I wanted to check out, how is the Eclipse holding on and oh boy, did it change! It did impress me, how good the new engine is now. Anyway, without a further gibberish I would like to show what I did in a few days. Still not sure what the engine can do, do I have full freedom of things (like creating pets and mounts) or is the coding part still closed of. Gotta look into that later. I'd love to make a small community mmo, but I still gotta learn what I can and cannot do. I'm pixel artist and I do love some colours, if you haven't noticed. The style is kept as simple as possible, so I can work on this when I have free time. Most of the inspiration is from the Paper Mario series. I also love visuals, so keep in mind that every item should be seen as paperdolls too. Oh and the items have gender variants, of course. Pardon my english, it isn't my native language and I didn't really pay attention on school, which I do regret now.
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