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  1. Game Storm-Online World

    How, when not one thing is released?
  2. Hello baby!

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    2. Puppy


      I'm sorry but according to law of "FIRST" Ur baby is now Phen.

    3. PhenomenalDev


      No problem here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Puregamemale


      if everyone would know whats going up!

  3. Playing Pokemon GO right now, some real shit is going down with the Raids,

  4. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Okay i think i should introduce myself here, bcs i am not so active as i wish. I am an memeber since 2015 here in this Com, i worked since i was 12 one some rpg's in the German Forums and i have good Pixel and GUI Experience. I Worked with Eclipse engine since idk the first version idk what the first name was, i was 14 or 13 idk. I hope that i can stay here for a while, bcs my Humor and my Jokes are really sarcastic and some people dont understand this, But I hope for a good cooperation.
  5. [R] World Tileset

    I think its this: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/rtp-edit-realistic-world-map-tiles.985/ but i am not sure. Search in Google "RPG-Maker VX RTP Edits"
  6. Evolution Maker

    When i try to create an account the Server says this: md5.dll is missing i downloadet the dll and nothing happens. pls help

    1. PhenomenalDev
    2. Crest


      Dabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdab flex dab dab dab dab doobAdoobaaaaa daaaaaaaaab yeah bro dab dab. *Dabs phenomenally* 

  8. WIP Isolated Paradise

    Approved, but work on your mapping skills, watch some vids on youtube "mapping tutorial rpg-maker" or somthing.
  9. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Oh thats a good progress, im looking forward to it! @Dr.Houseim terrified bcs of your sig....
  10. Screenshot thread - and so it begins!

    @pdmofr Wow is like it! @SCTrav i like the atmosphere! and the Tileset. I work on new graphics and edit the Originals from kenney
  11. Graphics A Hobby-MMO, with custom graphics.

    i like your char style.
  12. WIP Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Yeah youre right but the sets he use is from REFMAP from 2k and 2k3 i see that, i mapped 12 years with the sets.
  13. WIP Rebirth Fantasy Online

    MH Mac and Blue(REFMAP) Same problem as here, Copyright, can use it on another Engines as RPG-Maker. But sounds good.
  14. When anyone needs an GUI he can ask me.


    1. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      I need one actually! 

    2. Puregamemale


      Yeah Sure when i have Time this Week.

    3. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Nice man. Just let me know through PM or something :)

  15. Real life photos

    I lost 40kg - 88lbs in 9 Months, i was sick my kidneys dint works right and i gained weight. Now i work out eat right. Maybe someone is interested in my story and would like to follow my adventure. http://dskgrm.com/soupraley