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  1. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    Create website ->
  2. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    Got some changes in plans due to some research ive done. The updates will be: Change from Java to C# (java is'nt compatible with consoles and will give hard time in installation to other users, while it doesn't use the resources as C#) More upates soon! + website
  3. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    Updated networking (working 100%) this is a 2d test:
  4. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    The networking so far (the lib im making): Has a string reader/sender for simple packets (working well) and today ive added a byte reader/sender although it isnt tested! Here you can download it:
  5. Java Help

    Its ok, ive fixed it
  6. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    If anyone wanta to support the engine ->
  7. Java Help

    0 down vote favorite Hello everyone im making an online game and for receiving method i am using a thread and for client im using LWJGL, but when it reaches at this position it connects and then the game stops working, when ive deleted the thread the game worked properly, ofc it stopped to w8 for a new message which mustnt being happening. The code: Server is working nicely. 1 More question im sending the packet with new xyz is this method ok to distract the xyz? else if (message.startsWith("\\move:")) { float x, y, z; int clientID = Integer.parseInt(message.substring(6)); int countX = 0; int num = 7; while (num != 0) { num /= 10; ++countX; } x = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(6 + countX)); int countY = 7 + countX; int num1 = countY; while (num1 != 0) { num1 /= 10; countY ++; } y = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countY)); int countZ = countX; int num2 = countZ; while (num2 != 0) { num2 /= 10; countZ++; } z = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countZ)); player.increasePosition(x, y, z); return true; } else if (message.startsWith("\\cp:")) { Utils.alert("get xyz", "get xyz"); float x, y, z; x = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(4)); int countY = 4; int num1 = countY; while (num1 != 0) { num1 /= 10; countY ++; } y = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countY)); int countZ = countY; int num2 = countZ; while (num2 != 0) { num2 /= 10; countZ ++; } z = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countZ)); return true; } also how can i turn a List<Entity> to String and a String to List<Entity> for a packet sending
  8. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    ah okey gl with ur studies and thx
  9. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    well you can join in and help, ill raise some money the sooner i get (kinda difficult as i have other expenses) to get a forum, also if you wanna contribute ti would be nice
  10. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    it has much easier networking than these hard coded engines and doesnt need a superb pc, also the networking is already inside as it focuses for mmo/online games and the features will be already installed, thx btw
  11. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    thats awesome ill need help with GUI Today's changelog: Added fps generator and the fps is displayed in the display title. Added a basic monster class. Added pause method (will pause the current thread for the time you choose). Added openURL method (will open the url in the web browser). Added alert method (will open a window with the message and the title). Added getClipboardContent method (will tell you what you have at clipboard (coppied last time)). Added second sound manager (the first is using openal, while the second is using japplet). Added a timer (Adding a second every tick).
  12. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    Ill add things kinda slowly due to some exams i have soon, although ill be updating the more i can, ill need feedback and suggestions
  13. Introduction Arcane engine is a free 3D MMORPG creator. Yet there aren’t many things added in the engine. Features for now: Display Manager: For now works with static width and height. Renderings (100%) Textures and Multitextures (100%) Lightning (100%) Transparency (100%) Fog (100%) 3rd Person Camera (80%) Missing some features about rotation Player (10%) A simple one just for tests Day/Night (100%) SkyBox (100%) 3D Mouse Picking (100%) Water (100%) Cel Shading (100%) Text Rendering (100%) Sound (100%) GUI Rendering (100%) Particle Effects (80%) Networking (40%) Havent been really implemented just the main idea, also it isnt included in the first version of arcane engine. File Types 3D File types: .obj Textures file type: .png Sounds/Music type: .mid More file types will be added! Features that will be added Complete the networking Animations Loader Complete the player class Add monsters and other entities Some fotos: The engine already includes a main game loop as an example game in Functions added today: Full Screen mode, change the way that changes the display resolution. Added Some input methods (esc) - exit game, alt+enter full screen - Mouse Wheel reset the zoom - insert (prntsc) screen shot Added paths as variables, although havent set them or changed from the engine. Download Link (V0.1): Virus Total: Yet its just source, the updates will be added as zip files for now, so it will be hard to add ur codes if you wanna get future updates. Also the game isn’t exportable yet! you can only run it via your ide (the project is ready for Eclipse) The engine is using LWJGL ((Windows for now) ill add for iOS and Linux) library The engine is free but if you like it you can donate here -> Discord Channel:
  14. WIP Isolated Paradise

    got a new website!
  15. WIP Shinki : Sacred treasures

    good luck