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  1. 14/1/2019: * Fixed a bug, which was caused the the game server was disconnected 15/1/2019: * Made the game server configurable
  2. Quick MMO is a game template for MMO games using Dark Rift 2. It can be easily set-up for any mmo game type needed (3d or 2d). Features TCP or UDP Connection using Dark Rift 2 (100% Done) Login and Game Servers (100% Done) Login server will list all the game servers (100% Done) Game Server Selection (100% Done) Character Selection (100% Done) Character Creation (100% Done) Character Delete (100% Done) Registration/ Login/ Forgot Passowrd (using email) (100% Done) Player Instantiation (100% Done) Player Movement (100% Done - Simple) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/hob8GJ5 For more information and updates join our discord: https://discord.gg/KR6cQNg
  3. Ive updated a lot of things, yeah the game doesnt have yet many things to show, thats why, btw thx for feedback
  4. From now on the game updates will be added here -> https://lmi.itch.io/litmi
  5. Version 0.03 is out -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/k5qay3m3mzkd51q/Lost+in+the+Mythic+Island+-+V0.03.zip
  6. Hello everyone! my name is Alex, im a programmer and currently developing a game called Lost in the Mythic Island. Its a Multiplayer First Person Shooting / Survival / Rpg Game with many Game Modes: ~ Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Survival. Game's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4YvVXRa Current Build (First Build, Only Death Match): http://www.mediafire.com/file/dkbv8n34x6f59kx/Lost+in+the+Mythic+Island+-+V0.02.rar
  7. Got some changes in plans due to some research ive done. The updates will be: Change from Java to C# (java is'nt compatible with consoles and will give hard time in installation to other users, while it doesn't use the resources as C#) More upates soon! + website
  8. Updated networking (working 100%) this is a 2d test: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zkpvs1ha2dzztpu/Networking.rar
  9. The networking so far (the lib im making): Has a string reader/sender for simple packets (working well) and today ive added a byte reader/sender although it isnt tested! Here you can download it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o96zxm6o66kr6ef/main.rar
  10. Its ok, ive fixed it
  11. If anyone wanta to support the engine -> https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/66460-arcane-engine
  12. alextoti99

    Java Help

    0 down vote favorite Hello everyone im making an online game and for receiving method i am using a thread and for client im using LWJGL, but when it reaches at this position it connects and then the game stops working, when ive deleted the thread the game worked properly, ofc it stopped to w8 for a new message which mustnt being happening. The code: www.mediafire.com/file/2ff82c2995yc3dq/src.rar Server is working nicely. 1 More question im sending the packet with new xyz is this method ok to distract the xyz? else if (message.startsWith("\\move:")) { float x, y, z; int clientID = Integer.parseInt(message.substring(6)); int countX = 0; int num = 7; while (num != 0) { num /= 10; ++countX; } x = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(6 + countX)); int countY = 7 + countX; int num1 = countY; while (num1 != 0) { num1 /= 10; countY ++; } y = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countY)); int countZ = countX; int num2 = countZ; while (num2 != 0) { num2 /= 10; countZ++; } z = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countZ)); player.increasePosition(x, y, z); return true; } else if (message.startsWith("\\cp:")) { Utils.alert("get xyz", "get xyz"); float x, y, z; x = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(4)); int countY = 4; int num1 = countY; while (num1 != 0) { num1 /= 10; countY ++; } y = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countY)); int countZ = countY; int num2 = countZ; while (num2 != 0) { num2 /= 10; countZ ++; } z = Float.parseFloat(message.substring(countZ)); return true; } also how can i turn a List<Entity> to String and a String to List<Entity> for a packet sending
  13. well you can join in and help, ill raise some money the sooner i get (kinda difficult as i have other expenses) to get a forum, also if you wanna contribute ti would be nice
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