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Beefy Kasplant

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The Adventures of Follergold. This is the first game I've ever tried to make, many many years ago. Almost all of the graphics were drawn by yours truly, using Paint. This excludes Gamemaker's standard graphics that you also see in the game.



And this one is somewhat more recent, a terrible mockup of a text-based pet-raising game, where you adopt a cat. In this screenshot, I named my cat JCSnider. Introducing: Keety.



If you would like to fiddle with either of these monstrous creations yourself, then here are links for The Adventures of Follergold and for Keety.

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28 minutes ago, Maysoon said:


The godliest tutorial of all time. I thought there was a new deoxys form(WHICH THERE WASNT) I was just really really dumb. So I whipped out the good ol' camcorder and recorded with one hand, played with the other. I was in 2nd grade by the way.


Holy. Shit. That's a high pitched voice, I thought my video was playing sped up.

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