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  1. Some more sprites, from the top down: seeds to go along with the fruits, a slime thing, and a little robot/droid guy
  2. The godliest tutorial of all time. I thought there was a new deoxys form(WHICH THERE WASNT) I was just really really dumb. So I whipped out the good ol' camcorder and recorded with one hand, played with the other. I was in 2nd grade by the way.
  3. Does it have to exclusively be a game cause I have some pretty cringe videos of me.
  4. Brings me back to the good ol' days of maple
  5. Definitely will be playing this over the long weekend. I'll update with my thoughts later.
  6. Arrangements are essentially taking a song listening to it and recreating it by ear. I use some other programs to help especially since some of the instruments are extremely faint but that is essentially it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrangement
  7. Hey guys, it's me Maysoon, you know the best user here. Anyway I'm here to show off w/e music I've decided to arrange.
  8. I leave for a month and already... look I think it's pretty accepted that this topic has no purpose. Everyone should use their common sense and give actual constructive criticism. What I don't think should happen is all this sugar coating. When I write criticism or when anyone gives criticism it really shouldn't be putting the creators feelings into perspective. Although all this has been said before making this post absolutely pointless but who cares. I'm back for a day or two and then I gotta go back to the books. I really want to emphasize the point of, I really don't care if you get upset because I criticized your work I nor anyone else is here to be your parent, we're here to help you improve.
  9. Yay! Admin commands, that makes me happy. I just am wondering if there will be an implementation of spell scaling. Looking forward to the day and night system.
  10. Nice level 69. The GUI looks nice though keep it up. I really look forward to seeing more.
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