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Playable Heroes Apocalypse

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Update # 19

1 - Deleted 7 Swords, 7 Axes, 7 Shields.
Attack, Shield gives up to 100 extra bonus in physical and magic defense, Rings - Give up to 100 extra points in physical defense only while Colares give up to 100 extra points in magic defense only.
3 - The speed of attack of axes and swords was reduced. In addition, Swords continue faster than Axes, but Axes give more damage and more damage and more damage.
4 - Because the horseman has 100 extra points in physical defense and magic compared to other classes, if he uses the 7 rank shield, accessory and amulet, this makes him a tanker class rather than a balanced one.
5 - Hunter is now a high damage offensive class
6 - Updated sprites of classes, event archangel sword, knight spells icons and hunter, swords, axes, shields.
7 - Updated all the recipes to stay in accordance with the new organization of the items.
8 - Changed the price of items in stores.
9 - Changing the class name
Old Name // New name

Rage Of The Night
Legendary Hunter - Hunter
Empress of Light - Druid
Sovereign of Destruction - Necromancer

10 - New classes inserted - Necromancer and Druid.
The Druid was made to be a support class with skills focused on buffs while The Necromancer functions as an offensive class focused on enemy debuffing.



The whole presentation of the main page has been reworked.

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