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  1. yanis69

    Event editor (Label) ?

    ah I understand better Thnks
  2. yanis69

    Event editor (Label) ?

    I am sorry if my question seems to be stupid, in the editor of evenment what is the "Label ,Go to label" I do not understand / do not know are functionment, someone to enlighten me
  3. yanis69

    Build for the Savvy (ORPG Development)

    what and the engine that you used
  4. yanis69

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    same thing but thank you Thank you you're right the vb6 and very old and there is not much suport I let falls especially that I am novice, I will see the VB.net side with orion + .....
  5. yanis69

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    thank you I will try with Orion +, since eclipse origins had made a success I want to see what looks like source code by curiosity. but why favors you orion + to EO
  6. yanis69

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    How can I solve this problem Plz ?
  7. yanis69

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    Yes look : https://ibb.co/dvCZ2w https://ibb.co/cdktvG I tried to open another project and it works there is only version 4.0 that does not want
  8. hi guys i do not know if i have to ask this here or in another section, here i am looking for the source code of eclipse origins 4.0 (do not tell me google i am looking for i came across source sharing on github not working otherwise nothing) in which one has the source 4.0 if it can share them or a link it is for a look at the code , thanks for the help and sorry to bother you
  9. yanis69

    Liste des liens utiles

    Weshh ! merci Fréro
  10. yanis69

    Hello ALL !

    hello everybody I'm going to make it short, I'm happy to join this forum I want to learn a program, currently I'm trying with the vb6, uh I'm Franco-Algerian I speak French Arabic and not too English, my goal in the life is to die after an overheating while I program , shit I was wrong section !
  11. yanis69

    Intersect Beta 4.7 Released!

    thank you for this work, the speed of updates incredible amazing
  12. yanis69

    how to learn to modify the source? monogame ?

    I'll start immediately while waiting for the source code, thanks for your quick reply, I'm with you wholeheartedly
  13. yanis69

    how to learn to modify the source? monogame ?

    Thank you jcsnider I love your work , is it going to help me learn the C # is happened has modified the source code intersect ?
  14. +Hello I am Algerian so in advance forgive my English+ so first of all I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the team intersect engine, you have and you made very good work do not give up and courage I'm with you I know that the source code has not yet been released (that I can not wait to see) but considering my low level in programming I would like to start touching source code to prepare myself so my question is what started? I would like to start with the C # , so can i use mongogame to learn the basics ? what do you advise me ? Thax