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  1. Already bought some items for my project, they look great and were super fast, so i highly recommend him
  2. En el discord de Ascencion Game Dev hay un canal en español, podríamos hablar por ahí.
  3. 1.- You currently are scaling your Attack Stat by 100%, so it will add on top of that 1HP damage, all the Attack Stat of the player. If you set the scaling to 0, i think it should do only the 1HP damage you are looking for. 2.-B6 has a checkbox where you can make a spell type item a quickcast, and you can destroy that item upon use,that way you can do the rune type of item.
  4. Currently i'm using something like that for the weapon level, and i have 3 variables per type of weapon skill, one for the level, one for the current exp and another for the next level exp, and when the current exp variable is greater than or equal to the next level variable, i substract the value of the next level variable to the current exp variable, and (in my case) i add 100 to the next level variable and add 1 to the weapon level. So the output will be something like this: Blade level 1 (0/100) Blade level 2 (0/200) Blade level 3(0/300) In the game it looks something like this: Something like this helps? or you are refering to a more specific exp needed each level?
  5. it worked for me, i tested it on postman, i don't know if they are needed, but that user you are using has api roles?
  6. @Shilo If it helps you or others you can have it, it is not the best design, and some slots are not in an especific order, but maybe it can help as a base. https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/21282a578a1543f01a9e837744e81e6b.json
  7. As far as i know, when you press Q (or whatever key you configured to block) you can block projectiles while the key is pressed, but your movement speed is reduced. The Movement speed reduction can be configured on the Config.Json on your server
  8. With the damage event spell there will be an option to make damage through events ? I have a poison spell and i want to add an antidote , but it is not posible to stop the damage over time, so i'm planning on a different aproach with event damage.
  9. There is a way to map a keyboard input to a controller button? i used JoyToKey app to do this, and using a controller is very confortable, but since is an external software, i wanted to know if this was posible with the current version, also if there are plans to make intersect compatible with controllers on future releases or we need to wait for the source realese.
  10. Actually this helps a lot, im looking forward to your tutorials!
  11. It is posible to check with events if a player has certain item equipped like the option "Has item" on the conditional branch? Or that will be posible until the source release?
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