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  1. First version of how the GUI will look on my game, and graphic Job / Weapon stats that can level up.
  2. Mighty Professional didin't said that Visual Studio was programming, he only said that it is free. If you say " It is one of many IDE's" , then you can use any IDE you like, but the development of intersect doesn't require the paid version of Visual Studio. The engine doesn't have most of the "Popular " features like guild and pets because they include the base features for an MMO, the ones every one needs and not the ones specific for each game. For instance, guilds will not be useful until you have a playerbase already. The source code at first is scary, but all you need to do is to follow the references to know how things works, and if you have any question in regards of the source, the development team and other members here always are willing to help to understand the source. And the engine is indeed open source to MAKE games. You can have your own version and use it for your game without having to merge it on the base engine, but what you can't do is to make Intersect 2.0 Remastered, and sell it as a new engine. I will not doubt about your experience as a programmer, but you can't claim that you have more experience than everyone on the forum when at least they are making their effort to understand it, and contribute to the community.
  3. The video looks great! We hope you enjoyed the game, we shared the video on the discord channel of the game for the players to see it.
  4. Hello! I'm glad that you are making this type of videos, because one of the best ways for a game to gain popularity is if it has youtube representation. One game you can play is DarkStory Online, it's always online and it will release on steam on a couple of weeks It is on the forums on the Games section, or you can get it from it's website: https://darkstory2d.com
  5. Hello, i was updating my project with the new changes, but when i ran the client, i got this error after the compilation, when the game is running: If i remember correctly, there were some changes with monogame to fix something, do i need to update something related with monogame? or i need to rebuild something that i'm missing?
  6. i got excited and didn't said it before, but thank you very much for the effort you put on this engine!! soon it will get the recognition it deserves.
  7. I was looking the client logic and i have a few questions about how the flow of the logic go from client to server, i hope i can explain myself. For example: I am on CharacterWindow.cs, having code like this : //Init public CharacterWindow(Canvas gameCanvas) { ... //( A ) mCharacterWindow = new WindowControl(gameCanvas, Strings.Character.title, false, "CharacterWindow"); ... //(B) mAttackLabel = new Label(mCharacterWindow, "AttackLabel"); mAddAttackBtn = new Button(mCharacterWindow, "IncreaseAttackButton"); mAddAttackBtn.Clicked += _addAttackBtn_Clicked; ... //Methods public void Update() { ... //(C) mAttackLabel.SetText( Strings.Character.stat0.ToString(Strings.Combat.stat0, Globals.Me.Stat[(int) Stats.Attack]) ); In that code, i understand that in (A) it's created a WindowControl from the JSONs of the gui config files we already had on closed source, in (B) is created the label that will render on the screen and in (C) we set the text of the label to a explicit format ( Strings.Combat.stat0) passing the value of the stat of the player( having Globals.Me as a variable from the entity "Player". There, if i go to Globals.Me.Stat, i find that the class "Player" inherits from the class "Entity" , so Globals.Me.Stat[ (int) stats.attack ] comes from that class. Now, my questions are: 1.- Entity has all the info from the player from the moment it logs in? so i can use the values on that class without having to request every time to the server if the info that i need didn't change? 2.-If i want to add a property to the "player" or "entity" classes, i will have to change classes on the server side too? 3.- if want that information to save on the database, changing the entities is enough? the code will change the structure of the database or i will have to modify the structure myself on the database? Sorry for asking, i'm debugging and looking at the code, but i'm not very good at socket connection, so it's better to ask too.
  8. they run while the player is online, they don't need to be called
  9. then is even better than i was thinking, i can't wait to try it out, thanks for all your hard work!
  10. I love what B6.1 will bring on! Only one question, i was wondering, with string variables, you can compare them too? like Conditional branch, variable Name= "David" or Variable Name= Variable Name2
  11. Yhuriell Eclipse is a 2d MMORPG, developed by BraveWolf with Intersect Engine. It seeks to build a realistic medieval world, full of magic, adventures and enemies, but with an evolving story, endearing characters and progress of time, where the decisions you make can affect the game. Choose your side, and live your own adventure. [For Developers] I know medieval MMO’s are quite common this days, and most of them use the same formula. Maybe the project will not be the best of his genre, but i want to make an enjoyable experience, and build a world that feels real. Because of this, i want you to give me feedback if you find things that can improve, or aspects of the game that needs a rework(Graphics, Mapping, Storytelling, Systems). Story: Classes: Features: Screenshots Progress: Depending on how the development go over this month, i have planned to release a public alpha on the last days of the month.
  12. Already bought some items for my project, they look great and were super fast, so i highly recommend him
  13. En el discord de Ascencion Game Dev hay un canal en español, podríamos hablar por ahí.
  14. 1.- You currently are scaling your Attack Stat by 100%, so it will add on top of that 1HP damage, all the Attack Stat of the player. If you set the scaling to 0, i think it should do only the 1HP damage you are looking for. 2.-B6 has a checkbox where you can make a spell type item a quickcast, and you can destroy that item upon use,that way you can do the rune type of item.
  15. Currently i'm using something like that for the weapon level, and i have 3 variables per type of weapon skill, one for the level, one for the current exp and another for the next level exp, and when the current exp variable is greater than or equal to the next level variable, i substract the value of the next level variable to the current exp variable, and (in my case) i add 100 to the next level variable and add 1 to the weapon level. So the output will be something like this: Blade level 1 (0/100) Blade level 2 (0/200) Blade level 3(0/300) In the game it looks something like this: Something like this helps? or you are refering to a more specific exp needed each level?
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