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  1. Nothing special just a simple login screen.
  2. So basically @Joyce Need visual studio, load the file then compile it? - Where would I put that text file though? You know what I'll get on that discord lol.
  3. Like how would I put a discord button to the game that links to the discord. Is there a guide on how to do so? Also more buttons in general. Like the Credits button.
  4. On the sample shown above, if I put Settings, Credits and Exit any further they won't show in the 800x600 box. I don't know what the blue boxes are in the smallest resolution. Or another way find a new design.
  5. I can do it, however how do you maintain it with all resolutions? I already know how to do transparency, The issue with swapping from lower resolutions to higher resolutions., the buttons get misplaced. 1920x1080? will that place everything in the proper area? If anything plop some answers here on what I should do, or DM it. I'm sure others would love to know this also.
  6. The gray represents the border limit of where I can place buttons. It may look fine on 800 x 600. However: Expanding it to 1366 x 768 buttons will only restrict itself to it's parent. If I try to expand the gray area, the Settings will get lost in the void. I need to set it so that the buttons are it's own function and not part of MenuWindow.json. Otherwise I will just have buttons floating around. That or I add a graphic in the center and call it a day. If anyone has any input or ideas on how to get this working it would be mostly appreciated. - Changes made, in MenuWindow.json Line 1: { Line 2: "Bounds": "283,174,800,500", (This is the size of that gray area) - Replaced the Main menu (Will be either graphic or transparent.) - Login Button replaced and resized. - Register Button replaced and resized. - Settings Button replaced and resized.
  7. I believe you are doing this as shown on Image 1. To where I cannot click anything once this image shows. (This also does this if the image is also transparent.) A workaround on Image 2. Have the event on a separate map with the image. On the map editor under Misc there is a option Overlay insert your image there and you'll be able to interact on what's below of it. (Be sure to have the right dimensions and not like mine where it's stretched.) - Have your event warp to a duplicated part of the map with the overlay I guess. - Downside is having the duplicated map I guess. If the one above is not to your liking. Then I believe it's something with the source code to make a image on top layer or something. Otherwise I don't know.
  8. I believe the issue with the actual inventory black bar itself and it's limit on space. However the only drawback is that it pushes the inventory slots down. Next question is how to avoid the slots from going down. Edit: Just raise the numbers by a small amount, it shouldn't make a big impact on the slots I guess. I just put a big number just to see if it would move up and down without the X getting cut off.
  9. Creating a housing system for those who gathered a lot of currency. A chance for them keep a house as long as they hold there key in there inventory. Going to decorate them a bit more. (2nd home doesn't come with a Sumire) Advantages: Don't have to pay for the Inn. Chance rate of well cooked food with stove increase. (For Chef Profession) No time limit on how long you can stay. (Referring to Inn.) Disadvantages: Dying outside of the region or dying to Assassin Corp. will result in loss of the key. (Excluding Duels) Costly, unless you use the houses to it's full extent.
  10. For a non techy like me, would it be hard to upgrade from the other version to this?
  11. Eridonis


    Currently Working On: Interiors - Working on buyable housing system for Usatsune. Starting on Interiors for most of the village. Date Log: 2020-09-18
  12. "Alignments": "Bottom,CenterH", HotbarWindow.json Once an alignment is set, is there any way to move the object left and right still through other options? - I noticed going through resolutions, it moves the bar to random places. Any way for the Hotbar not to move while changing resolutions and stay in one spot.
  13. Hello, My name is - Erik , I am 29 years old and from from Canada. I have no coding background, or developing background whatsoever, nothing in the arts as well. Just your average joe. I hosted a DnD like server, which had lore a basic dice rolling game on discord. One day I decided to I wanted to bring the game to life, so I searched on google and eventually found myself here. I actually forgot how I found this place. no matter what I type in google I had no leads, I tried back tracking with no luck. Work and wife keeping me busy from getting any development done. Hopefully, I get to make the game big one day. I'm also going to be asking a lot of questions, and making a list of restrictions of what I cannot do. Hopefully get a professional from here to power up my client one day.
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