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  1. Character light, to be viewable by other players. When other players enter there player light is turned off. Is there any way to enable this?
  2. Not much of a Spriter, Hairstyles and Outfit taken by looking at a picture and turning it into sprite form. (Currently Working on Male Sprite) Hair colors are still being decided on by Server, if you have a request on a color you want. DM me a color code, ex. Black would be #000000 and White would be #FFFFFF. Hair palette colors are currently: Brown Jet Black White As an added bonus, top two players who win the Meme Competition will get a exclusive equip once the game is released.
  3. Eridonis


    Currently Working On: Hairstyles - 100% Unless given more hairstyles to do. (Will upload Male ones Soon.) Date Log: 2020-07-07: 6:20:00 PM EDT (Currently come in Black/Brown and White as default choices in game.) Implementing a Hairstylist and Hair Dyer so you can change your hairs and colors.
  4. It looks like a pidgey from pokemon. Nice work on the pet system.
  5. Eridonis


    Eridonis - Entire rabbit race murdered by Humia(Humans) One of three survivors. Eri's hatred towards every living being. Creating a group of murderers called Assassin Corp. Princess Yume - Not originally a Demia(Animal Spirit) she used to be a Humia/Demonia(Demon Race) and was under the care of Eridonis after the Corp disbanded. She was brutally murdered on a raid against the Eastern Empire. - Reason for Raid: The Emperor of the East, assassinated her Father and destroyed her kingdom. - How is she still alive till this day?: Reincarnation with a her latest teachers help. Currently Working On: Hairstyles - .gif will update when new hairs arrive. Date Log: 2020-07-05: 12:00 AM EDT
  6. Eridonis


    Only those of the Assassin Corp. have rough backgrounds. Other then that the rest of the NPCs stories are not that harsh lol.
  7. Eridonis


    Character Information: Kaori and Rina, both abandoned by the church and branded curse children. Nearly stoned and beat to death by the villagers, Eridonis appeared and saved them from death. Eri showed them how to make use of their power and get revenge on the church that exiled them. After murdering the church, the two both joined the Assassin Corp. to follow Eri. The two are responsible for the clearances of all churches. This which granted them the Sin of Heresy. Abilities: Oracle Judgement: - Active: Giant holy magic that falls from the sky and deals heavy damage. Castling: - Active: When the other is heavily damaged, the other sister swaps in to fight, and the other casts ranged holy magic. Syphon: - Active: Puts all opponents abilities on cooldown. Blessing of the Oracle: - Passive: Whenever a status effect is applied on them, they recover by 500 HP.
  8. Eridonis


    Which trees the pink ones of the green ones. Because the Rock came with the JP trees lol.
  9. Eridonis


    Yes both tile sets are from the Time Fantasy. Just difference between a Base Building and a Japanese building. (Unless I paint all the roof tiles black maybe look a bit better?) Whats the joy of not having different color roofs.
  10. Eridonis

    WIP Usatsune

    Beginning You start off as a spirit wandering a strange dimension. You are reincarnated into a world, that throws dice?! The land who is governed by two entities, Aundrea a Fox Spirit and Eridonis a Rabbit Spirit. A play on words mixing two Japanese names together. (Usagi/Rabbit) and (Kitsune/Fox). Either you choose to be a Villager and harvest, mine or fish to gain a living. Or be a Adventurer and take on quests and defeat monsters and evils. OR Choose the path of Justice and remove all Corruption in the land of Usatsune. Choose the path of Corruption delete all those who abide in there false Justice. Choose the path of Neutrality why not be a normal person let others do the hard work. Intersect Engine Solo Dev, Just killing time atm Currently Working On: Mapping (15% Complete) Assassin Corp Info. Events throughout all the quests you take you will probably bump into one of these hooded characters, you are warned before hand if you wish to part take in the event. If accepted prepare for a Dead End (Means a Honor/Level Reset). These bosses will be no joke. A dangerous crew that are ranked by chess pieces. All dangerous and people you should try to avoid at all costs. Defeat the Board Master before more chess pieces awaken. Candidates will have to be maxed Honor/(Level 30) and Max Corruption. Also don't forget: The others bosses as well, depending on where your path may follow. Currently Working On: Map - Usatsune Village (Will Update This Image.) Date Log: 2020-07-02: 5:42 PM EDT
  11. One of the bosses I created. Just need to get her hopping on a throne, for her Queens Throne Ability and a snap of fingers for Princess Authority. Then shes a ready boss for all them corrupted to murder. So far, she has her Storm Blade Spin.
  12. You guys are awesome thanks @Ainz Ooal GownAnd @CosakiGames/ @wishy
  13. I just added that in, to see if it did anything. But sadly it didn't do anything lol.
  14. Cant send a message but I did make a thread. In Questions & Answers
  15. When it shows level 1 the number is pushed to the left. But when it hits a double digit the number is fine. What do I need to change to keep the alignment of the 1 and 11 centered. Heres what I have.
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