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  1. Wow that's a great change! Thanks for sharing
  2. Aww that's sad, I didn't know that
  3. Hi, I am not sure if this goes on here but if it doesn't please move it out.. so.. I wanna add more sprite animations in my game. I read somewhere that it's not too difficult? But still haven't found a tutorial for it. Can anyone if have time, please make a tutorial on how to add more animation frames to the sprite in game? I would appreciate it so much 🙏
  4. I'm really sorry for the long wait I did not have free time at all until now. So the problem I mentioned before was on my own, really sorry about that. The paperdoll was getting removed because I added paperdoll only to the left and right side of the character. But I still have a huge confusion about that. The entities are 4 by 4. Up, Down, Left, Right on the regular intersect engine. But I'm not sure of how it works on the platformer edition. Is it possible to see an example, please? Nvm, here's the answer to my dumb question... what's wrong with me omg.
  5. I found these bugs idk If they're new or not but here they are: This happens only sometimes, when I jump close to a monster the paperdoll gets removed but whenever i move again it comes back. When going down from a platform it happens as well. When the caracter dies all paperdoll are removed until walking again.
  6. Hi, I found these bugs(?): 1- On the Intersect Editor > Attributes. When you select 'Slide' and then select 'Platform' the 'Slide' settings (Dir: Retain Direction) will keep showing up instead of disappearing. Same thing with the 'Ladder' attribute. 2- You can only jump to pass through a ladder but cannot walk through it. 3- You cannot jump from a ladder. Just go up and down. Thanks for your work 🎉
  7. Even if I'm talking about the platformer edition? Would it be the same? :o
  8. Hi, just leaving suggestions: - Have a button for jumping. So the UP one can just be used to climb. - Have Jump as a stat so the players can increase the jumping. - The engine already has a Dash type of spell. I'd love if it had a Flash Jump type of spell with the possibility to add animation to it. So whenever it jumps it will show an animation right behind the character. Example: https://youtube.com/watch?v=yQP_lm1nqDQ
  9. OMG!!! SJHDISJSSJS THIS IS AMAZING!!! I'm gonna try it as soon as I can. Thank you for making this :'D
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