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  1. Today I have finally opened the doors for a Closed Alpha to my newest project called “Realms of Endoris.” I’ve been working on it now over the course for 9 months now and willing to expand its universe overtime. Had some really good laughs for the random bugs that did appear while a handful of people were testing several mechanics, grinding gear sets or were retrieving infinite amounts of items by accident. Though it’s been a adventure designing, coding, writing and living the sometimes horrible pain in the back for unexpected failures in tons of code, but totally worth it!
  2. Today I had some fun in designing a public dungeon.
  3. XTRS

    Level Cap

    You can set a maximum of levels within the config files of your server.
  4. Had some fun playing with the UI settings today.
  5. Just a tip: Prefab 'em yourself within a program like Photoshop or GIMP. I use to do this myself so that only have to count in the ''mask1'' layer and ''fringe1'' within the development engine. Make sure that you work with blocks in the 32x32 format so that the actual ''B's" will fit with the graphics within the development engine. Pro's: Do it fast and quick. Have a forest in no-time. Con's: Always keep paying attention to what layer you are working so the trees will do as you wish them to be. Goodluck!
  6. Today I've been working on some custom Animations. One of the development aspects I really do enjoy. Some Portal looking fellows and basic cast stuff
  7. dfe562303be8dee2c9af707bc6756c58.png

    I proudly introduce you to one of the concept logos for my project, well, wouldn't have to say it by the looks of it, but just to be sure in case your Browser leaves you hanging: Arlinia Online.
    Drew a couple of random designs myself in the past months and eventually decided to use one for the project instead :)

    Edit: Though this is just a prototype. Many changes are to come perhaps.

  8. Its definitely safe to watch with your 10yo Its mostly the developers or former developers talking about how RS became to be and as we know it today, so safe to say that there is no swearing in it.
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