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  1. Today I be finally lifting up a bit of veil about the game I'm making called Arlinia Online.
    Over the course of several months, if not a year at least I've been making myself familiar with Intersect Engine and tried different things and options, but finally came to term with a work flow that resulted in what I have today. Many crashes happened, many mistakes were made, but today I found the courage to finally present you the Starter zone of Arlinia Online, Eria Village.

    I would love to tell you more about it, but that would spoil the content in advance. Though I did not draw any thing you see below myself (unfortunately), for its that were the most mistakes were made  and It did make me forget to realise why I was doing this in the first place, to be actual able to make a video game.

    For now this is all I can or will present to you, but I shall properly introduce the game to this forum as soon as I'm comfortable enough with it.

    Stay safe, stay healthy!



  2. Gees, I really should explore the forum more often... Lets say that it was my first time on this part of the forum at time of writing this. So Hello all! Its cool to read all the introductions and now I will try it myself My name is XTRS, currently 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands I started building games once I got introduced to RPG Maker XP in 2008, in which I never completed a project. A couple of years after that I started experimenting with the platform which was from Eclipse, but due busy school schedules never found any free time to come back to the projects I had planned until almost 2 years back from now. That's when I found this awesome community that got me into Intersect Engine, the engine that I'm using for another project I had planned for, actually the one I already had planned out but never actually got into :') At the time I'm working full-time on my own project to keep my mind busy That's quiet everything for now tough.
  3. Hello and greetings to you all! It is time that I announce my ongoing project, but first a short introduction. My name is XTRS and I'm currently 23 years old and I live in The Netherlands. As a younger boy I already dreamed about making games and wanted to develop a MMO right from the start. It turned out to be harder as I could ever imagine until I came across this platform. After spending many hours writing ideas and mechanics unto paper and getting used to Intersect Engine I finally got myself to the point were I'm about to show you some of these ideas.
    Although I don't have any graphical stuff to show you since I haven't got to that point 'yet'.
    It has been a long road since the start and in the meantime I'd learn A LOT and unfortunately lost a lot of progress while working on the project overtime, all due the fact that I was a bit too enthusiastic sometimes :7_sweat_smile: , but hey, hard lessons are sometimes necessary in order to evolve, what eventually brought me here. Currently Im working on a project called Arlinia Online, as you would expect, yes it is a MMORPG, build with Intersect Engine.
    Arlinia Online will have 4 phases of development and shall be a open Alpha after the first phase is completed, which will take a while.

    For now, that is all the information that I want to let loose unto this forum for now, so that I can hop back to my desk and be the crazy person I always am :P  eh I meant get back to work ha! But expect to see more of me and my project in the near future.

  4. Heya @Ainz Ooal Gown , thanks for replying. Dubble checked everything except of that what @jcsnider had mentioned. So I went to the Client/Resources/Packs which I never payed close attention to and deleted the complete folder ''packs''. It worked for me! Thanks for the help! Now back to the drawing table Have a nice day!
  5. Heya, Im very happy with Intersect Engine b6.144 and the changes that came with it. But sadly enough I do have a problem with the UI. I want to change for example the hotbar/spellbar to a custom panel which I've made in Aseprite. Saved it as hotbar.png and made sure It was named right in the .Json file and YET it keeps it's default image. What do I do wrong, Is it something to be dealt with in source (which might take a while before releasing right?) or is the answer rather simple? I hope that someone can help me with this since I couldn't find anything usefull of information anywhere on the forum. Thanks and have a nice day!
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