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  1. Been playing for a few hours now, and I've found a few things that could be improved upon right out the gate. Minor things but, game has a solid foundation, and I hope you keep it going. I'll DM you on Discord.
  2. I did it currently by adding all the frames as (.png) and did Show Image -> Wait -> Show Image -> Wait -> etc. It's going to be a pain but it'll do for now, and I can optimize it later when I feel like actually editing the source lol. I have to brush up on my C# and also look into the actual source to see how it's set up.
  3. I'm working on a travel system for my game, I'm curious if there is a way to play an mp4 or gif animation to use as a cutscene to display the travel. I'm trying to do something like this below Embedded Video Link
  4. Is this still being worked on?
  5. It would be cool to have a cross-world chat system, kind of like what RuneScape has. Player X logged into 'World 1', Player Y logged into 'World 2', can still private message each other.
  6. Not sure if I'm just doing this wrong but, I've created an image to display when a player has completed a quest. I just added the first on into the resources but when I tried to test it out, it will not display. I created an event, and had the event: -> Show Picture - Size Original - Click To Close Image [Checked] It will not display the image. Not sure if I just don't know what I'm doing or if there is something else I need do? Edit: For some reason I had to restart the server a few times for it to work.
  7. Hey, Gallus here yet again. I know there used to be a way to screenshot the entire map (and surrounding maps) to make one big world map. Is this option still available? If so, I'm unable to find it lol I've looked a few places.
  8. It would be nice if we could organize our items folder into sub-folders. For example Items > Weapons > Bronze > Iron > Mithril > Sword.png Dagger.png Items > Food > Raw Items > Cooked Items > Cooked Beef Having this ability would be AMAZING to be able to organize and find things in a nice way rather than having to dig through possibly thousands of sprites. It would also be nice if inside the client, instead of trying to pick sprites from a drop-down menu, if we could instead open the folder and be able to select the sprite we want from the folder itself, this way we can visually see the sprite we are selecting (in case we have multiple versions of 1 sprite for different situations).
  9. Thank you! That did the trick. Forgot that I clicked that earlier today by accident. <3
  10. I've restarted client / server / everything. it is still showing the old resources.
  11. Hello, I've created new paperdolls for armour. I've replaced the files for the armor but my client is still showing the old sprites for the armor. Is there a cache or something I need reset so new resources load properly?
  12. Thank you for the info! I'm going to assume that you can't destroy multiple items on cast? If not then I'll just add a new mechanic to the game to craft spell tabs from runes lol.
  13. Hello, I am trying to add a spell. I've gotten it added but, how do I scale the damage? Currently it 1 hits my test npc. I'd like to make the damage to be in a range from 0 - 3 only. Also, I've set the casting requirements to need "runes" (my game is inspired / modeled after RuneScape (yeah...) ) but, is there a way to delete items upon casting the spell?
  14. Thank you very much! I was unaware that I was able to just resize like that. Will be very helpful to me with this knew knowledge! Thanks!
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