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  1. Hello! i've been working on my own project in intersect for about 3 days now and so far i've gotten the basics done, Please disregard the mapping it's really just to test my assets and make sure everything looks ok together p.s. thanks to @Aesthetic for helping me get my layout how I wanted it.
  2. I most certainly do! I don't do it often but when I do I have fun!
  3. Hey, i'm jack a long time lurker and pixel artist! I work with @Aesthetic on their game Leafling. I'm the lead graphic artist as well as the one responsible for making pieces such as.. ..these they are done for different projects but they are prime examples of my ability if you're interested in hiring me for your pixel art job please dont hesitate to message me, if you have a discord I use that as well! I look forward to working with you guys!
  4. @Kibbelz no i'm not, and I wasn't sure there was one, but if you pm me a link i'll join.
  5. Heya, Long time luker here! Username: JackSoda Intersect projects: None atm Roles: Graphic Designer, as I am a pixel artist of around 4 years I can contribute much in the ways of visuals for examples of my work heres my twitter!
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