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  1. Ahh thank you! I had been trying to convert the sqlite file to an sql dump and import it but it kept breaking the server. Using the command worked though. No idea how I missed that xD
  2. Sorry if there is a tutorial or something somewhere but couldn't find a clear answer anywhere. How do I got about moving from an SQLite database to a MySQL database? I already have a MySQL database setup, but usually you have a .sql file to import for all the tables. Not sure how I would go about moving my current SQLite database to it?
  3. Omg, I swear I tried ESC before but now it works -.- Thank you! I feel dumb af now lol
  4. After left/right clicking an NPC, myself your another Player, the square is stuck around them and their information popup stuck at top left under my own info. In previous versions, you could just right click the target again and it would un select/de select them and get rid of the info popup. However I am running latest pre-release and this doesn't work anymore, is there something I am missing? So annoying having the pop up on your screen forever unless you log out.
  5. @davidsaid06 did you do this with source modifications? I am looking at putting a job skill system in my game but have no idea where to start as I am very new to the engine and C#. What you have done is exactly what I want to add with an actual tab for the stats.
  6. Ah okay, gotcha. This was something I was really wanting to add and I already done so much on my current build Guess I will just have to wait, thanks anyway.
  7. Heya, I am also getting patch failed for this patch on build 6.2 429 however I was not able to bypass this with "git apply -3 name.patch" as when I go to compile it in visual studio, I get a bunch of errors as follows: I try to fixed the merge conflicts by removing the old code to replace it with your new code from the patch as shown here: but once I get rid of all the merge conflicts, I end up with this error when trying to compile: Any help would be appreciated <3
  8. I was able to bypass this by doing "git apply -3 patchname.patch" and it seems to have compiled fine and it's working but I am a bit hesitant to if I should apply to my live server or not xD I will wait for you to check it and update me, much appreciated
  9. Hey, when I checked this patch with build 6.2 429, I get this error: When trying to apply the patch anyway, I get this: Is this fixable? I am really new to Intersect and all of this stuff so this my first time trying to do a patch. Thanks <3
  10. So this is what I have done in case anyone else is ever looking for ways to do this: Bags are dropped on death. You are able to purchase a "Small Bag" from a shop. In order to get a Medium Bag, you need to craft it using the Small bag then use the medium for the big bag. If you try to have 2 bags at the same time, it will delete the second bag and refund you the cost of the bag if it's a small bag or refund you the crafting materials if Medium or Large bag along with value of small bag or medium bag depending which bag you are trying to have 2 of.
  11. Thanks again, appreciate your time and help <3
  12. Thank you so much for the help, I will play around with this and see what works best. Oh one last thing, I am totally dumb, how do I enable item drop on death again?
  13. Oh I never thought about making it so you have to use the smaller bag to make a bigger one. Question though, is there a way to make it so everything but the bag gets dropped on death? Thanks, much appreciated!!
  14. Hi, I am really new to the Intersect engine and been looking all over the place on how to do this but could not figure it out. I am wanting to make it so the player can only have 1 bag in their inventory at a time so they cannot just fill their inventory up with bags for like 100 inventory slots. I am assuming I can do this with a variable but I am a bit confused on how it would work and got lost trying to make it work lol. I would also like to mention that I don't want the second bag to be deleted, say if they already have a bag in their inventory and are trying to take another one out of the bank then it just wouldn't let them and give them a message like "You may only have 1 bag on you" or if they try to buy a bag from a shop, it wouldn't let them. Any help would be appreciated, thanks <3
  15. Hey, are you still offering your assistance to people? Currently working on a game for a large community and would really appreciate your expertise <3
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