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  1. Xenogene

    Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    You put a lot of thought and work into this project, kudos. Do you think you'll ever do an online cyberpunk game?
  2. hi how you create updater with intersect engine ?

    1. jcsnider


      This forum a search function. Try searching for “updater”. 


      Furthermore there is a whole forum meant for support, use that instead of nagging members (especially ones who haven’t even logged into the site for 2 months)

  3. Xenogene

    IndieDB Page

    Nightmare is now on IndieDB. If you like the game and want to support development, head on over and give us a rating: http://www.indiedb.com/games/nightmare-mmo If you haven't played Nightmare already, make sure to checkout our game here:
  4. Xenogene

    Official Discord

    Although major updates will be posted in the main thread, the real action is happening in our Discord channel. You can see daily updates, ask questions, and get in on the discussions. Come join the fun! Nightmare Discord: https://discord.gg/4vgqptU
  5. Xenogene

    [Fixed in B5] Guard bug

    For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Guards will attack players (After engaging enemy npc). /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine.
  6. Xenogene


    After a successful two days of testing, Nightmare is well on it's way to going alpha. Thanks again to everyone involved. If you haven't, come check us out. Tell us what you like, or what you don't like and what could be improved. We're open to all suggestions. With that said here's a group photo I took earlier of some of our much loved fans:
  7. Xenogene


    Thanks Sethis!
  8. Xenogene

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Beautiful! Thanks JC!
  9. Xenogene


    I will mention the error to kibbelz, and possibly Jc. Not sure about the multi-monitor aspect, but we will be moving the event window once the engine converts to JSON for ui layout. Also, the character will eventually be hidden during the intro.
  10. Xenogene


    Nah, accounts will stay in tact.
  11. Xenogene


    Thanks to everyone who's been playing with us during our pre-alpha. Last night and today went really well, and we were able to pinpoint several bugs and general issues with game-play. The more testing we do the better, as it helps us prep for alpha phase and eventually Steam release. Bugs are all being worked out, balancing gameplay continues, and new content is being added daily. If you haven't already, come and check us out. If enough people log on tonight I'm gonna take a group screenshot of everyone. Game can be downloaded here.
  12. Personally I feel it would break immersion. However, if it was a parody of sorts with a humorous twist to the in-game interaction it might not be a bad idea.
  13. Xenogene

    Footsteps sound effect

    Set an "Attack Animation" (Not to be confused with Animation in Item Editor). And in the animation editor select a sound.
  14. Xenogene

    Dynamic Requirements Bug?

    Yes, this only appears to be an issue if you have more than one class in a list.
  15. Set the switch to true in the "Edit Quest Completion Event" section.