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  1. Xenogene


    After a successful two days of testing, Nightmare is well on it's way to going alpha. Thanks again to everyone involved. If you haven't, come check us out. Tell us what you like, or what you don't like and what could be improved. We're open to all suggestions. With that said here's a group photo I took earlier of some of our much loved fans:
  2. Xenogene


    Thanks Sethis!
  3. Xenogene

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Beautiful! Thanks JC!
  4. Xenogene


    I will mention the error to kibbelz, and possibly Jc. Not sure about the multi-monitor aspect, but we will be moving the event window once the engine converts to JSON for ui layout. Also, the character will eventually be hidden during the intro.
  5. Xenogene


    Nah, accounts will stay in tact.
  6. Xenogene


    Thanks to everyone who's been playing with us during our pre-alpha. Last night and today went really well, and we were able to pinpoint several bugs and general issues with game-play. The more testing we do the better, as it helps us prep for alpha phase and eventually Steam release. Bugs are all being worked out, balancing gameplay continues, and new content is being added daily. If you haven't already, come and check us out. If enough people log on tonight I'm gonna take a group screenshot of everyone. Game can be downloaded here.
  7. Personally I feel it would break immersion. However, if it was a parody of sorts with a humorous twist to the in-game interaction it might not be a bad idea.
  8. Xenogene

    Footsteps sound effect

    Set an "Attack Animation" (Not to be confused with Animation in Item Editor). And in the animation editor select a sound.
  9. Xenogene

    Dynamic Requirements Bug?

    Yes, this only appears to be an issue if you have more than one class in a list.
  10. Set the switch to true in the "Edit Quest Completion Event" section.
  11. Xenogene

    Ruinic - Competitive Dungeon Crawler

    Project is coming along well. Keep up the fine work.
  12. Xenogene

    Was fun

  13. Xenogene

    WIP Starhaven

    STORY Many ages ago in a scientific labratory far beyond the planet Terra, the creation of new life became an emerging reality. Scientists were able to create new forms from existing genetic material. Thus began, the Creation Age which extended out into several galaxies as the technology became prevalent. The scientists on Gamma 9 knew of the current existence of humans on Terra, but wanted to experiment by placing three other sentient races to co-habitat with them. The result: Tribal wars that lasted in Terra until all races were nearly extinct. To prevent this extinction, elders from each tribe got together and formulated a plan. Known as the Elder Council, the wisest and most skillfull of each tribe would teach the races peace. From this alliances began to form, and the races learned to prosper together. Still some, stayed vigilant in their war efforts. To this day, Terra remains on the balance of war and peace. In the village of Cherub, rumor has it that birth was given to a new race - an evolution of the genetic mutations started long ago in Gamma 9. The child is now 5 years old, and is wise beyond his years. So much that the Elder Council came to Cherub to learn from him. Through their questioning, the boy revealed that the scientists long ago planned for the evolution of the races in order to stop war altogether. Still, some details remain uncertain. When you meet them, they ask you to go on an adventure which will reveal the truth about Terra and creation. CHARACTER CREATION Upon creating a character, you will be given the choice of 4 races and one of 12 zodiac signs. Every 10 levels you can choose a new sign, until you have 4 total. The races are as follows: Human, Orkin, Elven, Drow: SKILL ADVANCEMENT Instead of choosing a class at start, players will choose 2 sets of skills from 6 skill trees. The skill trees are: Brutality Defense Focus Holism Destruction Music MORE ABOUT THE GAME Starhaven will be a story-driven, quest focused game with very little grinding. PvP will be available as Tribe Wars, set to certain times of the day. All zones, including dungeons, caves, forests, etc will be very large in size making exploration a large focus as well. Since this is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, some of the zones may be very different than the ones people are used to seeing in fantasy titles.Gear in the game will not be limited to a class set, and along with the skill trees will allow for a very unique build for each created character. Crafting, along with crafting skill levels will also be available.
  14. Xenogene

    Retro inspired graphics

    Good idea guys. I'll do that. Edit:
  15. Xenogene

    Retro inspired graphics