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  1. Playable Nightmare

    Thanks to everyone who has been playing lately. It's helped me work out what needs to be focused on. Stay tuned for more zone updates, as I finish up level 40-50 content.
  2. Rap Battle

  3. Rap Battle

    L O L all you other rappers can go to hell this is King Priest saying all hail the King ya'll be like golem scrambling for the ring get out of the game before you hurt yourself your rhymes are so lame they be on the shelf here i am, with cig in hand, i am the man, you are a sham I've got the gold, you've got no soul, I may be old, but my rhymes are cold Make an mmo? Bitch you're too slow Ill have 20 out before you have 1 to show Let me know when ya'll got some real shit to unleash Until then I'm still feastin like a beast Niggas * The result of utter boredom
  4. Really great stuff. I like the hipster photography most. Also, I hope you're creating a video game at some point.
  5. Player direction variable:

    This is not possible with the current engine. Would only be possible, if a condition was created for movement. You can always make a request in bugs/suggestions. Otherwise it would be possible to add your own conditions once source is released.
  6. Graphics Simple Pixel Sick Day

    Looking good Zet. My only critique is that the tree trunks look too flat at the base for this perspective. Also, the cliff sides could use a dark color to emphasize the transition better.
  7. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Added more platforms, some objects, water, and a building:
  8. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Increased the color count, and added more platforms:
  9. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Lightened the skin color, gave the platforms more depth and created some basic armor.
  10. Playing around with some sidescroller graphics. May be used in a future game, may not. Critique is welcome.
  11. conditional branch suggestion

    If you don't mind me asking. What are you wanting to do with this?
  12. items stats change

    You can always make the "stat bonus range" 0 for the time being.
  13. 8 Directional Movement

    No prob. Here's the link for the road map: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/forum/90-roadmap/
  14. 8 Directional Movement

    No. However, if you look at the road map for the engine you can get a general idea.