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  1. Xenogene

    Today I did this on my project...

    The only issue I see with using 2D skeletal animations on pixel art, is that it skews the graphics. With vector art this isn't an issue. Other than that, it's not a bad idea.
  2. Xenogene

    Sidescroller Graphics

    Added more platforms, some objects, water, and a building:
  3. Xenogene

    Sidescroller Graphics

    Increased the color count, and added more platforms:
  4. Xenogene

    Sidescroller Graphics

    Lightened the skin color, gave the platforms more depth and created some basic armor.
  5. Playing around with some sidescroller graphics. May be used in a future game, may not. Critique is welcome.
  6. Xenogene

    8 Directional Movement

    No prob. Here's the link for the road map: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/forum/90-roadmap/
  7. Xenogene

    8 Directional Movement

    No. However, if you look at the road map for the engine you can get a general idea.
  8. Xenogene

    8 Directional Movement

    Intersect source, of course. ;-)
  9. Xenogene

    More a question of possiblities

    I personally know of someone who's already created a turn based system, albeit in another language. Once source is released, there might end up being a tutorial on how to create it. If not, your best bet is to network with some proficient coders when the time comes.
  10. Xenogene

    8 Directional Movement

    Once source is released, yes.
  11. Xenogene

    Playing Around

    Created a tombstone, and obelisk:
  12. Xenogene

    Playing Around

    Wasn't really happy with the way I did leaves the first time. So, I redid the tree:
  13. Xenogene

    Playing Around

    Made some grass, and a tree:
  14. Xenogene

    Graphics Playing Around

    Playing around with a new style. Will be adding to this over time. All critique is welcome.