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    Hi all. I'm here today to try this program. I have played a lot of mmo rpg's in my life and after years of playing them I was thinking I wanted to make my
    Own mmo rpg I know that It will not be easy but I am going to try. if I can make a rpgmaker game I should be able to do this I hope.
  1. Defult Resources

    Am I able to use the mmo program Defult Resources to make a mmo. Just wondering.
  2. Video Game Music/Rpgmaker Music

    Hold On. so you are you saying that the owner of the mmo program did not make any of the Sprites for it. So Who? Did. So I do not understand so you mean I cant Use Rpgmaker Muisc For MMO Maker
  3. Good Day Everyone. My Name Is Bimbo You Know The Name Named After That Bear. Anyway I was wondering why there's no music on the website for the mmo programe And I wanted to know if you guys was able to use the basic music from rpg maker 2000 or 2003