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  1. Hi all not sure if this was, posted or not but has anybody noticed if another player tries to log in to your game more thin one time out of a day, they get a login delay like they need to wait sometime to log in again is there a way to make it so you can log in faster without waiting for 30 mints
  2. (General How-To Guide) Hey I did all the stuff you say about getting my game online but it is not working.

    (1) I went to Client and Editor/resources/resources and I put in my host and port numbers in the right spot however I have no friends to hep me test this so. also I restarted the sever and everything so I put myself back to localhost after I copped the three files and zip them in a folder like WinRAR to upload to the net. sorry if I'm being a bad member

    1. jcsnider


      Read the thread again. Do all of the steps. There is a section about getting support. If you make a thread with all the information required under Getting Support we might be able to help. Without that information we can't. Not being mean, it just isn't possible to solve the problem blind. 

  3. Hey how did you get your game online I need help it is not working for me

  4. I can't get my game online and why am I still in Private game mode
  5. Hey Mega from I need help with something

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    2. megafrom


      You must activate the port you use as UDP on your modem and of course allow it from the firewall.

    3. Bimbo


      Do you mean This f10405286194f5c80e0d59e481c0b55d.png

    4. megafrom


      Go to Network - NAT / PAT settings on your modem, then add the port number you want to use to the empty places, then set the firewal settings on your modem and check if the port is open if the saddle is not open, you succeed, check the forum, information about this has been shared  

  6. It was Spawn Duration so, I set it to 50000 so the boss will not come back so quickly thanks I got it
  7. I'm starting to set enemy combat NPCs to the field map and, I would like to know how to make it so that when your character attacks and kills them, they will have a low response time, as in they will not appear on the map quickly,
  8. how do I make a gather quest like I want to get a book from a N p c

    1. Gibier


      @Bimbo please ask your question on question amd answer section

  9. Bimbo

    Softwood UI

    How do I make my own
  10. Bimbo

    Level Cap

    Thanks! Scaly that worked.
  11. How to set level cap
  12. How do I make a Inn and Shops.
  13. I need help! making weapon and armor paper dolls please for Intersect Character Generator sprites I made
  14. Looking for One team member, to help with combat animation
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