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  1. Aon Reo

    Intersect Development Road Map

    I'm so excited for the database release, I can't wait to play around with a web app now that that DB is exposed. Keep up the awesome work guys.
  2. Aon Reo

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    Overall I think storing all the game objects structure in tables is really the best choice. Everyone who wants to make web or mobile apps will benefit from this. I know if I was to develop a game with Intersect I would definitely want to develop some kind of companion app. It might require a lot of work developing the db and queries but I think you can find ways to mitigate the pain of upgrading. You can for example, abstract access to the db from the actual implementation. It would be great to see this change. Just my two-cents. Edit: I guess if we have some access to an API in the future like you mentioned in your earlier post this wouldn't really matter that much! Whatever works, just one way to look it!
  3. Aon Reo

    "Why should you play my game?"

    I think your post is great. I really like the choices-have-impact system and how you will let player actions manipulate the world. It will be exciting to see how extendable Intersects source will be. It is like you said an amazing base to develop a ORPG on and I think they really are meeting their goal of letting users develop great games without touching the source. Creating a game is a massive undertaking and everyone should remember you have to take it one step at a time! Approach it like you would any other life goal. Achievement doesn't happen without the discipline. Keep writing, good stuff!
  4. Aon Reo

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    It's great to see this change. JSON is so much easier to manually read than XML. I've never had to parse XML but I do work with JSON results from web API's often and XML configuration files all the time. Very exciting, keep it up!
  5. Aon Reo

    Old World progress/showoff thread

    I like the road and street lamps. Looking good, solid work. Characters look great too. Just browsed through your thread, I like the consistency of the style throughout the graphics.
  6. This story takes place about 870 years before the time setting for the game. Touches on a time period called the "Age of Active Signs." Hope everyone enjoys! Be easy on the feels.
  7. Aon Reo

    Semoore and the Mountains Mouth

    Thanks! It is for sure a ramble, I'm new to writing and just ran with it. The berries do play a big part in a quest line I have planned. I was totally wondering about the line of the second paragraph so I'm glad you confirmed some of my reserves about it. I've done some work on the backstory of the entire world that I may post in the near future though it needs some editing before that. Overall I'm glad to hear it caught your attention.
  8. Little bit different form of development than I see being posted but I wanted to get some feedback on my work. Right now I'm building the world through story and these texts will spark the development of NPCs, quests, landscapes, and many aspects of the world. They may make it into the game through short books divided in volumes. There's many game-play changes I intend to make once Intersect source code is publicly available and until then work will continue in this format and graphics! Give me the feedback and be easy on my feels!
  9. Aon Reo

    Custom Entity! :D

    Movement looks good for sure.
  10. Aon Reo

    Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Been browsing through your music, really amazing stuff!
  11. Aon Reo

    [WIP] Life Forge

    Looking good keep on pushing forward
  12. Aon Reo

    Source Code?

    Thanks for the information . I know the feels, I'm currently working full-time and studying.
  13. Aon Reo

    Source Code?

    I ran across a good post briefly mentioning that they do intend the engine to be able to be extended and developed heavily on the back-end but I really had the wrong impression once I discovered the source wasn't currently available. I expected to be forever limited to what the editor allowed and I almost abandoned the toolkit feeling super baited after getting excited exploring beta 2. It may be worth while to have some information easily available as to why it's closed source addressing how that is going to play out in the long run.
  14. Aon Reo

    Source Code?

    That sucks =/ they should remove it from the main description of the toolkit since it's not open source. Is there any reason why? Developers would come if it was open source, it's really neat.
  15. Aon Reo

    Source Code?

    Was browsing the forums and ran across a couple "When the source is released.." posts. Just wondering what the deal is with that. The editors are awesome but I like to write my own systems in code.