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    Intersect German Translation 2021-02-10 (Latest stable Intersect version Beta --- --- --- This is NOT a complete translation (since the engine will undergo a multitude of additional changes until release), so most text messages that concern running the server and using the game editor remain English. Instead, I focused on the text the players see. My aim is to make the game more easily accessible and enjoyable for those German speaking players who are uncomfortable reading and understanding English (e.g. my own children). Additionally, I can massively improve the mood and the ambience of the game if -as a designer- I can write descriptions and dialogues in my native language. Whether Intersect will become successful enough one day to get a professional German localisation remains to be seen, but in the meantime it has a friendly and growing community who will always be willing to help. How to use these files: 1. This package includes "resources" folders for "Server" (config.json, server_strings.json) and "Client and Editor" (client_strings.json, editor_strings.json) as well as the renamed original versions for backup. 2. BEFORE(!) you copy and overwrite into the respective directories, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ALREADY MADE MODIFICATIONS TO THESE FILES OF YOUR OWN, be sure you make your own backups! 3. Copy and overwrite existing files. Done. --- --- --- Dies ist KEINE vollständige Übersetzung (da die Intersect Engine bis zum offiziellen Releas-Termin wohl noch viele Erweiterungen und Verbesserungen durchlaufen wird), daher habe ich den Text, der sich in erster Linie auf den Betrieb des Servers und die Benutzung des Spiel-Editors bezieht, in englischer Sprache gelassen. Stattdessen habe ich mich auf die Texte konzentriert, welche die Spieler zu sehen bekommen. Mein Ziel ist es, deutschsprachigen Spielern, die sich mit englischen Texten nicht ganz so wohl fühlen, einen leichteren Zugang zum Spiel und somit auch mehr Spaß zu ermöglichen (dabei denke ich zB an meine eigenen Kinder). Außerdem ist es auch für mich als Spieldesigner leichter, Beschreibungen und Dialoge in meiner Muttersprache abzufassen, um Atmosphäre und Spieltiefe zu verbessern. Ob Intersect einmal erfolgreich und verbreitet genug sein wird, um eine professionelle deutsche Lokalisation zu erhalten, bleibt abzuwarten. In der Zwischenzeit jedoch wird die freundliche Community gerne aushelfen. Wie benutzt Du nun diese Dateien? 1. Das 7zip-Paket enthält die Verzeichnisse "Server" (enthält den Ordner "resources", in dem sich die modifizierten Dateien "config.json" und "server_strings.json" befinden) und "Client and Editor" (mit dem entsprechenden Ordner "resources", darin "client_strings.json" und "editor_strings.json") sowie als Backup umbenannte Kopien der Originaldateien. 2. FALLS DU SELBST SCHON DIESE DATEIEN MODIFIZIERT HABEN SOLLTEST, MACHE DIR SICHERHEITSKOPIEN DAVON! 3. Durch Kopieren in die bestehenden Verzeichnisse überschreiben, fertig. (Eins noch: Meine Spielwährung ist die "Münze" insofern habe ich an den entsprechenden zwei Stellen in der client_strings.json ("shops") die Pluralendung "Münze(n)" verwendet.) Über Tipps, Anregungen oder Hinweise auf Fehler würde ich mich freuen! --- --- --- Have fun, Viel Spaß, Uranochos
  2. Hello, guys and girls, Lately, I have been working on a translation of Intersect into German. All goes well and I will upload soon. But- I can't translate the equipment slots in the server config (helmet, armor, weapon, shield, boots) otherwise the server crashes on startup. (1) I can, however, translate the other tool and item types without problems.(2) I see no other .json where I could make modifications to the slots. I suspect that the game engine uses the slots directly without them having a "title" or "label" as with other parts of the game. I am using Intersect, by the way. This is what it looks like: And here is what works already: Is there a way to change the description of the Equipment Slots to another language? Thanks for your suggestions, and stay safe! EDIT: Muy obrigado, Weylon Santana! I am afraid I simply deleted a comma or quotation marks, simple as this, the typical game-breaking typo.
  3. Back in the day, with Neverwinter Nights' Aurora engine, for the duration of a game session, we would assign a 5 digit random number to a player who is about to do something which is not provided by the engine, and afterwards to anyone who joins this party. The server has to check whether they are assigned the same number - voilá! This can probably easily be coded into Intersect, but: @CosakiGames I understand that we all are impatiently waiting for further improvements to editor and engine... and yet, this is still beta 0.6. Since 2018 when I first dabbled with Intersect there has been huge progress to performance, stability and overall features. When Intersect becomes a stable 1.0, I will start trying to code all the little things I would want in my game.
  4. I made a rather simple event which works splendid in singleplayer. It is an NPC SPAWNER. With each NPC spawned, it adds +1 to a gobal variable (COUNTER). To each NPC killed by the player is tied a common event that subtracts -1 to the COUNTER. This variable can never be higher than 4; if it gets lower than 4, another NPC is spawned. If the SPAWNER detects that the player has equipped a special amulet, all NPCs are despawned and the global variable COUNTER is reset to 0. In multiplayer, if two players are on the map, the flaw in the engine is that from now on there exist two versions of the global variable COUNTER, which should be impossible. I made a chatbox command to show the current value of the variable, this is what it shows: Player one's COUNTER changes between 0-4, just like it was intended, having the amulet. With player two it remains 0, and the SPAWNER does not stop to create new NPCs, since the player does not possess the amulet, hence cannot equip it. Player one's event cannot kill these NPCs by equipping and unequipping the amulet. Ingame the players can shuffle the amulet between each other as a kind of workaround to get rid of the abundance of monsters. So either I am going to rework my quest so that it will become singleplayer only, or I will have to add another layer of autorun events that provide each player on the map with the special amulet (which would not be very realistic). For what I have seen until now, the events that spawn and despawn NPCs are always connected to a player - and this can not be overruled by the "global" tag, e.g., by a global variable. It does not help if you create a common event, as this will always need a trigger on the map which will again be connected to the first player who triggers it. This gets even worse when this player leaves the map as it will render the respective event completely non-reactive. And I get the impression, if you keep tinkering around long enough, you can break the event editor alltogether and have to reinstall. @CosakiGames Keep it as a feature, as long as the engine does not provide more options regarding true multiplayer.
  5. @CosakiGames I am experiencing a very similar problem, that's why I am so interested in a solution. The event system does not always recognize a global variable as truly global, it seems... I have tested multiplayer with multiple PCs and with multiple clients on the same PC, it did not make a difference.
  6. If it did run perfectly for one time, and now you have the same problem as before, did you forget to reset a critical variable?
  7. This is a very interesting problem and I am learning a lot from this, thank you very much! If I had to do this, I would first seperate the things that have to be done only once in Runic Run1 (If the global variable Runic Run Active =1, spawn the NPCs and the boss, wait, despawn the NPcs, finally set the global variable =0) from the part that has to be done for every single player (Next conditional, warp players etc). You have done this before: Your master event Runic Run starts the event Runic Run Timer in this way, once, I suppose, trigger set to "none". The event Runic Run 1 Warp, however, is startet in the same way but runs for every player, trigger set to "autorun" (meaning as long as there is a player with the player variable Start RUNIC RUN =1).
  8. @CosakiGames The event Runic Run1 is started by command in the event Runic Run, so you mustn't set the trigger Autorun.
  9. @SarcasticSloth24 It could be a similar glitch like with spawn/despawn NPCs. You can only despawn a NPC by the same event that spawned the NPC in the first place. If the event is triggered by another player, they will not despawn the first player's NPC.
  10. @SarcasticSloth24 You are right regarding Interaction Freeze. I have always been using text and pictures in the center of the screen, so as long as I do not click, nobody moves. -If you made similar events that work fine, then what did you do differently this time?
  11. Looks good, especially the trick to set a global variable combined with the condition to affect only players which are on the map should ensure the event is not only playing for the player who activated the button. You only have to remember to reset the global switch after the boss fight for other parties. In my opinion, your problem could be caused by Warp Player [Map: Goblin King's Dungeon.........] The player who activated the switch should be warped there, allright, but afterwards the destination is blocked for the following players. Intersect should be smart enough to warp the players as close as possible, but probably the event's player control afterwards is broken, so the players won't be released from the hold (and don't get the loot in the second cinematic). Also, in all 3 events you have the Interaction Freeze box checked, shouldn't that be enought to stop the players from moving?
  12. Hey, Ruby, 1. You have to port forward Port 5400 TCP and UDP in your router`s settings for the PC that runs the server (your internal IP 2. Your external IP adress (your "official" adress in the internet) changes daily (when you tested, it was 3. You have to write this external IP in the client's config.json. For a game session, you can look it up in your router's settings, rewrite the .json and send the rewritten config.json to a friend to see if they can connect to your server. Hope I could help.
  13. I am testing multiplayer and need a way to calculate with the number of players which are online. The chatbox message works fine, so the game has a way to access the variable I need. But if I try to use this as a variable for a conditional branch, the integer remains 0. (You see this in the picture in the text line "..you are the only player online...", which depends on the condition: number of players =< 1). There is an event trigger "login", will there be the counterpart "logout"? The reason why I have to find a solution is that re-arrangement of pathways and resetting of dungeons is preferably done when the first player logs in on the empty server. Any suggestions? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Thank you, AisenArvalis! The game has access to the variable, since the correct value is displayed in the chatbox. But it is presented as a string, not as an integer, hence I can not calculate with the variable. Since with numbers, the string is the same as the integer, this works fine as a substitute for functions like Int to String, Float to Int and so on, which are not (yet) in the engine. I rewrote the event which now works fine. I will do some testing with players that logout during battles. EDIT 2: ...Afterthought: For the purpose of creating such a simple condition as in the event shown above, without having to calculate, you could skip the conversion from string to integer and use the condition: NOT [PlayersActiveString = 1].
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