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Found 33 results

  1. WIP Nimue

    Do you like Nimue? Please help us with a small donation
  2. WIP DBZ Renaissance

    (please keep in mind that the game is only in french) thanks to Webfoot Technologies for DragonBall Legacy Of Goku serie jcsnider, Kibbelz and SPQR Panda for intersect EVOLV for the walking squirrel in game RPG Marker for the tileset Story DBZ Renaissance is a dbz fan game. The game will include all the main saga from DragonBall Z. The player will have the possibility to do many thing such as complete side quest, find hidden item in the game's world like the dragon ball, collectable capsules and more. Gameplay After the account creation, the player will spawn in the other world as a soul. The player will have the option to read a little guide to learn few more things on the game. He will need to talk to Enma to select a character. After the character has been select the player will need to talk to Enma one more time. The character will spawn to the Kamé Sennin's house. Here the player will have the choice to do the main quests, side quests, find hidden items or only kill npc. Feature system - Flying system to travel on the water - Two equipment slot to equipe capsules - Possibility to craft two same capsules together to increase their power - Find collectable capsules all around the game world. // for alpha 1 - Powerfull housing system // for alpha 1 - Walking squirrel on the maps // for alpha 1 - Day and night - Ressources Screenshot/image of the game Person behind the game Creator: Gibier Infographer: Resvid Moderator: Mapper: Spriter: Progression before alpha 1 release 1. Npc spriteset 2. housing system 3. kaioken spell icon 4. level max up to 20 5. player house mapping + tileset 6. squirrel which walk on the maps 7. East District's caves + tileset 8. East District mapping + tileset 9. Nord King Kai's Earth tileset + mapping 10. hidden collectable capsule in the East District (bronze and silver) 11. fixing pre-alpha bugs 12. saga sayen Old update progression
  3. Concept The Wheel

    1. Premise “We are all just Cogs in a machine...” The Wheel is an enormous floating fortress, drifting around in the void with an ever increasing population of many different alien species. Most of them are outcasts and run-aways, some are survivors of doomed worlds while others are prisoners, unable to find their way home. The Wheel itself seems to have no clear origins, though many attribute the creation of the original fortress to an ancient, unknown race of engineers that vanished long ago. Over the course of thousands of years, The Wheel has gone through many changes and iterations, as new species discovered the fortress, often by accident, their spaceships became permanent fixtures of the station as their technology was integrated into The Wheel. Now the floating bastion is a hodgepodge of different alien structures, ships and tech all meshed together to create a strange, albeit functioning whole. The fortress is not stationary and it isn't direction-less either. Occasionally, ancient drives and engines somewhere deep within The Wheel fire up like a hiccuping giant and either steer the fortress towards some unknown destination or teleport the entire thing somewhere else entirely. As the fortress passes by habited systems, some of The Wheel’s residents take the opportunity to raid these planets in order to steal valuables and resources, and to kidnap slaves. So far no single group has been able to figure out of The Wheel’s full capabilities and several factions and gangs are vying for control over the ancient fortress, either through politics or through force. 2. Summary The Wheel is an online RPG with a heavy focus on Roleplay. Most of the game takes place in The Wheel itself, which is divided in to several different wards that serve as home territories for major guilds. To keep things fresh and dynamic, The Wheel 'moves' and as new planets become accessible others drift out of range, giving players new locations to explore every couple of months of so. The main focus however is a game of politics, influence and control. Heavily inspired by the Planescape setting (The City of Doors, specifically) and the likes of White Wolf RPGs, players with common goals can band together in Guilds or Gangs. Whether they want to gather wealth, personal power, political control, explore new worlds or unlock the secrets of The Wheel itself, that is up to them. 3. Art Style Considering the setting and potential mature themes, I feel the usual cartoony or animesque style doesn't fit the setting. Instead I would like to go for a more 80’s inspired retro futuristic art style. For examples, see games like Hyper Light Drifter, Undungeon, Narita Boy, etc. 4. Mechanics The Wheel will not make use of levels and a limited sort of class system. Experience can be gained by defeating monsters and solving quests, though experience is more like an extra currency used to purchase Skills. Skills or a combination of certain skills will give a player access to more areas and interesting bits of lore and information, and unlock crafting recipes. Combat effectiveness of a character will depend on two things; Equipment and Enhancements. Equipment, although having a significant impact on a character's stats should be considered secondary, as all equipment is dropped on death. Things like rare and unique weapons and artifacts can be found, though running around with these in public has obvious risks attached too them. Enhancements will determine your primary play-style. Each character has five enhancement slots in which you can fit any type of enhancement (Mutations, Tech, Psionics & Manifestations), although not every class can use all enhancements of a certain type. Enhancements follow a certain thematic trait that grants a number of buffs, special abilities or attacks depending on the enhancement in question. For example, 'Plugs and Ports' is a Tech enhancement that allows you to access and hack terminals or defense systems. 'Acid for Blood' is a Mutation that grants you immunity to certain hazards, though also gives a character an Acid Spit attack. By mixing and matching enhancements a player can create a unique toolbox of abilities that fit their play-style. 4.1 Classifications Organics [Humans, most Aliens, Intelligent animals, etc.] Average in everything. Can use enhancements of all four types, but with limits. Flexible. Mechanicals [Robots, Androids, Holograms, AI, etc.] Slow, but increased physical defenses & hit points. Start with one rank in Engineering for free. Can use certain Tech enhancements that no other species can use but will never be able to use Mutations. Ethereals [Dimensional beings, Supernatural entities, etc.] Increased mental defenses. Largest magic/mana pool. Free ranks in knowledge skills. Access to all of the Psionic enhancements but can never use Tech enhancements. The Eldritch [Monsters, Slimes, Living Plants, Lovecraftian Horrors, etc.] Minor increased physical and mental defenses. Free rank in Forbidden Lore. Can never use Tech enhancements and only a small, limited selection of Psionics, however they have access to special, more powerful Manifestations. 4.2 Skills Skills are still subject to change as planning continues. Skills Related to Game Mechanics • Genetics – 10 ranks, allows discovery & creation of mutations • Bionics – 10 ranks, allows discovery & creation of Tech usable by both Organics and Mechanicals • Cybernetics – 10 ranks, allows discovery of Tech exclusively available for Mechanicals. • Engineering – 10 ranks, Creation of weapons, armor and other technological items such as drones and portable turrets. • Meditation – 5 ranks / 10 ranks for Ethereals, allows discovery of new Psionics. • Forbidden Lore – 5 ranks / 10 ranks for The Eldritch, allows discovery of Manifestations. • Chemistry – x ranks, creation of ‘potions’ and hypos. • Nature & Survival – x ranks, useful when scavenging & exploring planets Knowledge Skills (Used to gain more information, can be used for RP, or called by DMs, might also be called during certain events / quests) • Knowledge (The Wheel) – x ranks • Knowledge (Dimensional Theory) – x ranks • Knowledge (Universal) – x ranks • Knowledge (Physics) – x ranks 4.3 Enhancement Types Mutations Mutations are usually only available for Organics and The Eldritch. Mechanicals lack biological components to mutate and an Ethereal’s biology is usually too complex or too advanced to accept any kind of tampering. Although mutations can provide someone with amazing benefits, they often come with a draw-back in the form of physical changes, some of which might be quite gruesome. Tech Cybernetic implants, advanced prosthetics, brain stimulators, etc. Tech comes in many forms. General Tech such as weapons and gadgets can be used by anyone, although Tech Enhancements can only be used by Organics, generally in the shape of bionics and Mechanicals who can easily integrate new Tech in to their bodies. Ethereals have a hard time integrating tech in to their bodies for the same incompatibility reasons as with mutations and The Eldritch are simply too alien for common Tech to work on. Psionics In a broad sense, Psionics refer to any natural ability that can manipulate the world or even reality without the assistance of any intermediate tool or device. It is essentially ‘space magic’ though with alternating origins or explanations depending on who uses it. Organics and The Eldritch have the capacity to learn some psionics, though only the ancient Ethereal races can truly master it. Manifestations Also called ‘mantles’, Manifestations encompass Summons & Transformations. Examples Acid for Blood [Mutation] Usable by: Organics, The Eldritch Sabotage: Use Acid to get past certain barriers Acid Spit: Attack that deals damage over time Immunity to certain hazards such as acid damage, pools, traps etc. Plugs and Ports [Tech] Usable by: Mechanicals, Organics Allows the user to access computer systems for information and bypass certain electronic security measures. Force Specialist [Psionics] Useable by: Organics, Ethereals Force Shield: Increases physical defense by 10% Force Barrier: Summon a temporary impenetrable barrier Force Bolt: High damage projectile though with a long cool-down period The Specter [Manifestation] Usable by: Ethereals, The Eldritch Specter Form: Allows you to turn invisible for a short duration, increases your dodge chance. Summon Specter: Summons an illusion that deals no damage, but distracts enemies. 5. The Wards 5.1 The Greenhouse Provides Food for the Inhabitants Fancy designs, big gardens, statues, well maintained 'Good' food is expensive, The Greenhouse is usually control of the wealthy 5.2 The Labs Determines the Research & Development tract of The Wheel Gets to play with experimental technology 5.3 The Factory Provides The Wheels bulk manufacturing capabilities, including arms Aids in construction & maintenance of The Wheel Easy access to crafting materials through large warehouses 5.4 The Hive Home to The Eldritch and other monsters 'Infected' part of the wheel, though provides unique & rare tools and crafting materials 5.4 The Circus Provides 'entertainment' for the inhabitants of The Wheel 5.5 The Gaol Houses The Wheel's security force Massive level of barracks, armories and jail cells 5.5 The Market Main source behind raids Misleading name, The Market is where goods, resources and slaves are temporarily housed which have been acquired by Raids on other planets before being sold to the other wards 5. Final Words I wanted to do so much more before making this post, such as have things written out in more detail and having more mock-ups for the different wards ready but because of work and other real-life priorities I have been slacking a bit. The Mock-up images are not final, and a few of them lack details I wanted to include and I'm hoping to spend a couple of evenings and weekends smoothing them out of time allows. Either way, I'm wondering about people's thoughts on this concept. C+C welcome.
  4. Firstly, i'd like to say that this is my first time making a post like this, so excuse me if i make grammatical errors and what not. What's the game about? RHG is a tournament style animation battle between 2 animators and their unique stick figures, basically whoever's animation was better would win and some would even make their battles canon to their character(etc one of them called FLFFL{ALFA}lost his arm in one of his battle and since then he's been only using one arm). This game is similar but you don't need to animate anything and theres alot more than just battling for glory. The players(stick figures) have some freedom to explore and travel around to become stronger however they choose to become so, whether by doing quests, hunting other players, NPCs and other things. The game would be designed to make you choose what you want to do instead of holding your hand for 90% of the time. Story? You're at the age in the stick figure community where you'll be able to become a gladiator, a gladiator is assigned tasks, missions and also participate in tournament battles against NPCs and other players. You can choose a general stat path where you want your character to be in (whether it is fighter,mage or tank and so on) then you'll be able to assign your own stats freely each level. There would also be alot of customization elements that would make your character unique like different skill setups, clothing and weapons. Thats pretty much all i have at this point. For staff, it's just me alone which you would realize after seeing the only few screenshots i have at the moment What has been done so far is basically just placeholder stuff to make it a viable concept(If that makes any sense), i have a stick figure character sprite that could be alot better but since there aren't much stuff from rpg maker regarding stick figures i had to improvise and modify one of the existing rpg maker ones and just made it plain black. The style of the map i was going for was like a moba styled one, where you have a base and then you go out into the wilderness,jungle and rivers until you find the next landmark and what not. The only weapon i fully made was just a sword to test the paperdoll and damage. There still needs to be a female sprite so i'm working on that. Classes are basically done but i think they may need better balancing as things go more foward. My plan right now is to actually get serious about this and make it into an actual thing, i didn't really have the motivation until realizing there aren't alot or any prominent mmo stick figure rpgs of this sort. I did have a playable version running and was using a custom character stat system but i didn't get enough forms turned it to actually make use of it so i just left it there. So in the next 6-7 days i'd make some changes to the user interface and actually try to make a presentable map and maybe a trailer of some sort? i dunno. I have alot of items and skills to make so i've been preparing myself and collecting alot of different ideas for skills that players would be able to use If you want to point out somethings to me and give me feedback and criticism i'll gladly accept it.
  5. Hey guys, It is very early days in my project yet, I have been concepting it for a few weeks, but as the asset preperation nears completion and the story, plot and concept continues to develop I seek a small team of experienced mappers/eventers to help bring the game to fruition. Name: Shadows of Mayhem Engine: Intersect Genre: Dark Fantasy Style: Realism (as opposed to anime) Compensation: Rev share pending source code and game release (to be decided but likely optional membership and/or cosmetic/aesthetic item shop (NOT Pay to win)) Current team: Me (project leader, head mapper, story and concept author, asset prep) , Grimston: Head developer website: (dont mind the slow speed of site this will eventually be addressed) Requirements for application: Please post a little about yourself, some details and screens of previous work and what you expect to gain/contribute by joining our team In theory: This game will be heavily story driven as well as having an openesque (not 100%) world with mmo elements including world bosses, choices and (eventually) factions. Story/setting: (LONG AND DETAILED, BE PREPARED) Screens & concepts: 1. Screenshot 2. World Boss Concepts Thanks in advance guys and i look forward to seeing your work and talents in order to make this project a success.
  6. On Death Common Events

    Hey guys, i tried to make an option on death to return to your spawn point on revive on spot using a 'lost soul' from your inventory. I know common events have a trigger issue as is in beta 4 but i believe that is only with multiple common events and this was my only common event. I set condition as player death trigger as autorun and displayed text and options with restore hp if lost soul was chosen and in inventory. But whenever i die i auto spawn and no event is triggered. Is there a way to turn off autorespawn , am i doing something wrong or is this bugged?
  7. levellable Skills

    Hey guys, I cant seem to find any features for levellable skills or indeed spells. Firstly is there plans for a skill list/editor, like say gathering, crafting, combat skills etc so if i am lvl 100 fishing i could catch better fish etc? If there isn't I have 2 options, be patient and wait for the source or make them using events/switches and variables. For the latter option does anyone have any idea what a solid process to achieve this would be? This could also be employed to 'level up' magic, perhaps each kill adds numbers to variable and acts as exp, when required exp is met in the variable perhaps you gain a more powerful variant of said spell. I'm just not too sure exactly how i'd set these kinda things up. Thanks in advance
  8. [Tutorial 3] - Editor de Classe

    Aqui é onde boa parte da mágica acontece. O Editor de Classes. Mostrando a interface do editor temos:
  9. 2-3 Months ago i was have lots of resolution like 1366x768 1360x720 ~~ why now am i just have 2x?
  10. Duas coisas que estão bem relacionadas são esses dois editores. Vamos primeiro ao Editor de Recursos. O Editor de Recursos permite ao jogador criar recursos tais como madeira, minérios, ingredientes e derivados a fim de usá-los do modo que quiser, seja para criação de armaduras até receitas de comidas. Na interface do editor de Recursos temos. . Após o recurso ser colhido as finalidades podem ser diversas que irá variar pela imaginação do criador. Mas considerando que o recurso colhido seja para a criação de um item ou ingredientes para uma receita o ferreiro. Vale lembrar que "Ferreiro" é o nome do editor. No jogo ao criar um evento, você pode por um fogão para abrir o mesa do ferreiro e lá ser criado receitas e comidas, não necessariamente um ferreiro do seu jogo irá criar tanto os itens como as receitas. Na interface do Editor de Ferreiro temos: Agora é só explorar os editores e aplicar em prática conforme sua imaginação mandar.
  11. [Tutorial 8] Editor de NPC

    Agora, o Editor de NPC. Dúvidas Quote Me, ou envie Mensagem Privada.
  12. [Tutorial 7] Editor de Tempo

    Olá pessoal. Vamos ao próximo tutorial. Editor de Tempo Por hora é só
  13. Various Dinosaur Sprites

    Hey guys -- I have occasionally been asked if I could share the dinosaur models I've created for A4C, and I'm only happy to. Thought I'd just post a thread. Here are some sprites for anyone looking to add some prehistoric NPCs: Enjoy!
  14. How to add weapon level?

    I have a sword and i wanna use it after then 25LV i tried this steps: 1- 2- 3- but im still can use it in level 1 :/ (not founds are not problem for this level system. systems are working but fonts have some problem for "me" my pc culture settings)
  15. Step-by-Step Quest Creation in Intersect Date Modified: 6/27/2017 Engine Used: Intersect 3.1 The following guide will show steps to create a quest which will allow the game developer to take advantage of all the great features Intersect has built in. After reading this guide, the developer should have a good grasp of the ways by which the quest system is set up. The guide uses Intersect 3.1. Pre-req: You should have some basic familiarity with the Intersect Engine, how to access the Quest Editor and the Events system. You should know the basics of the Event editor commands hierarchy system. You should understand the basics of the Animation editor if you want to add the "!" and "?" symbols above the head of your quest-giver in the Optional Precursor. Requirements: You should download Intersect 3.1. You should have some sprites to use for your quest-giver event, as well as some monsters set up in the NPC editor. Basic stuff! Precursor (Optional): For this guide, we will be using quest animations specific to the point in the quest which the player has reached (The "!" and "?" symbols above the NPC's head). Step 1: Figure out what you want the quest to do. Step 2: Let's create the quest itself! Step 3: For this part, we'll need to create an event (an NPC) who will both give the quest and act as a return point for when it is completed. So I hope this winds up being a help to some folks who are trying to get to know the Quest Editor system a little better. Rest assured I'll try to keep tabs on this thread and improve/add to this as necessary. That in mind, I may have forgotten some things, so if you find an error, etc., let me know! Thanks and happy questing!
  16. [Tutorial 6] - Editor de Loja

    Agora vamos ao editor de loja. Temos então: O que há para saber do Editor de Loja está ai. Bom Proveito.
  17. Age of the Four Clans [ALPHA]

    DINOSAURMMO.COM - Try our PTR (updated 3/25/2017) AGE OF THE FOUR CLANS is an upcoming 2D MMO featuring a fantastic prehistoric setting. "The four Raptor clans of the ancient Earth always held an uneasy alliance with one another. After a meteor devastated the Deathclaw Clan and unleashed strange creatures upon the planet, truces were made in order to find answers and return the world to order. The slime, a bizarre life form which oozed forth from the impact site, quickly spread to all corners of Laurasia, mutating native species and trashing the delicate ecology everywhere it appeared - threatening a mass extinction of all life on Earth." For those of you who caught us the first time around, we've updated our servers from Skywyre to Intersect Beta2! The team is the same, with myself ("Coffee Raptor") and two others ("Reznor" and "Green") working to bring our little dinosaur game to life. As before, our goal is to keep this game as "clean" as possible when it comes to messing with the source. With the coming of the Intersect engine, we feel there are plenty of features built-in to allow for us to focus on content with minimal coding. Therefore, we hope the experiment of A4C will be a successful game built within a mostly-stock engine, and an example to other developers of all skill-sets to showcase what is possible with Intersect right out of the box. Server for the PTR is usually up (about 90%) we are a little on the laggy side, but hope to have better hosting as we get closer to a full release of the game. Classes: Media: Features we're working on: Unique characters and setting with further customization options as you progress Many classes to branch into - "Hidden" classes as well, opening new spells and abilities Arena games and rewards for playing them Quests to keep you going in a group or solo A growing and evolving storyline And more as we create! Where to Find Us: Twitter: IndieDB: YouTube:
  18. Roguelike Assets

    Roguelike Assets A ZIP archive that contains multiple image sheets, including characters and caves, and overworld objects aligned and resized to work with Intersect or Eclipse. Screenshots License License (Creative Commons Zero, CC0). You may use these graphics in personal and commercial projects. Credit is not required but would be appreciated if you credit Kenney. Download AscensionGameDev
  19. [Tutorial 2] - Animações

    Agora vamos iniciar o tutorial do Editor de Animações. Trago a vocês agora a interface do Editor de Animações. Seguindo a ordem dos números temos: Bem, por hoje é isso, dúvidas e sugestões sintam-se livre para enviar mensagem privada. Até o próximo tutorial.
  20. [Tutorial 1] - Apresentação

    Pois bem. Bom Dia/Tarde/Noite. Muito prazer em saber que alguém está lendo isso e está interessado em saber mais sobre a Intersect Engine. Estou aqui para fazer o que estiver ao meu alcance. Meu nome é Weylon Santana e minha apresentação já fiz em outra postagem (verifique a postagem "Introdução para os Brasileiros - Seja Bem Vindo"). Meu objetivo com relação aos tutoriais aqui na seção de português é apresentar o máximo que der para apresentar com relação a Intersect e tudo que é capaz de fazer com essa engine. Como vocês sabem a engine está em constante desenvolvimento, logo a versão que uso é para 3.1. Creio que os tutoriais usados aqui deverão ser os mesmos para as próximas versões, então aproveitem ao máximo. Explorem o quanto puderem a engine. Dúvidas ou Sugestões sintam-se livres para mandar mensagem privada para mim se desejarem. Como faço faculdade não estarei postando periodicamente, não há dia certo de postagem de tutorial, porém pretendo postar até três tutoriais por semana. Por último a tradução da engine que estou usando é a minha tradução disponível também no site, sem mais delongas irei fazer uma breve apresentação da engine em sua interface principal. Separei aqui o Intersect em duas seções. A Seção dos Editores e a Seção do Mapa. Na Seção dos Editores temos: Arquivo Editar Ver Editores do Jogo Ajuda Quanto a Seção de Mapa, será apresentado mais afrente no último módulo dos tutoriais, iremos passar primeiro por todos os Editores do Jogo. Então é isso. Muito Obrigado pelo interesse e nos vemos no próximo tutorial.
  21. Animation in Intersect Date Modified: 7/4/2017 Engine Used: Intersect 3.1 The following guide will show steps to create an animation in the Intersect Engine. I made this guide as a follow-up for the Quest Guide, here, so I could go into more detail for people who need help using the animation effects. The guide uses Intersect 3.1. Pre-req: You should have some basic familiarity with the Intersect Engine and how to access the Animation Editor. Requirements: You should download Intersect 3.1. You should have some sort of graphics software which supports PNG files, such as Photoshop, if you are going to make your own animations. If you are not making your own animation and just want to use the editor, you should download our sample animation, here: Step 1: Understanding the animation file (PNG) Step 2: Understanding the Animation Editor More to come on this one, folks. Consider it a WIP!
  22. Local Connection Issues

    So my server has been up and running for about a month now. I can connect, my friends and strangers can connect all is well and it still is to this day. However I recently purchased a new Laptop and have all the game files downloaded on my PC. I open the server on my main PC and open the Editor on my main PC, it works and I am able to connect. However on my lap top, I have tried using "localhost" I have tried using my IP that I use for others to connect and I am unable to get the Editor on the laptop to connect the server on my main rig. What do I need to do to get this to work? (Note that everyone else not connected to my router, is able to connect.)
  23. Low FPS Editor Fix.

    Hello! I just started using the Intersect Engine at 3AM this morning, and I've gotta' say... It is amazing! I have started working on maps just to mess around and learn more however I am having some troubles with my FPS. Whilst I am not doing anything the FPS caps at around 15, and when I am drawing on the map inside the editor the frames drop to about 5-9 per second. This doesn't mean the editor is unusable, it is just a hassle to fight the low FPS. Is there any settings I can mess with to make the editor run a bit smoother? (PC Specs Attached, I have a program installed that shuts down all unnecessary background apps when I run certain programs, it does make a massive difference when running games but seems to do nothing for this, I've tried with it on and off ) Thanks in advance for any help you provide! -Lyim/Mapyo
  24. Hey! Why are the fonts of Intersect 3.1 aliased? How to change that ("put anti-alias")? Sorry for the stupid question, thanks!!
  25. Block Spell/Rune

    Hey everyone! I would like to know if there is a way to make a block spell (to trap players / monsters) such as the Tibia Magic Wall. Is there a way to do this with Intersect 3.1? Thanks!