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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, How can I change the text color in the 'Character Window'? (Name, Class, Level, Stats) I tried to change it but the text disappeared. Any help will be appreciated
  2. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    Hello ! I just want to share tilesets who are very famous in the french community (maybe on english making forum now). The creator is Benben and when he stopped the development of his RPG, he gave all his work to the community (the game and the ressources). So this is more RPGMXP-like, but i tried with a lot of differents sprites, and it always look good. This is all custom, so it's free to use for your game, if you can read french feel free to read this : (it's the explanation of his stop, for non-french : stop cause of a boyfriend, no time to spend on making anymore, give the source of the game for the community) I don't know if this is classic "deja vu" tilesets for you, because they are old (2004-2009), but the quality is really high so i decide to share this with the source on this forum because they were not here! You can change tilesets, add features in the same style, include some elements from the pack, ... and credits to Benben ! Content : - 50 Tilesets - Forest, Desert, Snow landscapes, differents architecture for cities , Caves, Dungeon Screenshots : Download link :
  3. Hello everyone , my quest is quite simple , in my project players have issue with Players Killers and that can be a problem in the future, since i noticed that Guard NPC doesn't work i came to here, there's a way to do an system to prevent that? with common events or simple events? any ideas? Thanks in advance. <3 God bless.
  4. Please guys, i need to do an event when Player die's in game to teleport him to other map (not the first spawn map)...I tried open common event put "on respawn'' trigger and "conditional branch, players death" if > warp player, else > warp player... any idea? Printscreen:
  5. How to make a Level Up event?

    Hello eveyone my question is quite simple, i make a class called ''adventurer'' and i need to know if it is possible to make that player ''adventurer'' get an event when he gets level 10, for example: an player gets level 10 and shows up on his screen "Congrats, u reach level 10, now u can choose one of that Classes to become". Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello guys, i tried to create a fishing system this morning by using these parameters, but no lucky, i never program a fishing system before so im confused... i tried to set a variable: random value 1 to 3: (common event) then...i set 2 itens sea trash: X and set 1 item fish: supposed to come one of these items randomly, but in the game the player only receive the 3 (fish) Please someone can help me? or know other way to make a fishing system? Thank you.
  7. How to do an Arrow Projectile

    Hello guys, i have a doubt, how can i make a projectile using this animation 4x4, have a way? maybe i should use other animation? how to configurate the projectile settings? i tried everything... I just want to press 'E' and my character shot an arrow through the map... ;-; Thanks..