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Found 13 results

  1. WIP

    thanks to Webfoot Technologies for DragonBall Legacy Of Goku jcsnider, Kibbelz and SPQR Panda for intersect RPG Marker for the tileset Story DBZ Renaissance is a fan game of Dragon Ball Z. The game will have all the saga from the sayain to buu. Many thing will be added in the future such as side quest, objet to find like the dragon ball, collectable caps and more. Gameplay After the account creating and the character is selected, the player will spawn in the Kamé Sannin house. the player will have the option to read a little guide to learn base of the gameplay. The player will need to kill many npc to gain experience and level up. The game will give few side quests and other feature to give more fun. Feature system - Flying system - 2 slot for caps - caft the caps - ressource - day and night - find caps in the world to gain items Screenshot/image of the game Person behind the game Creator: Gibier Infographer: Resvid Moderator: Mapper: Spriter: Progression before beta-alpha releash 1. animated images (kikoha, kaioken...) 2. equipment slot for caps 1 and 2 3. mapping othter world + tileset 4. Crafting caps 1 and 2 5. day and night system 6. new fight formula 7. flying system 8. kaioken bluff 9. sound effets 10. kikoha 11. mapping East District + tileset (80%) 12. player sprites 13. npc sprites 14. items (65%)
  2. WIP

    Do you like Nimue? Please help us with a small donation
  3. WIP

    Rebirth Fantasy is a 2D Online ORPG that is being developed using Visual Basic 6.0, RFO will be a fantasy theme game which players are placed on a world with Swords and Magic. Story line will be a little bit anime-like and we are basing the player game story on the character on the story we create Rebirth Fantasy engine is created from scratch using DirectX8 as our Graphic Engine and Bass Sound System for our sfx and WinSocket for network The Graphics and SFX we will be using are custom made from Rebirth Fantasy Team Game Style There were 7 Active Dungeons in Artic Continent, Human's started the Adventurer Guild as a place where adventurer accept missions and task and enter on one of those Dungeons. Their task is to explore and search for treasures inside the dungeon or they can do hunting missions or searching for items, mining for ores and more. Using the items they collect, they can create weapons and armors or they can also upgrade them to next level Adventurers are not set into a class restriction they can freely use any weapons they wanted to use as long as they have the skills to do use them Story Characters Game World Starter Map (Talli Island) Media Support us! by giving us small amount of Donations
  4. Arcwyre is an old-school ORPG for PC being developed in the Intersect Engine. While the game has been in development for years, the power of the Intersect Engine has allowed us to move on to finally physically developing the game. Arcwyre places you in Arcacia, a vast, open world with plenty to explore. Take part in Arcwyre's Campaign and play through the deeply written storyline which evolves with player interaction, or simply explore the world and forge your own story. Either way, there's always adventure to be had in the world of Arcacia! As of Alpha Build 0.04 Arcwyre boasts the following features: Azizele - Creator/Lead Writer Hanox - Lead Developer JCSnider + Kibbelz - Creators of the Intersect Engine Jason Szczepanik - Composer Ascension Game Dev Community - Support and overall badassery. (If I missed you it wasn't on purpose! Shoot me a PM and I'l be glad to add you to the list)
  5. WIP

    Isolated Paradise (under development, just started) Engine: Intersect Staff: Me (alextoti99) and some friends of mine, currently not in the forum Website: Credits: Official Game Music: Just forum for now! Story: They say that once, this land was peaceful and prosperous. That peace was had, and that even the merest village was like a palace. Such prosperity could not last, however. They say a man with no name but Wicked unleashed a curse of ruination. The land rotted, millions died, and the gods themselves were struck down, falling from the heavens. Death had swept the world, leaving few untouched. As humans are wont to do, the survivors fought over the scraps that were left. Friend fought friend, and brother fought brother, as the remnants of kingdoms that were firm allies turned against each other in their plight. The dead themselves roamed the lands, so great was the catastrophe that even those forsaken gates to the lands of the unwanted dead were flung open. This once prosperous land, already ruined once, threatened to destroy itself over again. But not all had lost their senses. Not all sought to become a king over the ashes. An institute, famed for training some of the greatest heroes ever known, took a stand. In a world gone mad, these few heroes left opened their doors. They took in the hopeless, the desperate, the forgotten, and they turned them into heroes. Heroes with no loyalties but to humanity as a whole, no purpose but the protection of all, and no aspiration but to die fighting the terrors out there in the world. Are they enough? Tell me, can a candle hope to illuminate the night? But they continue to try, in the hopes that one day, they will be enough. Game Overview: Isolated paradise is a 2D (2 dimensions) MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online - Role Playing Game). It's built with Intersect Game Engine (more info here: The game provides a unique gameplay, while you can choose between many classes and evolve them after farm. Also it includes PvP System and a Castle Siege System. - Choose your path by creating your character from 2 differenct classes: Fighter, Mage. - Farm so you can evolve your class to the stronger ones. - Form parties to farm and PvP easier. - Take part in Siege attacks and wars between Players and NPCs. - Encounter many raid bosses in the realm. - Raise your pets to be powerful combanions to help you. Classes: Fighter lvl 1: Fighter Fighter lvl 2 (Tanky): Legionnarie Fighter lvl 2 (assassin): Scout Fighter lvl 2 (ranger): Diamond Sentinel Mage lvl 1: Mage Mage lvl 2 (mage): Warlord Mage lvl 2 (support): Druid Mage lvl 2 (summoner): Psion Features: Starting Tutorial Castle Sieges Soon More! Media: Dev Blog: 17-May-17: Created the first houses, while ended with the first town. 21-May-17: Created a farm zone and some dungeons. 23-May-17: Created a dungeon and maps, before the first city. 24-May-17: Create dungeon System ( 27-May-17: Restarted with map creation. Added marriage system ( 29-May-17: Songs for menu and battle are ready.
  6. WIP

    This game is build using Intersect Engine. The beginning. What the game will be. Features. Classes. Storyline. Screenshots. Sorry for my really bad english! Also I take any criticism and feedbacks. Thanks guys! Login Theme
  7. WIP

    Introduction Story Planned Features Screenshots Progress
  8. WIP

    Well It's about time to start this topic. City Of The Brain Eatters is a modern zombie survival game created in the intersect engine. Players will be able to enter different buildings scavenge for loot and with the loot they will be able to create weapons and armor. There will only be 1 "safe area" in the world which will be the old police station. This area is now controlled by ex-police and what few survivors made it to this area. Even this area is not truly safe, Zombies can still enter the city if they happen to kill the guards off. The game will have a random ish world spawn(I will set up about 100 different spawn spots and you will randomly warp to one of these on spawn) I might also add a spawn at Police station button after you do a certain quest. Also debating about adding another controlled area at the hospital. I will be adding 2 main Drug dealers in the world which will have random prices on drugs, you will not be able to sell to them you must find a drug user to sell the drugs to. There are only 6 users in the world(might drop to less). You can not talk to the same drug dealer twice in a roll and you can not talk to the same drug user twice. (Meaning you must buy drugs from dealer A the sell to User A then you must buy from dealer B next, Dealer A will not sell to you, and You must sell to User . There will be 3 different craft houses you can used these are not located in any police camps and you will need to either clear them out yourself or get help to clear these out. I plan on also making a full sewer system under the city. Graphic Update screen shot Basic Map Idea Resources and general idea how to harvest what they will give. Crafting basic idea still need to add number of objects to it Drugs
  9. Four Continents Using Intersect Engine Before you read on, many things are subject to change as i see fit, and much will be. I am currently the only one working on this project. I appreciate all comments, both negative and positive ones. If anyone has any input whatsoever, don't hesitate. Thank you! Update 12/1 -17 Updated What's Next with new info (because of Beta 1 being released) Update 6/1 -17 Updated Screenshots section Before you read on What the game is about, and features Features Screenshots Classes Backstory Current Progress & What's next?
  10. Here is the current GUI W.I.P Give feedback please.
  11. Hi everyone. This is the official thread for Nightmare, a survival mmo game with werewolves. That's right werewolves. The whole concept basically goes like this. During the day, you can kill, level up, craft, trade and go on quests like any normal mmo. However, at night most of the world becomes a dangerous PvP battleground. The only way to opt of battle is to try and hide. If you die while in the wilderness you will lose most of your gear. So banking often is a good idea. As an added perk there are also 4 Werewolf Packs in which you can join from the beginning of the game. Each has their own sigil which can be seen players backs. Quests can be Day or Night associated quests respectively. And NPC mobs that are more threatening survive at night. It will take your werewolf abilities to take them out. In the day you work for the Royal Guard, completing missions for a magician named Xeno while in human form to keep trust. In the night you can capture Forts and Resources, and elect a Pack Leader from your pack. This leader will attempt to gain control of the monarchy by becoming King and gaining complete world domination for his pack. The next King in line is determined by the strongest pack. Character Customization: When creating your character you get a choice of skin, hair and eye color. As a bonus you get to pick a werewolf skin: Players will also have a wide variety of gear to choose from, to make their character look unique: Media Features: Hunger/Sleep system. Create camps that you can cook, and sleep in. Extensive collecting/crafting system to help you survive in the wild. Packs (guild) system, each with their own symbol and element. PvP during night in wilderness. Item loss on death for suspense. Werewolf morph with special skills not accessible in human form. Stories and Quests that interact with Day & Night system. Boat travel. Some places are only accessible by water. Engage in mini-games and battle arenas at the Killer Carnival and Pyramid of Doom. Make allies with friends, elect a Pack Leader, and dominate the world. Thanks for checking our game out. Please stay tuned for future updates. Gearwork Studios is the company creating this action packed title, and consists of myself (Artist/Writer), Kibbelz/Joe (Programmer), Melissa K. (Lighting Specialist/Writer), Wuzheng Hoshimoto (Writer), and Zetasis (Artist).
  12. Hello everyone! I've been working on this game for a long time, and now I want to show you guys some progress that I’ve done. I’m an avid fan of many great shooters on PC, especially arena classics such as Doom, Quake, and Team Fortress 2, but not quite fond of violence elements like blood and gore. With that in mind, I decided to spend 4 years with my own programming skills to make a little game called Battle Splash. Battle Splash - Gameplay Trailer Battle Splash is a third-person shooter which takes inspirations from water fights, featuring action-packed, fast-paced water fights in peaceful and relaxing environments. In this game, I want to include the elements that defines 90s arena classics (something like Quake with bright colors, water splashes, and no violence) with class-based elements. Players can choose one of 4 cheerful girls with same weapon loadout, while having distinctive stats for creative playstyles. Furthermore, each girl carries an exclusive item that serves their co-operative role. Currently, I’m optimizing the game so that up to 32 players can join in large playgrounds for water fights. I’m also planning to support modding tool that allow everyone to customize their own water fights for their own preferences. I’m also making a Greenlight page of Battle Splash for Steam submission. If you find this interesting, please visit my greenlight page and vote "yes". That would be a great support for me! Thank you very much for taking a look of my project. I hope that you guys are interested in my little game, as well as leaving feedbacks to improve it. Have a nice day!
  13. Vu Du Kein is a fantasy ORPG based on the mechanics of astrological science. When creating a character you choose a display name and a class. Note: "your CLASS will decide your element, (AKA: TEAM/FACTION.) and attributes." You are given 12 character slots. You may start out by choosing 1 of 12 classes. As the game progresses you will be able to prestige your account, this allows you to unlock an additional character slot. A new character and class can now be obtained and fight along side you, following you around while assisting you through out the game, in and out of battle. You will be able to unlock all 12 classes and play as multiple classes simultaneously while switching from character to character to take control and battle with that class, (But watch out switching a class can cost a hefty amount of mana.) However, you will only be able to venture out with a max of 4 characters at a time. Your stats are set based upon your attribute and can only increase when your characters level increases. You can not increase the stats manually, however, they can be modified by collecting and applying gear to your character. Change Log: Intro: Road Map: Screenshots: Videos: Features: Engine: Credits: