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Found 7 results

  1. WIP

    Engine: Intersect Staff: @Refur (history, developer, composer). @Lorilina (graphic design, pixel art). Website: Nimue is MMORPG inspired by Harry Potter's saga. In the beginning this project starts as a faithful reflection of the books, but after a long argue about the copyrights, we decided to create a new original concept; this is how Nimue's leyend is born. The game dates back to Brocelandia's forest, place where the 'three magicians battle' happened a thousand years ago. Cedric Adair, Eda Rowle y Addy Ginohi fought against Nimue, and that's how they got the Air Castle, a place created by Merlin magician that worked as the house of Nimue. After the battle, the three magicians founded a magic school in the Air castle. From which has born three faculties, in honor of the victorious: Adair's Faculty, Ginohi's Faculty and Rowlereft's Faculty. Your mission is begin as a magic student and got enter in one of those three faculties to complete your studies in Air Castle. It's rumored that dark things has been appearing in the magic community. Are we closer to a new magic battle? As this game is about a magic school in the beginning you will have only one playable class; Magician, but at lvl 15 you will be able to choose a specialization class. First Class: Magician: Magicians are humans that can handle spells and charms. As a primay student of magic you will be able to learn all kind of basic spells (like fire ball, basic heal, ice magic, etc.). Sub-class (specialization): Adair's Faculty: The students of this faculty are trained in the art of protection and strength. Ginohi's Faculty: The students of this faculty are formed in the art of healing and magical control. Rowlereft's Faculty: The students of this faculty are trained in the art of combat. They learn spells of great damage that allow to cover wide areas. Quests: Main Story and secundary quests. Magic Cards Collection: There will be lots of magic cards hidden around the world. This objects will let you unblock a lot of special places and objects. Dungeons: Prepare your best team to face the difficulties of dungeons. Sometimes you will have to solve puzzles to move forward. Big Monsters. Objects Improvement: Make your weapons and clothes more powerful. Secrets Places: There will be a lots of secrets places with a chest inside them. Magic Duel Club: Are you good at PVP?, there will be a special place with tournaments and challenges for all magicians. Potion's System: Collect materials and make special potions! Emoticon system! Title Screen Characters: NPC's: Mildred Rossell Brocelandia's Forest and GUI Interface (subject to change): - Citizen NPC's - The game has not date release yet. Regards
  2. WIP

    Introduction Rebirth Fantasy Online is a 2D Online Role-Playing Game that will be develop on a Old Programming Language VB6, The reason why the game still use VB6 is because, this is the only Programming Language that I can freely develop the System that I wanted to add on Game. But it will be remake to C Language after we finish this one The VB engine that this game is using , is a engine that was develop from scratch by me (SherwiN), it is not one of those available Open Source VB Engine like Eclipse Engine The Graphics that we planned to use on the game is REFMAP Sprites, it state at the terms of use that we can use their sprite outside RPGMaker as long as we credit them linked to their site Music will be custom, and made by my friend's Studio Story To be added Show Off World Map We still haven't complete the World Map yet so we are just showing the Tutorial Island Screenshot Team SherwiN Head Developer Programmer Graphic Designer Pixel Art (for Paperdolls) Jonathan ( Music Composer Support us! by giving us small amount of Donations
  3. Four Continents Using Intersect Engine Before you read on, many things are subject to change as i see fit, and much will be. I am currently the only one working on this project. I appreciate all comments, both negative and positive ones. If anyone has any input whatsoever, don't hesitate. Thank you! Update 12/1 -17 Updated What's Next with new info (because of Beta 1 being released) Update 6/1 -17 Updated Screenshots section Before you read on What the game is about, and features Features Screenshots Classes Backstory Current Progress & What's next?
  4. Here is the current GUI W.I.P Give feedback please.
  5. Arcwyre is an old-school ORPG for PC being developed in the Intersect Engine. While the game has been in development for years, the power of the Intersect Engine has allowed us to move on to finally physically developing the game. Arcwyre places you in Arcacia, a vast, open world with plenty to explore. Take part in Arcwyre's Campaign and play through the deeply written storyline which evolves with player interaction, or simply explore the world and forge your own story. Either way, there's always adventure to be had in the world of Arcacia! As of Alpha Build 0.04 Arcwyre boasts the following features: Azizele - Creator/Lead Writer Hanox - Lead Developer JCSnider + Kibbelz - Creators of the Intersect Engine Jason Szczepanik - Composer Ascension Game Dev Community - Support and overall badassery. (If I missed you it wasn't on purpose! Shoot me a PM and I'l be glad to add you to the list)
  6. Hello everyone! I've been working on this game for a long time, and now I want to show you guys some progress that I’ve done. I’m an avid fan of many great shooters on PC, especially arena classics such as Doom, Quake, and Team Fortress 2, but not quite fond of violence elements like blood and gore. With that in mind, I decided to spend 4 years with my own programming skills to make a little game called Battle Splash. Battle Splash - Gameplay Trailer Battle Splash is a third-person shooter which takes inspirations from water fights, featuring action-packed, fast-paced water fights in peaceful and relaxing environments. In this game, I want to include the elements that defines 90s arena classics (something like Quake with bright colors, water splashes, and no violence) with class-based elements. Players can choose one of 4 cheerful girls with same weapon loadout, while having distinctive stats for creative playstyles. Furthermore, each girl carries an exclusive item that serves their co-operative role. Currently, I’m optimizing the game so that up to 32 players can join in large playgrounds for water fights. I’m also planning to support modding tool that allow everyone to customize their own water fights for their own preferences. I’m also making a Greenlight page of Battle Splash for Steam submission. If you find this interesting, please visit my greenlight page and vote "yes". That would be a great support for me! Thank you very much for taking a look of my project. I hope that you guys are interested in my little game, as well as leaving feedbacks to improve it. Have a nice day!
  7. Vu Du Kein is a fantasy ORPG based on the mechanics of astrological science. When creating a character you choose a display name and a class. Note: "your CLASS will decide your element, (AKA: TEAM/FACTION.) and attributes." You are given 12 character slots. You may start out by choosing 1 of 12 classes. As the game progresses you will be able to prestige your account, this allows you to unlock an additional character slot. A new character and class can now be obtained and fight along side you, following you around while assisting you through out the game, in and out of battle. You will be able to unlock all 12 classes and play as multiple classes simultaneously while switching from character to character to take control and battle with that class, (But watch out switching a class can cost a hefty amount of mana.) However, you will only be able to venture out with a max of 4 characters at a time. Your stats are set based upon your attribute and can only increase when your characters level increases. You can not increase the stats manually, however, they can be modified by collecting and applying gear to your character. Change Log: Intro: Road Map: Screenshots: Videos: Features: Engine: Credits: